Top 10 Time Doctor alternatives in 2024

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Updated on:
February 17, 2024
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Quiz: What is the best Time Doctor alternative for your business?

Answer the following questions to assess which Time Doctor alternative is best for your business.

    What Is Time Doctor?

    When it comes to time tracking and productivity management, Time Doctor is always one of the names that primarily pop up in people’s minds. This app was primarily built to improve efficiency, productivity, and accountability. And it has become one of the most trusted apps for work-from-home setups. 

    Providing a complete view of how and where teams spend their hours at work, Time Doctor allows businesses to track time, monitor computer work, and even pay employees. Even individual users benefit from using Time Doctor on their own as it helps limit distractions and keeps a record of their work progress. 

    Besides time-tracking, Time Doctor also has task-tracking and reporting features. It can also be easily integrated with several project management and communication tools making it a formidable opponent to productivity challenges in remote work situations.

    But, of course, Time Doctor can’t satisfy everyone. Sometimes, some businesses may need different features or more complex functionalities. Fortunately, there are plenty of similar platforms to Time Doctor in the market. All businesses need to do is find one that perfectly suits their needs. 

    What Are The Top Limitations Of Time Doctor?

    While Time Doctor has helped tons of businesses manage remote teams and freelancers, it has flaws that can stop some users from incorporating it into their work systems. Those flaws include the following:

    Its Free Version is Limited: Although it has a free version, it can be quite restrictive offering only basic features. For users to enjoy more features, they have to subscribe to a paid plan.
    Outdated Interface: Some users find that the app’s user interface is outdated making it not user-friendly.
    Lacking Flexibility: Time Doctor's time-tracking start-and-end system can be rigid. Because of this, some users find allocating time to different tasks difficult to do.
    No Offline Tracking: Unlike some of its competitors, Time Doctor cannot track time when the user is offline.
    Privacy Concerns: Some teams might feel uncomfortable with Time Doctor's screenshot feature and continuous surveillance as it can seem intrusive.

    What Are The Must-Have Features Of A Time Doctor Alternative?

    When looking for an ideal Time Doctor alternative, the primary factor that businesses should keep in mind is that it should simplify their work process without compromising on quality or functionality. With that, here are a few features a great alternative platform must have.

    • Real-time Tracking: Time Doctor has an excellent time-tracking feature so any alternative should live up to that. Real-time tracking also enables managers to monitor team and individual productivity and performance.
    • Detailed Reporting: Reports should include employees' work hours, completed tasks, breaks, and idle time so managers can make data-based decisions or recommendations to improve workflow.
    • Integration Capabilities: The tool should be able to work smoothly with other software typically used by the business.

    Bonsai: The Best Time Doctor Alternative

    Bonsai: The Best Time Doctor Alternative

    For service-based businesses looking for a fantastic replacement for Time Doctor, Bonsai is the name to look up. Built specially with service-based businesses in mind, this platform has everything teams would need to optimize their workflow. Its wide array of tools includes contract management, time tracking, invoicing, and payments,

    Here are five other reasons why Bonsai stands as the best Time Doctor alternative for service-based businesses.

    Comprehensive Workflow Tools

    Bonsai offers a suite of integrated tools designed to streamline your service-based business workflow. Here, users can find tools for every step of the process from client proposals to final invoicing which also eliminates the need for multiple tools.

    User-friendly Interface 

    Unlike Time Doctor, Bonsai has an easier-to-use interface requiring very minimal onboarding. Even non-technical team members will find it easy to navigate and use allowing the team to focus less on learning the system and more on productive work.

    Robust Integration Capabilities 

    Bonsai can easily be connected with other popular project management, communication, and CRM tools enhancing workflow efficiency in a unified platform. This integrated approach helps businesses get rid of having to juggle so many apps and have their data all over the place.

    Streamlined Invoicing And Payments

    Bonsai has a versatile invoicing and payments system that makes the billing process seamless, saving time and ensuring businesses are paid accurately and promptly. This is one of Bonsai’s advantages over Time Doctor, which doesn’t have advanced invoicing capabilities.

    Top-notch Customer Support

    Bonsai’s customer support is top-tier and accessible via live chat and email. Whether teams need help with setup, integration issues, or just some useful tips, Bonsai’s customer support team will be there to assist them, providing a level of service not always seen with Time Doctor.

    #2. Toggl


    Toggl Track contains a wide array of features providing businesses with real-time insights into their team’s productivity levels. It’s often praised for its ease of use and is highly rated on review platforms. As for pricing, it offers a free basic plan and premium plans starting at $9 per month/ user.

    Best Features:

    • Time tracking functionality to monitor productivity.
    • Allows breakdown of hours by projects, clients, or tasks.
    • Detailed reports and dashboards.
    • Offline functionality.


    • Hard to track progress across multiple tasks.
    • Minimal integrations with other business tools.

    Large-scale businesses needing extensive project management tools alongside time tracking may find this tool not enough.

    #3. Harvest


    Harvest is a combination of a time tracking and online invoicing application. Its main function is to help businesses efficiently manage their expenses, timesheets, and bills. Users love its functionality and simplicity, however, it can be on the pricier side. While it does offer a free version for solo users, larger groups can expect to pay $12 per user/ month.

