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AClient contact forms are a key component of many small businesses and start-ups as they greatly contribute to many operational procedures. They are a wonderful tool for growing your clientele and the information you learn about your regular customers through contact forms helps streamline the customer experience. Additionally, a well-designed contact form can gather important information that aids in making future business decisions, build strong relationships with current clients and get more leads.

These type of forms can be useful for many types of businesses including law firms, wedding offices, bookkeeping and accounting, personal trainers, financial advisors, consultants, etc. If you want to create your own client contact form template as an efficient way to record the information you need, we'll go over exactly what this form is about, and tell you what essential elements should be included in it.

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What Is a Client Information Form?

A client contact/information form is a document listing all pertinent client contact details and other information relevant to your business. Gathering and organizing these essential details will help you build a central database so you never again have to stress about duplicate records or struggle to find the client contact information you need. It usually includes the client's contact information, important numbers, and business information.

Additionally, this data can be useful to run marketing analysis if you want to find out what type of clients you serve the most, demographics, history with your company and interests. You will easily identify who needs to be followed up with next or who would be most receptive to a cross-sell incentive. Let's see what vital information you should be covering in your forms.

What Should a Client Information Sheet Include?

Depending on your line of business, the specific information included in your client contact form template will vary. However, there are certain elements you can focus on that will make it easier to create a comprehensive and useful form for any kind of industry. Here are the different sections you should consider adding to it.

Client Details

It's critical to be able to reach your customers, especially for appointment-based services. So the main purpose of your client information form should be to gather the basic contact details such as the client's full name (and business name if applicable), emergency contact information, email address and billing address. For some businesses it can also be useful to get additional client's information such as age, date of birth, social security number or tax details. Include any information you find relevant for your company to help you keep client profiles up to date.

Industry-Specific Information

Your client information form may include specific details you need to provide a better service to your client based on the industry you're in. For example, a tax client information sheet would include sections for taxpayer details such as spouse information, credit card numbers, their dependents, etc.

A real estate client information sheet on the other hand, would gather information about the property in question, type of transaction (sale, rent, purchase), payment information, and agent details. So include a section with the vital information you need in order to easily identify your client, their needs, and how your services will be of help for them.

Interests and Preferences

You may get a head start on improving conversion rates and customer happiness by learning a little bit about your customers' interests. This valuable information can even be used for upcoming marketing campaigns, events, loyalty programs, and routine communications (provided you got your client's consent to use their information for such purposes). Your client information sheet should include questions about their preferences for service, payments, and communications as well as the goods or services they are most interested in.

History With Your Company

Businesses wishing to set up customer loyalty or membership programs will find it extremely helpful to collect crucial details about the client's interaction with their company. Include a few questions to find out how they learned about your business, if they've ever used any of your products or services, and how their prior experiences went. By asking the right questions, you can learn more about the client's expectations and get insightful feedback for future improvements.

Use Bonsai to Create Your Own Client Information Sheet Templates

Figuring out the structure of your client information form can get tricky, and with so much on your plate, you may not even have enough time to do it yourself. Luckily, you don't have to. With Bonsai's custom client forms you can easily create professional and branded client information sheets that will help you gather all the details you need in no time.

In just a few simple steps you can create a client information sheet template and save it in your preferred file format so you can use it for all of your clients. This will help you keep your records well organized and increase consistency in your processes. You can fully customize all of our form templates so you can include as many questions as you need and choose among different types of answer (multiple options, single choice or text).

Once your form is ready, you can either send it to your clients via email, share it as a URL link, or even have it embedded into your business website. Want more? Bonsai offers tons of excellent administrative tools to help you manage your business like a true professional.

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