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The strategy brief, which is also known as strategic brief, is essential for appointing consultants. It works wonders for all types of projects. This may convince you that the brief is more beneficial to clients though that isn’t the case. Consultants can use it to push themselves at the front of the queue. They can use it to stand out from the competition that also seeks to impress freelance clients and get shortlisted for the projects in question.

Strategy Brief Template
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How can consultants use it to make themselves more attractive to clients?

1. Market your training with the strategy brief

Does your training qualify you to work as a consultant? The best consultants are not afraid to tell the whole world their training and qualifications. What degree do you have? Do you have an advanced degree? Use the brief to let clients know all this information. Additionally, let them know that you have taken time to improve your knowledge regarding the various strategic planning models that are prevalent in the market today.

On top of that, the strategy brief helps you to show that you have continued to obtain experience over the years. Here, obtaining experience means you worked with other strategy planners and consultants. Book knowledge can only take you so far! Eventually, your ability to enjoy a successful career hinges on your experience and the capacity you have for working as a certified strategic consultant or planner. Use this opportunity to stand out from the rest!

2. Networking with the strategy brief

As a consultant with training and experience in strategic planning, you probably know that you can never deliver most projects alone. You need a team of fellow strategic planners around you. In this case, it’s important that you use the strategy brief to demonstrate your ability to network within the industry. Blow your clients’ socks off with the networks that you created over the years, which is essential for reassuring them that you can handle the projects.

The networks and connections you have formed over the years should not stand in your way. Instead, they should help you to find more work. You can do all that by connecting the information with more details about yourself and the skills you have. Use the brief for marketing yourself. Additionally, you may need something more than a brief to help you. In this case, feel free to organize an e-newsletter or a website.

Strategy Brief Template Sample
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3. Showcasing soft skills with the strategy brief

The best strategic consultants have no problem showcasing their soft skills. Here, soft skills refer to the personal attributes that make it easier for you to interact with other people effectively and harmoniously. For example, you will find clients who want to know how well you communicate with others. Often, employers look for employees with these types of skills. However, in freelancing, the skills are just as important to clients and consultants alike.

How self-confident are you? This too matters to your prospective freelance clients. A self-confident freelancer is able to communicate effectively. Such a person will also have no problem putting a stop to anything that needs stopping. A self-confident consultant takes the initiative when nothing seems to be happening the way clients expected. Therefore, the strategy brief should convey the fact that you’re highly confident in your abilities and skills.

Therefore, take time to improve your knowledge and skills. Without these, you will not stand out, and the strategy brief won’t be of much use to your consultancy. Use it to inform clients that you are familiar with various business cases. Your problem-solving skills would also need highlighting; therefore, spare a few lines to talk about these. Remember, the purpose of the brief is to offer clients all the assurance they need to offer you the work.

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