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One of the biggest challenges for any freelancer is convincing the client that you are the right pick for the job. And this is a hurdle many have to overcome, whether you are new to the world of freelancing or a seasoned veteran in the game.

The freelance business is quite competitive, and it’s up to you to devise means of survival. We get new freelancers signing up daily to scramble for the few jobs available, and so, the chances of you winning a project grow slimmer every day. However, that doesn’t mean you get discouraged and probably quit the race. It only means you have to do things differently. Since you’ll have a million freelancers sending quote templates for the same job, you’ve got to do everything within your power to ensure you stand out. Of course, sending out a unique proposal is one of them, but there are several other factors you need to consider when trying to convince a client into hiring you.

Do you know that some of the mistakes you make with your freelance quotation could destroy your chances of winning a project? In the eyes of your freelance clients, some mistakes are never forgiven. And honestly, as a freelancer, there are some mistakes you simply cannot afford if you want to create a name for yourself. For this reason, it’s important to learn how to avoid committing such project-killing mistakes.

Freelancers who’ve made it in the business will tell you just how many times they failed before their businesses picked up. Most of them made grievous mistakes with their quotation. So, what happens in this case? When you’re making your way into the freelance business for the first time, all you dream of is big money. Well, it’s just fine to ride on such expectations but keep in mind that most clients would like to spend the minimum possible on their projects. So, quoting higher prices for your services may keep you waiting for long without ever getting a positive response.

Even so, it’s also risky to quote so low in a bid to win the client. Remember, if it’s too cheap, the client might doubt your services. With this, you’re left wondering how you should go about it. Well, that’s why you need to make use of a freelance estimate template to navigate your way. With a freelance quotation template, you get an idea of how to create a freelance quotation that won’t push your prospects away.

If you’re a guru in the freelance business, you may choose to go free-style without a freelance quotation template. You’re already used to this, and so, it should be easy to design one from scratch. However, for newbies, working without a freelance estimate template is close to impossible. You don’t want to make mistakes with your first quotation, and, therefore, you better arm yourself with a freelance quotation template.

However, you should note that not all freelance estimate template PDFs contain all you need to create an outstanding freelance quotation. Some may just make things worse for you. So, what’s the best solution for this? In this case, all you need to do is to follow the tried and tested strategies by using a freelance quotation template.

Freelance Quotation Template
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What mistakes will such a freelance quotation template help you to overcome or avoid?

1. Prevent inability to understand the project fully with the freelance quotation template

Your clients are more likely to trust you once they recognize that you understand the project fully. It’s good to state that partial understanding of the details and instructions will that will elicit the kind of response you need from your clients. For this reason, it’s important that you take your time to seek clarifications regarding any issue that you don’t understand. Remember that despite the fact that you are not a permanent employee of the company; your client will require professionalism.

Most freelancers make a mistake of not going through the project requirements before writing the quotation. We understand that there’s so much competition in the freelance world and that you need to submit your freelance quotation sample as soon as possible. However, why would you send out a freelance quotation sample that won’t earn you the project at the end of the day? Remember, the client isn’t in a hurry to hire. They already have a million freelancers applying for the same role, and so, they’ve got the opportunity to choose the best. So, take your time and make use of a freelance estimate template to create a quotation that shows the client you understand the specific needs of their project.

Essentially, seeking clarification on matters before starting, presents you as a professional. Other than that, the quotation seeks to save you time that can be used to make more money. This means that by presenting the freelance quotation template, you will understand the needs of the client as well as the requirements of the project. The freelance quote template provides more details to help you. And as a result, you will be saving yourself time and money!

2. Prevent inability to know the right amount of information to include with the freelance quotation template

Secondly, many freelancers struggle with this mistake. In fact, it is common to find most consultants wondering how much information they should include in a freelance quote template. Many prefer short quotations. Others go for lengthy quotations that run beyond ten pages.

Well, it’s not a bad idea to have a quotation that runs through many pages. However, remember that things are a bit fast-paced in the freelance world. As such, your client may not have all the time to go through the 10 pages plus of your quotation. If you’re writing one from scratch, you might be tempted to go overboard. However, with a freelance estimate template, you’re a bit limited when it comes to wording. Therefore, you’ll not end up with many pages. The best freelance quotation sample is one that’s easy to read through. Your client shouldn’t struggle to get the most vital information out of your freelance quotation sample.

For the most part, your freelance quotation template should be as precise as possible. Nevertheless, you should confirm that it features the following:

  • An introduction of yourself or your team
  • A brief overview of the project’s goals
  • Set out the costs including deliverables, milestones, and timeline
  • Terms and conditions that specify what you will offer and what you will not offer
  • Testimonials that show what you are capable of doing

As you can see from the list, precision is more important that the number of words. No matter how many points you address, ensure that you are straight to the point, without being too wordy. Your aim here is to ensure that the clients understand your expectations in the project, even as you seek to also understand them in the process.

