Top 10 Teamwave alternatives for 2024

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Updated on:
February 15, 2024
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What is Teamwave?

Teamwave is a full and well-knit suite of business applications that blend diverse business functions into one platform. Crafted to serve the needs of small to mid-sized businesses, Teamwave doth offer solutions for customer relationship management (CRM), project management, and human resource management. Its potent and effectual tools make it one of the top choices amongst businesses. The platform doth provide complete insights touching different business operations, helping businesses to refine and enhance their workflows. 

As a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool, Teamwave delivers a facile interface that helps analyze client behaviors, spy sales opportunities, and find inventive ways to improve customer service. Its Project Management functionality  boosts team productivity by managing and tracking the progress of projects, assigning tasks, and setting deadlines. 

Moreover, the HRM solution doth simplify the process of tracking employee’s performance, managing the hiring process, and documenting employee’s time-off. Whilst Teamwave doth offer a full set of features, businesses might have specific needs that require other tools. 

Therefore, users often look for Teamwave alternatives that could provide services more suited to their requirements. If you are on the lookout for the best Teamwave alternatives, it is vital to evaluate what specifics you need, as each alternative will offer different features and interfaces. 

What are the top limitations of Teamwave?

Teamwave is a full project management and CRM solution designed to streamline business processes. Whilst it’s fraught with numerous features, there are a few notable drawbacks to its utilization that may urge businesses to search for alternatives.

  • Teamwave has limited customization options. Users oft complain about the inability to shape the app according to the specific needs of their businesses.
  • The software does not offer a free plan, which could dissuade small businesses or start-ups who are on a tight budget.
  • Teamwave’s user interface, whilst sleek and professional, could be more intuitive as some users find it somewhat intricate and hard to navigate.
  • The software lacks advanced features such as Gantt charts, time tracking, or billing and invoicing, which are offered by many other project management tools.
  • Lastly, Teamwave’s customer service and support could use some improvement. Some users have reported slow response times and the inability to address complex issues. 

Even yough Teamwave is a robust tool, these limitations can greatly affect the overall user experience and productivity. Hence, companies may consider exploring alternatives to find a solution that caters to their unique requirements with greater efficiency.

What are the must-have features of a Teamwave alternative?

When you are considering an alternative to Teamwave, a project management and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software, there are several essential features that you must look for to ensure that you get equivalent or better functionalities.

  • Comprehensive CRM: This helps in managing customer-related interactions, sales pipelines, as well as retention efficiently. 
  • Project Management Tools: Features such as task assignment, deadline tracking, and team collaboration are fundamental to help manage workflow. 
  • Integration: The platform should be able to integrate well with other services that your business uses like Google Suite, Zapier, Slack, and so on.

Teamwave hath set a high standard in terms of providing effective CRM, project management and HR software, all in one place. However, if you are looking for its alternatives, besides having the above features, they should provide a simple and intuitive interface to ensure seamless user-experience. 

A good Teamwave alternative should offer robust task management features, facilitating easy task assignment and tracking. Additionally, it should provide advanced reporting capabilities for better decision making. 

Moreover, the alternative should provide all necessary HR management tools for fueling your business growth. It should be flexible and customizable to align easily with your unique business requirements. 

Last but not least, excellent customer support is essential to assist with any issues or queries related to the platform.

Bonsai: the best teamwave alternative

If you are looking for a top-notch Teamwave alternative for your service business, look no further than Bonsai. This complete work platform aims to streamline project management, time tracking, invoicing, and more, thereby empowering service businesses to improve their productivity. Bonsai is equipped with a stout suite of features designed to simplify task handling and automate everyday processes, providing small businesses and agencies an incredible work platform experience.

