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Overview of Word Invoice Templates

A Microsoft Word invoice template is a pre-designed document business owners can use to create and send invoices to customers. These templates allow you to quickly and create professional-looking invoices without designing your own documents from scratch. The template includes several important fields for the invoice number, date, customer information, description of services or products provided, prices, totals, and payment terms.

Business owners, freelancers, and contractors can customize the Word invoice template by adding their own company logo, changing the font styles, and adjusting the layout to suit their needs. Using a template can save you time during the invoicing process and ensure that your invoices are consistent in terms of layout, branding, and content.

Highlights of Word Invoice Templates

The Microsoft Word Invoice Templates by Bonsai can be customized to match your branding, making them completely unique to your business. This provides a professional appearance for all of your invoices and contains placeholders for essential invoice details. Forget the stress of designing your own invoices; save time with the free, downloadable template.

Ready-to-send Word invoice templates

The Word Invoice Template is formatted in Microsoft Word, one of the leading document management platforms for businesses. It is designed with adjustable fields, making it easy to create a template that fits the needs of your clients and brand. Check out the variety of ready-to-send templates available.

Tailored templates for your business needs

The editable template allows for easy insertion of logos and images, making it completely customizable to your business. It even saves as a reusable template that you can use for all of your future clients. Stay on-brand and create professional invoices in minutes.

Create a Customized Invoice with Our Online Generator

Draft, generate, and deliver professional invoices without hiring a designer. The Online Invoice Generator makes it even easier to create custom invoices—no technical knowledge required! Simply include your business name, line items and pricing, client business information, total amount, and total charges, and let the generator do the rest!

The Online Invoice Generator allows you to create detailed work estimates, statements, receipts, and invoices in a matter of seconds.

Take advantage of the various fields available for accurate, professional invoicing:

  • Built-in formulas with Microsoft Excel
  • Wide variety of invoice formats (Word, PDF, Google Sheets, email, and more)
  • Laguage and currency selections
  • Tax details and calculations
  • Itemized lists and transactions
  • Descriptions for goods or services
  • Client account details, phone numbers, and address
  • Custom colors, images, logos, and fonts

Create your first invoice free with our Online Invoice Generator.

Explore More Free Invoice Templates

Bonsai offers a range of free invoice templates to give you the choice of the right format for your business. Choose the version that works best for your clients and invoicing needs. Our invoice templates offer everything business owners and contractors need to create detailed, aestheticall-pleasing invoices.

Basic Invoice Template

The Basic Invoice Template is simple, ready-to-use, and created with businesses in mind. The completed invoice exports to PDF for easy sharing or can be sent to clients via link or email.

Blank Invoice Template

Start with a blank slate with the Blank Invoice Template. Customize your fields based on the needs of your business, including the costs, service type, billing requirements, sales tax, and more. This template is perfect for business owners who want to keep it simple.

Custom Invoice Template

The Custom Invoice Template can be used to update, save, adjust, itemize, and organize your invoices all in one place. Download the customizable template to create invoices specifically for your business.

Printable Invoice Template

Design and print invoices to mail to your clients. The Printable Invoice Template can be duplicated for future clients, converted to a PDF, downloaded, and printed to provide your clients with a paper copy of their invoice.

Invoice Template for Email

Email offers a quick and convenient way to send invoices to clients. Use the Invoice Template for Email to create simple invoices that can be sent to clients via email, helping you get paid quickly.

Google Docs Invoice Template

Love Google Docs? We do, too! Use the free Google Docs Invoice Template to create your very own invoices, without having design documents from scratch. It’s easy and hassle-free!

PDF Invoice Template

Collect payments from clients and save reports of past transactions with the PDF Invoice Template. This template is perfect for creating downloadable copies of invoices, which can then be emailed to clients and saved to your files for safe keeping.

Excel Invoice Template

The Excel Invoice Template offers a range of features and formulas that adapt to various business needs. For example, the built-in formulas allow you to create subtotals, taxes, and total amount owed automatically, removing the risk of manual errors.

Contractor Invoice Template

People and businesses love the Contractor Invoice Template because it makes it so much easier to get paid for contract projects. It only takes a few steps: Use the text fields to input your client information, add the list of services, include itemized costs, calculate the cost, and then send the invoice via link, email, or standard mail.

Freelance Invoice Template

Get paid faster for your freelance projects with accurate, professional-looking invoices. The Freelance Invoice Template is made specifically for freelancers looking to bill clients for one-off projects, hourly services, or retainer projects.