Therefore, keep the lengthy sentences away for now. They can discourage your prospect from going through your freelance quotation sample.

3. Improper delivery of a freelance quotation template

Are you worried that your delivery could get you blacklisted from the list of freelancers a client considers for a specific project? If that is the case, then you might want to study the freelance quote template to see how best to avoid this problem. Freelancers who struggle with this aspect of the quotation should not be afraid of using proposal writing software. Such software comes with huge benefits.

Such software comes with huge benefits. You do not have to be afraid of many freelancers having used the same software before, because the only thing that it assists you with is the guideline and format. Meaning you will be better positioned to write a good proposal but it will still be just about you.

As we mentioned earlier, it’s your responsibility as a freelancer to devise ways of standing out in the crowd. You can definitely get much by using a freelance quotation template to draft an estimate. However, if things are still not working out, you better switch to another method that will get you the results you want. With the current technological inventions, you shouldn’t get stuck. Just get one of the best proposal writing tools out there and get going. Be sure other freelancers are using such tools, and so, to compete fairly, you too need to take this route.

After doing extensive research, use the software to create a personalized proposal that speaks about what you are bringing to the table. In most cases, the client is interested in knowing what you’ll be adding to their business. While it’s so easy to put this in words, it takes professionalism to present them in a way that’s acceptable by the client. So, don’t take chances. On top of a freelance quotation template, make use of a proposal writing tool to create the best quotation.

4. Prevent not focusing on the client’s needs with the freelance quotation sample

The fastest way of convincing clients to forget about you is by writing a project proposal or quotation that ignores their needs. For this reason, you should rely on the freelance quote template to understand the needs of your clients. The template helps you to know the types of questions to ask. Based on the answers to these questions, your understanding of the project improves greatly thus enabling you to know your clients’ needs.

Don’t be in a hurry to submit a proposal. You may be the last to submit but still get the job. The client isn’t interested in how fast you can submit your proposal. All they’d like to know is whether you’re the perfect fit for the job. Since they’ve not met you before, they’ll rely on what you write in your freelance proposal. In most cases, they’d like to see how relevant your skills are to their business, and so, always strive to show this.

Remember, a good impression on your freelance quotation template essentially increases your chances of landing the job. You want recognition and one way to get it is by making the client realize not only your professionalism and skills but also your interest in fulfilling their needs.

Spend some time researching about the project, to help you come up with relevant and valuable questions to ask. Your freelance quotation template is your first point of contact with the potential client. Therefore you want to ensure that you ask the right questions and make a good impression. Even so, don’t take a long time researching. It’s a competition, and, therefore, your client may get someone else to do the job.

Freelance Quotation Template Sample
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5. Prevent failure to specify the problem and solution with the freelance quotation template

Do you want to capture the client’s attention? Do you want your clients to stop looking for solutions from other freelancers who offer similar services to yours? If yes, you must endeavor to clarify the problem and solution that you offer. After all, you are not the only freelancer who will be making contact with this client, and there may even be many who will possess better skills. In this case, your solution must be tailor-made for the client’s problem.

Keep in mind that your client is hiring you to provide customized solutions to their business. Therefore, be smart enough to demonstrate that you can help them achieve what they want.

A one-size-fits-all solution never works. Therefore, learn to customize all solutions to each of your clients. By doing so, you will stand out from the other freelancers by showing that you have done your homework on their niche in the industry. What you are essentially aiming to communicate is the fact that you are better positioned to handle the project and any other concerning the clients company.

Specifying the problem and solution means you are committed towards the said project. It also goes to show the client that you are not green about the kind of project you are getting into. Nobody wants to hire someone who will need to be constantly corrected and supervised.

Lastly, it’s important for freelancers to take care of their careers. The best way of doing that is by showing clients that they hold the projects assigned to them in high regard. One way that guarantees this, is by presenting a proposal that is well organized, flawless and aesthetically pleasing. Keep in mind that even before your client reads your freelance quotation template, they are going to form an attitude solely based on the appearance.

For this reason, consultants ought to learn how to study and use freelance quotation template bearing in mind the guarantees these two documents offer. A well thought through template places you at a better place as a freelancer, and your approach towards it can either secure you the job or cause you to lose it.

The importance of taking time to draft something that will help both you and the client applies both to whether you are writing it to a company you already work for or to a completely new one. Freelancing success is much easier to attain with the right tools in your hands.

Frequently Asked Questions
Questions about this template.

How do I write a freelance quote?

You may write a freelance quote from scratch or utilize free templates online like Bonsai. Bonsai's freelance quote templates ensures that necessary information has fields ready for you to cudtomize

How do freelancers quote prices?

Quoting prices for freelancers depends on the type of work. You may quote on a fixed hourly price or per output or project. Just make sure this is in a reasonable rate for your client's budget.

What is a freelance quote?

A freelance quote determines the cost per service rendered by a freelancer. This applies to graphic designers, content writers, PR consultants and the likes. Using a freelance quote template like Bonsai helps you automate this process.