Top 10 Airtable alternatives in 2024

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Updated on:
February 14, 2024
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Quiz: What is the best Airtable alternative for your business?

Answer the following questions to assess which Airtable alternative is best for your business.

    What is Airtable?

    Airtable incorporates the power of a database into a spreadsheet. Using this, teams can track, manage, and analyze tasks. The platform is also flexible and customizable allowing users to manage a wide variety of tasks, from simple to-do lists to detailed project pipelines.

    Each Airtable workspace starts as a database that grows and morphs according to the requirements of the work. Users can track records with tables. In those tables, they can write rich text notes, attach files, and even link records between tables. 

    The platform is also focused on visual representation. Users can arrange to view their data in various formats like grids, calendars, galleries, kanbans, and even custom-designed layouts.

    Another stand-out benefit of Airtable is its integration capabilities. Users can connect with other commonly used business tools like Google Drive, Slack, and many others. 

    Despite the impressive features of the platforms, however, it may not be the ideal solution for everyone. 

    What Are The Top Limitations Of Airtable?

    Although Airtable has many appealing features, it is not without problems. Businesses considering if Airtable is the best option for their specific needs may find it useful to be aware of these limits. The top five platform restrictions are shown below.

    1. Airtable is Unsuitable for Complex Database Management

    Airtable is simple to use, but it lacks the advanced features of a full-fledged database management system. This means that it may be lacking in systems required for larger, more complicated corporate processes.

    1. Relatively High Pricing for Small Businesses

    For small organizations or startups, Airtable's cost can be on the higher end. This is especially so given the constraints of scope and complexity of projects that can be handled.

    1. Lack of Advanced Reporting Features

    Airtable provides some basic reporting, but not the extensive, multi-level details that larger enterprises sometimes require.

    1. Systems Integration Limits

    Although Airtable is compatible with well-known programs such as GitHub and Slack, it frequently requires external automation services such as Zapier to fully integrate with other systems.

    1. Data Security Concerns

    Although Airtable offers secure connections, it does not provide any specific assurances or certifications about data security. This may appear to be problematic for businesses that handle sensitive data.

    What Are The Must-Have Features Of An Airtable Alternative?

    There are plenty of software that provide the same functionality as Airtable. However, they should fulfill your data management requirements. Here are some elements to look for.

    Spreadsheet Interface That is Both Flexible and Intuitive 

    The alternative program should have a simple interface that makes it easy to organize and edit data. It may be similar to Excel or Google Sheets but with the extra benefit of database functionality.

    Powerful Integration Capabilities

    The alternative must include connectivity to other tools and software. It should also provide API interfaces for easy data transfer and process automation.

    Strong Security and Role-Based Permissions

    The software you select should strike the appropriate balance between accessibility and data security. Look for role-based permissions and multi-factor authentication to secure information privacy.

    Multiple Visualization Options

    Having multiple visual options is quite advantageous for teams because each team works with different types of information and data. The alternative software should also offer real-time collaboration as well as robust reporting and analytics functions.

    Bonsai: The Best Airtable Alternative

    Bonsai: The Best Airtable Alternative

    Finding an Airtable substitute for service organizations that provide efficiency, flexibility, and reliable integrations can be difficult. However, Bonsai, a feature-rich project management platform, rises to the occasion and offers a superb solution that goes above and above. 

    Developed with service organizations in mind, Bonsai offers a broad range of tools and an intuitive interface to streamline your operations and boost the output of your team. These are some benefits that come with owning a bonsai. 

    Comprehensive Feature Set

    Unlike other alternatives, Bonsai offers a full range of capabilities appropriate for service-based enterprises. From a single platform, you can handle contracts, projects, billing, reports, and client CRM. This makes Bonsai an efficient, streamlined choice for service businesses of all types.

    Efficient Task Tracking

    Teams can easily manage workloads, prioritize activities, and track progress with Bonsai's task-tracking function. This ensures that projects are completed on time. Additionally, it visually displays the information, which facilitates efficient resource management and comprehension of the project schedule.

    Collaborative File Sharing

    With Bonsai's collaborative file-sharing capability, teams can instantly share, review, and modify documents in real-time. It also enhances teamwork and overall productivity inside the organization.

    Easy Time Tracking & Invoicing

    Businesses can easily bill clients and track work with Bonsai's time tracking and invoicing tool. Tracked hours are automatically converted into invoices removing any errors and cutting down on the amount of administrative effort needed for invoicing. 

    Powerful Integrations

    Because of its robust integration capabilities, Bonsai is a superior Airtable substitute program. Numerous technologies, including accounting software and CRM systems, may be integrated with it. You may increase productivity and streamline procedures using this. 

    #2. Zoho Creator

    Zoho Creator

    Zoho Creator allows the easy construction and distribution of unique web and mobile apps thanks to its low-code application development platform. It’s also affordable starting with a monthly fee of $10 per user. According to G2, users also commend its integrations and low-code capabilities.

    Best Features:

    • Drag-and-drop application builder
    • Automated workflows that streamline business processes
    •  Integration with other Zoho products and third-party software
    • Creation of custom forms and reports


    • In comparison to other alternatives, it lacks advanced functionalities
    • Can be complex for non-technical users
    • Occasional slow customer support

    These limitations make Zoho Creator an unsuitable alternative for organizations needing sophisticated or industry-specific features.

