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Bonsai is an integrated all-in-one software suite designed to help with all the admin tasks. Let Bonsai take care of the back-office work for you: proposals, contracts, invoices, client management, time-tracking, taxes, accounting, and more.

Why should you choose Bonsai?

  1. The interface is clean and easy to use.
  2. Bonsai is affordable, offering multiple pricing plans.
  3. Bonsai has you covered from proposal to tax season.
  4. The products are integrated seamlessly.
  5. Bonsai gets amazing reviews.
  6. Bonsai's products are automated.

Just as any product or service, Bonsai is not perfect. We might not be for you because:

  1. Only English is currently supported.
  2. Bonsai is great for certain industries.
  3. The workflow might not a good fit for everybody.

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Features QuickBooks Freshbooks Bonsai
Unlimited Projects/Clients
Unlimited proposals
Upsell your clients with different package options
Get notified when your proposal is viewed
Client can approve your proposal in one click
Unlimited Freelance specific contracts
E-sign and store your contracts online
Unlimited Invoicing
Track your time using our web, iOS, or OS X app
Centralize your time sheets
Automated invoicing based on time sheets
Import transactions directly from your bank account
Attach expenses to invoices or bill them directly
Track your spending
Create logins for your accountant
Automate invoice reminders
Recurring auto-payments available
Receive payments using Paypal
Add more users
Work with subcontractors (create contracts, pay them online)
Create your W-9 forms online & save them to your account
Inventory management integrated to the solution
Trusted by thousands
of businesses
based on 1,000+ reviews from

“Scaling our operations like never before

Like putting our projects on auto-pilot”

Bonsai does the hard work”

Everything is streamlined”

Huge timesaver”

It’s been the most stress-free year of my life!”

“Beating established firms for the first time

Backbone of our projects”

“So simple”

“Clients love how easy our systems are

A must-have!”

“I do less admin and do more of what I love

“Worry-free contracts and invoices

“It pays for itself”

Great customer service!”

A life-saver!”

Clients take us more seriously”

“We upped our rates and won more clients

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