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10 Proposify alternatives and competitors in 2024

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Switch to the best Proposify alternative -- Bonsai.
Switch to the best Proposify alternative -- Bonsai.
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Updated on:
December 11, 2022
December 11, 2022
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Switch to the best Proposify alternative -- Bonsai.
Discover Bonsai all-in-one business management software.

A freelance business relies on quality proposal templates to win jobs. But how do you know what constitutes a quality proposal? Can you afford to experiment with different proposals in hopes of finding one that wins clients?

An online proposal software system can erase those doubts and help your freelance business win clients while saving you time.

Proposify is a powerful and popular tool for creating proposals, as well as tracking them, signing them with e-signature, and connecting them to contracts and agreements.

But it may not be the best one for your freelance business. There are other options for proposal systems that suit your needs. In our list, you’ll learn about 10 great Proposify alternatives, helping you find one that fits your specific business.

Free trial: 7 days / Pricing $25/month

#1. Bonsai

Bonsai is made specifically for freelancers, who know the importance of winning proposals - making Bonsai the best Proposify alternative. You can use their proposal templates with those key sections that win business, and customize them to suit your needs. Attach documents, add and delete sections, and add them to a project dashboard. Your proposal is then integrated with contracts (featuring e-signature capacity using the online signature maker), and invoices, so your project is managed from beginning to end.

You can also track time to apply to projects, and manage tasks. There’s the ability to send automatic reminders to clients, and notify you when they’re read. You’ll also get support for accounting and taxes, and be able to work in 180 different currencies. Wherever your business is located, you’ll be able to do international work.

And with the trust of more than 200,000 freelancers and agencies to date, you know Bonsai can do the job for you - sign up for a free trial today!

PandaDoc dashboard
Free trial: 14 days / Pricing: $9-49/month

#2. PandaDoc

PandaDoc is a Proposify alternative which features a document automation solution that can take you from “propose to close.” Using a drag-and-drop editor and the ability to upload, you can create proposals and contracts, and use e-signature to seal the deal. There are templates that you can easily customize, adding your logo, brand or theme. Notifications will let you know when the client has opened, viewed and signed your document. You can even track the templates you use to refine your content. There’s also an embedded payment system that allows your clients to pay the way they want. Payments are connected to your accounting software to speed up invoicing and payments. You can even assign roles in the system so you can use it with a team.

Better Proposals dashboard
Free trial: 14 days / Pricing: $19-49/month

#3. Better Proposals

The name is self-explanatory, as Better Proposals aims to help you quickly create “high-converting” proposals. Save time with the Automatic Designer and choose from more than 160 templates that are compatible across desktops, tablets, and mobile devices. It’s easy for clients to sign your proposal once they receive it, and make a payment with the secure link you send with the proposal.You’ll know when clients have read the proposal, so you can follow up if necessary, and you can track where each proposal is in your sales process. Better Proposals also integrates with other tools, like payment and project management systems.

Proposable dashboard
Free trial: 14 days / Pricing: $19-35/month

#4. Proposable

Proposable has a catalog of templates and an easy drag and drop system that lets you add and remove sections to create proposals. It’s easy to customize with customer data and you can collaborate with your team to build the document. E-signature is built in, allowing you to add signatures or initials throughout your proposal where you need your clients to sign off their acceptance, or to sign the final document. There’s also the ability to add bids and estimates, including any taxes or discounts, making it easy for the customer to figure out pricing. If you have consistent prices for products and services, there’s a Pricing Catalog that you can use to instantly recall when building a proposal. Most foreign currencies are supported. You can also establish a payment amount on the proposal, which prompts the customer to make payment upon acceptance.

Prospero dashboard

#5. Prospero

Prospero has built-in content generation and reuse tools, allowing you to create proposals quickly and easily. There’s ready-made content for specific freelancers, from designers to writers, and you can add your logo, videos, tables, charts, and any other images you feel are necessary in your winning proposal. Cloud storage means you can access your proposals from anywhere. You’ll receive notifications on client activity, such as when the client opens your proposal for the first time, how many times they open it, and how long they spend reviewing it. Then Prospero integrates with payment systems like FreshBooks, QuickBooks, and more, allowing you to create and send an invoice and accept payment from the client.

Qwilr dashboard
Free trial: 14 days / Pricing: $75/month for 3 users

#6. Qwilr

A good Proposify alternative if you have an agency or work with a team, Qwilr helps you create interactive quotes and proposals, going beyond a static document to allow you to add embedded content like videos, Google Maps and calendars, all in a mobile-responsive format. There are templates that include modular building blocks and a simple editor, letting you design polished and professional proposals quickly and easily. An interactive quoting functionality allows clients to pick among pricing packages, preventing the need to go back and forth several times before agreement. The client can then accept and add an e-signature, and even pay at the same time. You’ll know when your document has been viewed and accepted, and you’ll get information on how and when clients are interacting with the proposal. Integration with other systems makes it easy to add functionality.

Rfpio dashboard
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#7. Rfpio

If you find yourself responding to Requests for Proposals on a regular basis, Rfpio might be for you. It’s easy to build proposals by uploading documents and spreadsheets from sources like Word, Excel or PDF, and then export content back into the format of choice or the template provided by the RFP. As you build the response, a project management tool lets you track the progress toward completing the RFP. You can even add resources from outside your business to help complete the RFP response. The system also integrates with other tools, such as CRM and payment systems.

GetAccept dashboard
Free trial: 14 days / Pricing: $25-60/month

#8. GetAccept

GetAccept is a tool to enable sales teams but it also has proposal and contract management tools. It offers proposal templates, document management, and the ability to archive proposals. The software creates a workflow for each prospect, and you can track proposals and know when your customer opens, reads, and signs your documents. The system includes a one-click e-signature functionality, which is secure, verified, and legally binding. A real-time chat feature allows you and the client to communicate directly within the document, helping you get to an agreement and get to work faster. You can then integrate with other products, like CRM or payment systems.

ClientPoint dashboard
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#9. ClientPoint

This sales-focused system has tools that allow you to produce proposals and more, making a great Proposify alternative. ClientPoint lets you create a content library with documents, brochures and videos, which you then access to build a proposal, presentation or demo for prospective clients. Built-in editing tools make it easy to use. Integrate it with existing workflows like your CRM system.

Loopio dashboard
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#10. Loopio

Loopio is another RFP-focused system that allows teams to work together on responses to RFPs, RFIs and more. It has a “smart” content library that allows you to customize how you store information, and you can organize it into question and answer pairs so your team can find what they need. Loopio’s team helps with training and support, and you’ll have a “Success Manager” to provide ongoing support. And they have an annual conference called Loopicon which can advance your knowledge even further.

Ready to try out a new freelance-focused solution?

Do you want to get started with Bonsai, the best Proposify alternative? You can sign up for a free trial - no strings attached - and explore the powers of Bonsai to transform how you run your freelance business.

Switch to the best Proposify alternative -- Bonsai.
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