  • Comprehensive Project Management: Bonsai offers every tool your service business needs to handle projects effectively. From draft proposals and contracts to tracking and project costs, it’s all available in one place. This offers companies an organized view of their projects, and with automatic reminders and notifications, you never lose track of crucial details.
  • Integrated Time Tracking: With Bonsai, there’s no need for third-party apps. Your service business can easily track the time spent on every project or task with their built-in time tracker. Employees can log their hours manually or use the timer to record the time accurately. Overview and reports provide a detailed record of billable hours.
  • Seamless Invoicing: Bonsai automates your entire invoicing process for your service business. With a single click, you can convert your timesheets into invoices. Customize the invoice template to match your brand and send it to clients directly from the platform. You can even track when the client views and pays the invoice.
  • All-in-One Solution: Unlike Teamwave, Bonsai is an all-in-one work platform that includes project management, CRM, time tracking, invoicing, and much more. Service businesses can handle all their operations within Bonsai, without needing to juggle multiple tools. This not only saves time but also enhances productivity and efficiency.
  • Easy Collaboration: Bonsai also excels in facilitating team collaboration. Share project updates, assign tasks, discuss ideas, and solve problems together, all in real-time. The shared workspace means everyone on your team stays on the same page, thereby minimizing confusion, delays, and miscommunications.

When considering a Teamwave alternative, Bonsai is an excellent choice for your service business. With its suite of comprehensive tools and user-friendly interface, Bonsai streamlines your operations and enhances your team’s productivity. 

And with everything available in one platform, from project management to invoicing, Bonsai simplifies your workflow, so you can focus more on delivering high-quality services to your clients and less on administrative tasks. 

If you are in search of a robust, feature-rich work management platform designed for service businesses, then consider Bonsai.


Asana is a project management tool designed to help teams organize, track, and manage their work.

Best Features:

  • Flexibility of creating tasks, subtasks, and assigning them to members.
  • In-depth reporting and overview of project progress.
  • Integration with other tools like Slack and Google Drive.
  • Provides templates ready for use in project management.


  • Limited features in the free version compared to premium versions.
  • Complexity might be overwhelming for beginners.
  • No in-built chat feature.

Not a Fit For:

Asana might not be a fit for small teams or startups with a tight budget since the basic free version lacks some critical features.


Asana offers a free basic version, premium plans start from $13.49 per user/month.

Reviews and Ratings:

With a rating of 4.3 out of 5 on Capterra, users primarily appreciate Asana’s task management while some find it complex compared to other tools like TeamWave.


Trello is a compelling project management and team collaboration tool that utilizes a visually appealing card-based design.

Best Features:

  • It provides flexible and intuitive boards, lists, and cards to organize and prioritize projects.
  • It allows users to add comments, attachments, and due dates directly to Trello cards.
  • It offers integration with various third-party apps and systems.
  • Real-time updates and notifications keep team members informed.


  • There could be complexity in managing too many boards and cards.
  • Lack of advanced reporting and analytical features as compared to competitors like Teamwave.

Not a fit for:

Teams requiring advanced project reporting and analysis tools.


Trello provides a free basic option, with paid plans offering additional features starting from $12.50 per user/month.

Reviews and Ratings:

With a user rating of 4.3/5 on Capterra, Trello is well-regarded for its simplicity and flexibility.


Wrike is a versatile project management tool with robust features for teams and businesses alike.

Best Features:

  • This platform is equipped with powerful features designed to streamline project management and boost productivity.
  • Customized workflows and project templates
  • Time tracking on tasks and projects
  • Real-time activity stream and updates
  • Team collaboration tools like file sharing and discussion threads


  • Despite its strengths, Wrike also has noticeable limitations.
  • Steep learning curve for new users
  • Lacks a native chat function

Not a fit for:

Wrike is not ideal for:

  • Small teams or solopreneurs due to its advanced features


Wrike offers a free plan, but most of its advanced tools come with the premium tiers.

Reviews and Ratings:

It enjoys favorable reviews and ratings, but users have pointed out its complexities. Capterra provides a 4.2/5 rating from over 1,200 reviews. Compared to Teamwave, Wrike offers more extensive project management features but may be too complex for some users.

Monday is a leading cloud-based project management solution that facilitates ease in collaboration and communication amongst teams.

Best Features:

  • Simple, intuitive design making it easy to use
  • Highly customizable for different projects and workflows
  • Multifaceted with tools for to-do lists, time tracking and document management
  • Powerful automation for common tasks and processes.


  • Lack of advanced functionalities like Gantt charts
  • Expensive compared to other alternatives like Teamwave
  • Potential steep learning curve for first-time users
  • Limited options for report customization

Not a Fit for:

  • Small businesses and startups due to its high pricing model and may feel overwhelming due to its extensive feature set.