    #3. Smartsheet


    Smartsheet provides companies with a strong platform for teamwork and project management. It's reasonably priced at $14 per user. In addition to that, users appreciate its functionality and versatility.

    Best Features:

    • Real-time editing and collaboration
    • Simple and user-friendly interface design
    • Allows a wide array of integrations
    • Provides built-in reporting tools


    • No built-in chat feature
    • Doesn’t allow offline access
    • High learning curve for non-technical users

    #4. Quickbase


    Quickbase is an excellent substitute for Airtable in terms of database software since it is flexible and strong. You may use it to create customized apps that will improve the productivity and efficiency of the job that your team does. Reviews from users are overwhelmingly good, particularly when it comes to its vast feature set and scalability. Starting monthly fees for up to 50 users are $500.

    Best Features: 

    •  User-friendly, custom app development even without coding skills
    •  Great scalability to grow with your business
    •  Real-time data analysis and reporting
    • Integration with other common tools such as Gmail, Slack, and Dropbox


    •  Lack of a free trial could deter some users
    • The user interface can initially appear complex for beginners
    • Small businesses may find the pricing somewhat high

    This may not be a fit for starts ups and small businesses on tighter budgets or those who don’t have a complex system yet.

    #5. Knack


    Knack is an online database software that simplifies structuring, connecting, and extending data with no coding involved. Users often praise its data management and automation capabilities. It’s also nearing the mid-range price for software similar to it at $39 per month. Knack also offers a free trial stage. 

    Best Features:

    • Customizable database structures and forms
    • Powerful data analysis features with dashboards and reports
    •  Integrated workflows with automation
    • High scalability due to numerous integrations via Zapier and RESTful API


    • Lack of in-built collaboration and project management features
    • No native iOS or Android apps
    • Limited free plan options
    • Less intuitive user interface compared to competitors
    • Steep learning curve

    If you’re looking for more robust project management tools or prefer mobile working, this software may not be for you.

    #6. Filemaker


    Another Airtable alternative that offers custom application development for diverse business functions is Filemaker. It provides various customization offers for all kinds of applications. However, it is a pricey option starting at $540 for its basic tier.

    Best Features:

    • Offers advanced customizing options for designing unique applications
    •  Provides strong support for scripting and calculations
    • Has robust field-level security features
    • Supports connectivity with SQL databases


    • It may be complex for beginners to use
    • Lacks native cloud deployment option 
    • Its user interface design can be outdated
    • Performance may degrade with large data sets

    Filemaker may not be suitable for small businesses or startups due to its relatively high cost. It’s also more complex to use than other alternatives.

    #7. SAP HANA


    As a high-speed in-memory database, SAP HANA is made to facilitate data-driven, real-time decision-making and action. It’s a robust tool and provides an efficient data management system. However, pricing is exclusive and only revealed upon request. 

    Best Features:

    • High-speed data processing
    • Real-time analytics
    •  Multi-model data processing
    • Cloud or on-premise deployment options


    • Complex learning curve
    • High expenses for implementation and maintenance

    SAP HANA may not suit small businesses due to the costs and complexities.

    #8. Google Sheets

    Google Sheets

    Google Sheets is one of Google's productivity suite tools. Its collaborative features and user-friendly interface are among its most beloved attributes. It’s also free with Google’s productivity suite. Premium features are available with a G Suite subscription.

    Best Features:

    • Real-time collaboration and editing
    • Integrations with other Google and non-Google products
    • Easy-to-use interface with robust functionalities
    •  Accessible on multiple devices


    • Functionality not as extensive as other spreadsheet programs
    •  Limited offline capabilities
    • Performance may slow down with very large data sets
    • Lesser support for macros and complex formulas

    Google Sheets might not be compatible with companies needing advanced spreadsheet capabilities, those needing to regularly work offline, or businesses with large data sets where speed is crucial.

    #9. Notion


    Notion is one of the most popular workspace software today. With this, you can organize notes, tasks, wikis, and databases. Users often praise its versatility and design. Notion’s pricing is also highly affordable starting with a free basic plan. Plaid plans start at $4 a month. 

    Best Features:

    • Numerous templating options
    • Built-in Kanban boards, tables, and lists
    • Multiple platform integration
    • Real-time collaboration and document editing


    • Lack of project management tools
    • Inadequate for complex spreadsheets.
    • Provides a steeper learning curve than Airtable

    If you’re looking for dedicated project management software or robust spreadsheet handling, Notion might not be the best fit for you.

    #10. Microsoft Lists

    Microsoft Lists

    Microsoft Lists is an information-tracking application that facilitates work sharing, collaboration, and organization. It is regarded as a strong substitute for Airtable and has received largely excellent reviews. You can avail of it for $5 per user per month as part of a Microsoft 365 corporate subscription.

    Best Features:

    • Provides customizable views and smart rules for prioritizing and organizing tasks 
    • Integration with Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, and other Microsoft 365 apps
    • Quick set-up with pre-built templates 
    • Role-based access control for user-level permissions


    • No free version is available
    • Third-party app integration is limited

    Microsoft Lists isn’t the best option for freelancers or companies on a tight budget. It also might not be the best option for those who don’t use Microsoft 365.

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