Consulting Invoice Template

As a consultant, clients hire you for your expertise and trusted advice. A professional invoices helps make a positive impression and build trust with clients. Save time on your invoicing with the Consutling Invoice Template.

Photography Invoice Template

When it comes to photography, aesthetics matter. The same goes for your invoices. Send clients invoices that are accurate, on-brand, and specially designed with the Photography Invoice Template.

Graphic Design Invoice Template

Logos and posters and graphics, oh my! The Graphic Design Invoice Template is perfect for graphic designers who want to stand out with their clients. Get paid the right way (and faster) with this ready-made template.

Construction Invoice Template

Need support with your construction business invoicing. The Construction Invoice Template is here to save the day! Create detailed work invoices for clients, including your total fees, materials and quantities, labor costs, and more.

Rental Invoice Template

The Rental Invoice Template was made to help event ventor and rental equipment companies provide detailed invoices to clients. Never miss a detail with customizabkle fields, built-in formulas, and more.

Proforma Invoice Template

The Pro Forma Invoice Template can be used to send work estimates to clients in advance of starting the project. This helps set expectations and ensure that you get paid correctly for your work.

Retainer Invoice Template

Bill your clients on a retainer basis with the free Retainer Invoice Template. Simply outline your services, the costs, and the due dates to get paid weekly, monthly, or quarterly.

Work Invoice Template

With the Work Invoice Template, you can invoice clients for all types of things—hours worked, time and materials, flat rate projects, and more. Invoice clients from anywhere by creating invoices on your computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Itemized Bill Template

The Itemized Bill Template clearly outlines all of the products or services provided, quantities for each, and the unit costs. That way, clients know exactly what they are paying for, in what quantity, and within what timeframe.

Professional Invoice Template

Bonsai’s professional invoicing software allows you to manage your business accounting, invoicing, and bookkeeping all in one place. We’ve created the free professional invoice templates to make creating invoices even easier, allowing you to save time in your business.

There are many benefits to using professional invoice templates. The professional invoice template from Bonsai:

  • is saved remotely and is protected against unwanted modifications
  • can be shared with clients or team members
  • is aligned with standard invoicing practices
  • is enhanced with additional Word, Sheets, and Excel functionalities
  • can be linked with related documents or spreadsheets
  • can be stored in the cloud or local storage
  • can be retrieved for repeated use
  • can be duplicated for different clients or projects
  • is embedded with fonts or styles for consistency
  • is organized with helpful sections or tables
Free Microsoft Word Invoice Templates
Frequently Asked Questions
Questions about this template.

Why Might Some Prefer Excel Over Word for Invoicing?

There are a few reasons why some people might prefer Excel over Word for invoicing purposes. For one, Excel is known for its powerful calculation features. You can set up formulas to automatically calculate totals, taxes, discounts, and other financial aspects of an invoice. This can reduce errors and save time compared to manually calculating totals in a Word document. Also, Excel provides built-in templates specifically designed for creating invoices. These templates often come with preformatted tables and formulas that you can customize to fit your needs. This makes it easier to create professional-looking invoices quickly. Excel also allows you to create a database of customer information, product or service details, and past invoices. You can use this data to auto-fill fields in new invoices, which can save time and reduce the risk of errors. However, the Microsoft Word invoice template integrates with other Word features, making it popular among business owners who prefer the Microsoft suite tools.

How Do I Convert My Word Invoice to a PDF for Easier Sharing?

Converting a Word invoice to a PDF is simple. First, open your Word invoice and click on ‘File’ in the top left corner of the screen. In the drop-down menu, select ‘Save As’ and choose the location on your computer where you would like to save the PDF. In the ‘Save as type’ field, click the dropdown menu and select ‘PDF.’ Ensure that the ‘Open file after publishing’ option is selected if you want to view the PDF immediately after conversion. Finally, click ‘Save.’ Your Word invoice is now converted to a PDF and ready for easier and more secure sharing.

How can one effectively use the free Word invoice templates?

To start using the free Word invoice templates, start by selecting and downloading the Word Invoice Template from Bonsai. Once downloaded, open the template in Word and customize it by adding your business logo, contact information, and any other necessary branding elements. Make you fill in all the relevant sections of the invoice, including the client’s information, a detailed description of the products or services provided, the pricing, taxes, and the total amount due. Make sure to double-check all the details for accuracy. After finalizing the invoice, save it as a PDF using Word’s ‘Save As’ feature. You can then send the invoice to your client via email by attaching the PDF.