Enhance client collaboration with a branded portal

Centralize all project communications and keep your clients in the loop with Bonsai's intuitive and user-friendly platform.

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Streamline your client collaboration

Client management

Customize your portal to match your brand and provide a consistent client experience.

Secure & easy login

Your clients get a secure link to their portal and can rest assured their data stays safe.

Workflow automations

Connected to contracts, invoices, time tracking and all of Bonsai's professional suite.

Centralized client communication

The client portal makes it easy for you and your clients to track progress and updates without the hassle of sifting through emails.

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Share key documents

Share important documents, files, and links seamlessly. Clients can upload their docs to the portal, ensuring everything is organized and easily accessible.

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Simple billing & payments
for clients

Make it easy for clients to pay, access invoices, and manage their payment credentials.

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Frequently asked questions

How do I share my Client Portal with clients

With Bonsai, you can share your portal with clients with secure, unique link. 

Why should I use a Client Portal?

Bonsai's Client Portal helps you centralize key communications with your clients. Your portal hots important documents like invoices, contracts and file uploads, so they're easier for your clients to access. 

Can I use my brand?

Yes! Bonsai's Client Portal is white-labelled so you can use your logo, header image and color to make it as customized as you'd like.