    Best Features: 

    • Easy time tracking and an intuitive interface that is very user-friendly. 
    • Integration with various applications like Google Apps, Asana, and Basecamp. 
    • Detailed reports that provide comprehensive insights into your business' performance. 
    • Instantaneous online invoicing and billing.


    • Can be a touch pricey for smaller businesses or startups. 
    • Lacks features, unlike other tools.

    Harvest may not be a perfect fit for companies searching for more advanced tracking features.

    #4. HubStaff


    Hubstaff is great for companies looking to streamline time and project tracking. This time management app provides various tools for upgrading a businesses’ productivity, employee efficiency, and project tracking. When it comes to pricing, it has a free limited version while paid plans start at $7 per month/ user. 

    Best Features:

    • Fully automated time tracking software.
    • In-depth reporting capabilities with a range of parameters.
    • GPS tracking for remote teams.
    • Task tracking for better project management.


    • The interface is not particularly user-friendly.
    • Lacking features like live chat or video conferencing.

    Hubstaff may not be the best solution for small businesses needing more hands-on support or teams needing advanced tools for collaboration.

    #5. RescueTime


    RescueTime is a popular time management tool that helps users understand their daily habits and enhance their productivity. It excels greatly in passive time-tracking and is highly praised for its detailed reports and habit insights, however, it can be limited in some aspects. As for prices, its RescueTime Lite version is free while its premium version starts at $6.50 a month. 

    Best Features:

    • Automatic time-tracking for performed activities.
    • Detailed productivity reports.
    • Alerts feature to notify when a certain set time has been exceeded.
    • Website and app blocking to minimize distractions.


    • Cannot differentiate between idle and active time.
    • No manual time entries for offline activities.

    RescueTime may not be a great fit for people who need to manually track offline activities.

    #6. Workpuls (Insightful)

    Workpuls (Insightful)

    When it comes to time-tracking and employee monitoring tools, Workpuls is a reliable one that maximizes productivity and efficiency. Users love how easy it is to use and how robust it is, however, pricing can be a little bit higher than others. It offers three plans: Employee Monitoring, Time Tracking, and Automatic Time Mapping ranging from $6-$15 per user/month

    Best Features:

    • Real-time monitoring and time tracking.
    • Productivity analysis and categorization.
    • Automated timesheets and payroll calculations.
    • Stealth mode for unnoticed tracking.


    • Lacks offline tracking capability.
    • Doesn't support mobile device tracking.
    • Poor customer service experiences reported.
    • Stealth mode can be seen as intrusive.

    Workpuls is not for companies that need offline tracking or mobile teams using personal devices on the go.

    #7. DeskTime


    DeskTime is a combination of a time and project tracking tool best used by teams and individual professionals looking to improve time management and productivity. It’s great for new users as it has a user-friendly interface and a free version. For those looking for advanced features, they have to pay $7 per month for the Pro version and $9 per month for the Premium version.

    Best Features:

    • Tracks project progress in real-time.
    • Auto screenshots feature.
    • Offline time tracking capability.
    • Productivity timeline showing productive and unproductive time.


    • Not as comprehensive a task management tool as others.
    • Offline tracking feature tends to be glitchy.

    Groups with flexible work schedules or those not comfortable with screenshot features might not find this tool appealing.

    #8. Replicon


    Replicon helps businesses manage time, expenses, and project insights. And while it has some great features, pricing can be steep. It has a free trial but once that ends, users need to start paying and the platform only releases pricing information upon request. 

    Best Features:

    • Allows for easy time tracking across multiple projects.
    • Provides extensive reports on time allocation and productivity.
    • Offers robust expense management features.
    • Incorporates GPS tracking for mobile workers.


    • Its interface is not the most user-friendly.
    • It does not provide project management capabilities.

    Smaller businesses or those looking for a simpler time tracking tool might find Replicon too complex.


    ManicTime is a powerful and unique time tracking solution providing time management and productivity features. One of its strengths is its offline tracking capabilities. As for pricing, it’s not too high. It has a free version and premium packages start at $67 per year.

    Best Features:

    • Robust and accurate time tracking.
    • Offline functionality.
    • Detailed reports and timesheets.
    • Autotagging feature for automatic tracking.


    • No invoicing feature.
    • Lacks mobile applications.
    • Less user-friendly interface.
    • No project management tools.

    Professionals seeking an all-in-one project management system or those accustomed to mobile time tracking may find this tool lacking.

    #10. Clockify


    Clockify is a tool that equals productivity to time, making it a smart alternative to Time Doctor. Users often praise its usability with a few minor criticisms. It also offers a free version with premium tiers starting at $9.99 per month.

    Best Features:

    • Time tracking and task assignment features.
    • Comprehensive reporting dashboard.
    • Seamless third-party integrations.
    • Offline tracking capability.


    • Limited customization options.
    • Customer support is sometimes slow.

    Clockify is not the best choice for micro businesses or freelancers requiring advanced project management tools.

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