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There is always a lot of paperwork to be created, approved, filed and archived in any contract. One of the most important documents is the contractor statement of work. It is made at the beginning of the statement of work contract and gives an outline of everything done in the agreement. With a well-written statement of work, you will find it easier to start the contract and finish on time and within the estimated budget.

What is a contractor statement of work?

A contractor statement of work is a narrative description of the product, services, results that are expected of a contractor to deliver at the end of a contract. The statement of work must be developed at the beginning and encompasses the totality of the deliverables. The statement of work ensures that both parties, you and your clients, are on the same page.

The statement of work ensures that you and the client are expecting deliverables of the same quality and at the same time. However, you might find it hard to create one because of the parts involved in a contractor statement of work. If you focus on working on the parts, then you are going to end up stressed up. You have to note the significant aspects of a statement of work before you begin to write one. We have explained what you need to put in it below.

What should be in your contractor statement of work?

The contractor statement of work addresses particular areas of the project. It should include why the contract is being carried out, the type of contract it is, the location of the contract, the time frame of the contract, the expected deliverables and delivery time, and all other standards that would be met. These significant aspects should be included in your statement of work:

1. Introduction

You begin your contractor statement of work by explaining what contract is to be carried out. You can also state whosoever is involved in the project. It would lead to a standing offer that cements the price for the services rendered.

2. The purpose of the contract

You start this section by explaining why your client initiated the contract and the purpose. You have to create a purposeful statement that would lead this segment and also provide an excellent answer to the questions, such as: what are the deliverables? What is the objective of the project?

3. The scope of work

This section answers the question of the work you will carry out in the contract. It is in this section that you can include the software and the hardware that would be used during the execution of the contract. You can also use this segment to explain the expected outcomes, the time frame, and the steps that you would take to ensure that the deal is carried out successfully.

4. Tasks

This section of the statement of work breaks down the scope of work into detailed tasks. You have to be specific and well detailed when writing this section. You can break down the tasks into phases and milestones to make things easier.

5. Deliverables

You can make use of this segment to list and explain what would be delivered and when it is due to be delivered. You are expected to describe the deliverables in detail such as the colour, size or quantity, and whatever may seem relevant.

6. Payment

If you and your client have created a budget and agreed upon it, then you can decide to list out the payments, how and when your client would pay.

7. Others

There might be other parts of the contract that are not befitting to any of the above sections. You can easily add them here to ensure that nothing is left behind. Don't forget to sign your contract to make it legally binding. If you need to sign it electronically, check out our guide on how to insert signature in Word and how to digitally sign a PDF.

Frequently Asked Questions
Questions about this template.

How do I write a statement of work template?

Try Bonsai's free statement of work template to easily produce these documents. Simply customize and personalize the document to your business and send it off to clients.

What is SOW format?

is a contract that is enforceable by law between a client and any party who is executing a project, including a contractor or service provider. It basically outlines the project's scope of duties and the conditions that were agreed upon before work began.

How detailed is a statement of work?

All the parts of a project are described in a statement of work. It often discusses tasks, deliverables, milestones, and schedules in considerable detail. Additionally, it makes the project's goal and success indicators transparent.