Offers a free trial but their paid plans are expensive compared to other alternatives, starting at $39 per month.

Reviews and Ratings: enjoys positive reviews with an average rating of 4.6/5 on G2 (source).


Jira is an advanced project and issue tracking tool from Atlassian that is suitable for software development settings.


  • Flexible and fully customizable workflows
  • Detailed reporting and advanced analytics
  • Global and multi-project views
  • Integration with other Atlassian products and third-party apps


  • High learning curve
  • Limited customer support
  • Slightly complex user interface
  • Expense and effort required for configurations and tweaks

Not a fit for:

  • Small teams with simple projects
  • Non-IT related projects


  • Offers a free trial, then prices start from $7 per user/month

Reviews and ratings

Received a rating of 4.3 stars out of 5 on

Overall, while Jira offers powerful features, its complexity and high cost make simple and affordable solutions like Teamwave an attractive alternative.


ClickUp is a comprehensive project management tool designed to streamline teamwork and improve productivity.

Best features: 

ClickUp is known for its excellent features that cater to both small and large-scale businesses.

  • Centralized workspace
  • Customizable views
  • Integration with other apps
  • Track time spent on tasks


While it’s a robust platform, ClickUp has its limitations.

  • Learning curve can be steep for non-tech savvy users
  • User interface can sometimes be cluttered

Not a fit for: 

ClickUp might not be the best fit for individuals or businesses looking for a simple and straightforward project management tool.


ClickUp offers a free version and their paid plans start at $5 per member per month.

Reviews and ratings:

 ClickUp has received high ratings for its excellent functionality, with users praising its versatility and ease of use. Check out reviews. Unlike TeamWave, it provides multiple views for each project.


Basecamp is a popular project management and team communication software designed to streamline project workflows.

Best features:

  • Centralized project management that supports unlimited users.
  • Robust communication tools including message boards, chat rooms, and everything else needed for dynamic team collaboration.
  • Embedded file sharing and storage.
  • Automated check-ins to track project progress.


  • Lack of time-tracking features.
  • Can be overwhelming for small teams due to its wide range of features.

Not a fit for: 

  • Teams looking for integrated time tracking and invoicing tools like Teamwave.


  • A flat subscription rate of $99 per month for businesses, and free for teachers and students.

Reviews and ratings: 

  • Highly-rated for its user-friendly interface and excellent customer support.


Smartsheet is a powerful project management tool with extensive features for improving collaboration and productivity.

Best features:

  • Robust project management features that aid in breaking big tasks into manageable units.
  • Integrates seamlessly with popular tools like Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Google Workspace.
  • Offers powerful automation capabilities for repetitive tasks.
  • Additional data analysis tools and dashboards for in-depth project exploration.


  • The design interface is less intuitive compared to its competitors.
  • Some users find the extensive features overwhelming and complicated to navigate.
  • Inefficient customer support might delay the resolution of software-related issues.

Not a Fit For: 

  • Smartsheet might not be suitable for small businesses due to its high cost and features that target large-scale project management.


Smartsheet’s plans vary in cost, starting from $14 per user per month to professional and enterprise plans which need a quote.

Reviews and Ratings: 

With a rating of 4.2 out of 5 on G2, users appreciate its robust features but highlight its learning curve as a drawback.

Compared to Teamwave, Smartsheet offers stronger project management features but might be less user-friendly.


Slack is a well-known online tool that offers real-time messaging and collaboration to optimize team communication.

Best features:

  • Virtually organized workspace to streamline team collaboration.
  • Integration with various cloud storage services for easy file sharing.
  • Option to create multiple channels facilitating topic-specific discussions.
  • Instantaneous search feature to find conversations and files.


  • Lack of task management features can make project coordination difficult.
  • Inability to control notifications resulting in potential distractions.
  • Search functionality might become less effective as the amount of data increases.

Not a fit for: 

  • Teams looking for a comprehensive tool with task management, project tracking, and integrated CRM, similar to Teamwave.


  • Slack offers a free plan with limited features and paid plans starting at $6.67 per user per month.

Reviews and ratings:

  • Users tend to laud Slack’s ease of use but highlight its limitations when it comes to comprehensive task and project management.

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