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Creating a quotation is not so difficult if you have a good quote template. Whether you decide to make yours from scratch or edit a template, you should dig up some professional templates first. However, many freelancers face one problem that they usually do not envisage, how to fill a blank quote template? The template can seem so daunting if you don't know what to do. You don't have to panic, though. We are here to help you fill that template.

How do you fill a blank quote template?

A quotation is one of the first documents that you send to a potential client. Therefore, the need for professionalism and accuracy cannot be overemphasized. This document's importance can put you under so much pressure, which might make a simple blank quote template look like an insurmountable mountain. It is not so hard, though. Follow the tips below, and you will be able to fill out that template in no time.

1. Make sure you have the right template

There are different types of blank quote template, and each one is suitable for a particular kind of service. Ensure that the template that you have chosen fits your freelance service. Take your time to browse through all the choices before you select the one that fits best.

2. Start by filling out the details you know first

It is quite easy to get caught up with the parts of the blank quote template that you do not understand. Don't fall into this temptation. There is straightforward information like your business name, contact, and date that you can input without stress. You should also not forget to add the time frame for the prices you state.

3. Take your time to think carefully about the words you use in the template

The need for professionalism cannot be overstressed. You want to make a good impression on your client. You can look through examples of quotations online to know the kind of words to use. Avoid complicated terms and meaningless jargon as you might end up confusing your client instead of showing yourself in a good light.

4. Browse through examples online

While originality is essential, you can get inspiration from quotations online. All you have to do is use the knowledge of what is required and add the spice of your freelance service's uniqueness. Then, you will have something original to offer your client using tips in creating quotations.

5. Proofread and ensure the accuracy of every detail

Even if you are not a skilled content writer, your grammar must be error-free, and your construction should have a good flow. It is one of those skills you can develop. You should also ensure that your prices and description are accurate. You don't want an instance where your client will agree to the quotation only to find that the information you had filled in the blank quote template was inaccurate. Therefore, ensure you do the needful and proofread at least twice and have another person look through it for you for mistakes you might have missed.

6. Send your quotation in early

Your potential client will probably expect quotations from other freelancers. Therefore, you should send your quote as soon as possible. You can have a filled blank quote template on hand ahead of time for this purpose.

As you fill in your blank quote template, remember that you might never meet your client in person. However, you can make sure that your quotations do an adequate representation of who you are. With the tips we have provided above, you won't find filling in that template difficult.\

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