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Working in project management can be stressful. The project scope of work phase includes planning for the project overview defining and documenting a list of specific goals, tasks, costs, deadlines, and project deliverables. Working on multiple construction projects can lead to a hectic schedule for any project manager.

The busy daily project schedule of a freelance manager means it is important they keep efficient work documents. Having well-prepared, accessible documents will make their day run more smoothly, without unnecessary delays.

Use A Project Scope Of Work Template

Having a pre-made scope of work template can take the hassle away of creating one less new work document every time you need to bill a client. Instead of having to produce a new each time, you can save time and effort by using a scope of work template.

Once the sample template has been created, you simply need to spend a little time entering the project details before sending the form. It takes little time or effort to use scope of work templates as part of the new client process.

You can even save the majority of the data you need to provide and easily access it later. This will save you even more time.

Why You Need Pre-Made Scope Of Work Templates

When choosing a scope of work template, it's important to consider how well it complements the branding of your company.

You can create a free scope of work template, using software like Microsoft Docs and Excel. These applications are inexpensive and simple to utilize. However, when using them, you should consider the quality of the SOW template you will produce.

Sometimes they come off as cheap and unprofessional. As a project manager, you'll want to project a strong sense of professionalism while scoping for work.

Automate it with scope of work template software

When writing a professional-looking scope of work you will want to make it as customizable as possible. Using statement of work generating software can help you achieve this as well as having other features to help speed up your client signing process. Our templates make a great scope of work example for you to reference when you are pitching for a new construction project.

Note: Bonsai is currently the top software for creating proposal, contract and invoice templates. You can create a professional project scope of work templates. You can use Bonsai to simplify your business by using the multiple tools available. Try a free sign-up available today.

Scope of work document information

Once you've decided how to create your scope of work template. Make sure to create a detailed document.

Here are some of the important details you should include on your statement of work:

Company information

The first column heading on your invoice should include information about your company. This includes details like your company name, address, contact info (such as phone number and email address), and more. You could want to mention your company's website if it exists.

Scope Of Work Deadlines / Project Goals

On your scope of work document, you must assign dates or deadlines to the services that are to be delivered on the template sheet before printing. Having project milestones and dates for deliverables will also keep you accountable for staying on track with the task list.

Project Management Statement Of Work

Here you should describe each service you provide for each construction project. Every service should have its own line to make it clear. As a project manager, you may charge your client per hour for your services. Any other services provided you will want to include here.

If you are working at different locations for a client ensure you enter the job location for each service provided. Include technical details and project specifics.

Once you have entered all of the services you will need to total up the overall expense of the assignment.

Additional Charges

If there are any more items utilized in your services, you must note them on your itemized list. Including any fees for extra services.

For example, if you have priced scoping a job out for a certain amount of hours and your client changes the scope of the work. You must add this charge for your additional services.

If you do this it may make it clear to put it in a different section to draw the client's attention. By doing so, you may avoid any misconceptions and helps to keep the client on the same page.

Breakdown Of The Gross/Net Totals

You should first of all show how much the Gross total is. This will be the sum of all services, labor, and material charges.

Once you have shown this the tax can then be added on top of the gross amount. This will give you the Net amount. By showing them separately, you can show the client how the charges are added up.

Apply any discounts you wish to give your client before including taxes, to the gross amount. By giving a discount on the gross rather than the net total, your client will save money.

Payment Details

Ensure that the payment terms you specify in your scope of work template are reflected in it. Both of you will benefit if you offer a range of payment choices to your customers. Whichever option is most practical for them can be chosen. This will speed up payment to your business.

Cash, bank transfers, and credit/debit cards are a few possible payment options.

You may also include any incentives you want to provide for paying early. Along with any late payment penalties that could be imposed after the deadline.

Bonsai's Project Management Software

As a manager in charge of running and scoping out projects, you will want to give the highest impression of your company as possible. Having high-quality work templates for each area of your business can not only make your business look more professional but can streamline the process for you.

When choosing to create a quality proposal, contract, scope of work or invoice template, Bonsai is the highest-grade freelancer tool available today. Using This software will allow you to customize your scope of work needs and give it a personal touch. Our pre-made templates have all the information you need for a proper statement of work document.

Bonsai has been used by over 500,000 different entrepreneurs and small business owners in a number of different ways. There are many additional features on Bonsai to help run your business more smoothly and even expand if you are looking to. Here are some of the features they offer:

Time Tracking

You can use Bonsai to keep track of every hour you work in the day.Our architect time tracking software will come in handy when you are working on multiple projects and easily lose track of what time you have spent on which ones. This feature is available across all devices to you. You can add tasks that have been completed accompanied by notes for each one.

Automatic late fees

When creating your next invoice, use smart invoicing to automatically email you read receipts, remind your client to pay, and impose a late fee. By having these processes run automatically, you can save a heap of time and hassle. In addition to saving you time, it also gets rid of human error.

Fast, automated workflow

Bonsai offers unique SOWs for every sector imaginable. You can rapidly create, modify, and distribute professional scope of works with Bonsai. With these tools at your disposal, you can save a lot of time. You can use and modify a ready-made template for your scope of work business to suit you perfectly. This means you won't be using a generic invoice template that isn't relevant to you.

Partial payments

You can use bonsai to get paid in part for work that is only partially finished. Any invoice for a project can be divided in any way that is most advantageous for you and your client. This may benefit your client as much as you, and it may help your business keep a healthy cash flow.

You may choose to get paid in stages when specific tasks are complete. Or get paid in full after successful completion for expected outcomes.

Frequently Asked Questions
Questions about this template.

How do you write a project scope of work?

Include on a document an intro, project scope of work, task list, deliverables, time frame, project management plan, scope of work and price. You can also customize one of Bonsai's pre-made templates. The structure and all the reference material is there, you just need to personalize the project to your requirements.

What is a scope of work template for construction?

wA formal SOW document can be created using a construction scope of work template provided by Bonsai. An SOW template can be customized by contractors and clients for a particular project and may include a project summary, action items, schedule, and cost information.

What is scope of project with example?

Keep in mind that project scope is a technique to describe the parameters of your project as well as its primary goals, resources, and deliverables. If there is anything else that could affect those factors, such as the schedule, costs, or boundaries for your project,