Top 10 Clockify alternatives in 2024

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Updated on:
February 13, 2024
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Quiz: What is the best Clockify alternative for your business?

Answer the following questions to assess which Clockify alternative is best for your business.

    What Is Clockify?

    Whether it’s a small or large business, Clockify ensures that it is maximizing its workers’ potential and time. With an extensive set of amazing features, this platform provides an avenue for employers to gain an in-depth understanding of how efforts are distributed, where organizational resources are used, and where they can be reallocated for better results. These features include time tracking, detailed report generation, and more which extend from project management all the way to payroll.

    As great as Clockify is, it still might not have everything that a user wants. With that, some users might be looking for alternative tools that might have a different feature set or pricing structure. The good news is that the market has plenty of great Clockify alternatives. 

    What Are The Top Limitations Of Clockify?

    Clockify is a leading time-tracking software available in the market, yet it is accompanied by several limitations that could potentially affect its overall performance and usage. Here's a closer look at these drawbacks. 

    • Lacks advanced tracking features: Clockify is a relatively basic tool. It might not be enough for some businesses requiring more complex functionalities like automatic screenshots, task-based permission, or project forecast.
    • Basic reports: Clockify's reports are simple, but they lack depth and customization capabilities. This can be a disadvantage for businesses needing tailor-made reports and detailed analysis.
    • No native integrations: Unlike some of its competitors, Clockify can’t integrate with many popular productivity or project management tools. Unfortunately, this may hamper the workflow for some teams.
    • Interface is difficult to navigate: The software’s user interface can be a bit unintuitive and difficult to navigate. Users often report challenges while entering and switching between different tasks.
    • Limited customer support: Clockify's customer support isn't available 24/7. This can be an issue for businesses operating in different time zones and needing immediate support.

    What Are The Must-Have Features Of A Clockify Alternative?

    A strong alternative to Clockify needs to provide its users with an extensive set of capabilities allowing them to streamline their project and time management. With that, some features become non-negotiable. Here are some must-have aspects to look for.

    • Easy and efficient time tracking: Effective time tracking is the heart of any productivity tool. Be it a company measuring employees' working hours or a freelancer tracking billable hours, a great Clockify alternative should have a straightforward time-tracking feature. This helps the user in managing their time efficiently.
    • Comprehensive reporting functions: Productivity goes beyond recording hours. So the alternative tool should also provide a complete rundown of the work. This report should present in-depth information about productivity, time allocation, and overall work trends. Using comprehensive reporting functions allows teams to understand their work patterns better and optimize them to be their best version.
    • Project budgeting and management features: Efficient project management ties everything together promoting productivity and ensuring goals are met within given timelines and budgets. So these features should enable managers to manage tasks, allocate resources, and maintain budgets effectively.



    When it comes to amazing Clockify alternatives, Bonsai is one tool businesses shouldn’t miss. It simplifies the overall work process for businesses, giving them an upper hand and allowing them to run their operations at full capacity without having to worry about the nitty-gritty details.

    Specifically designed for service businesses, Bonsai’s well-rounded platform offers a variety of streamlined features. These cover the overall project management process from invoicing and payments to progress tracking and project management. 

    Overall, Bonsai paves the way for smoother operations and improved efficiency. Here are a few other reasons that Bonsai stands out among Clockify business solution alternatives. 

    User-Friendly Interface 

    Bonsai sports a friendly user interface that makes it easy to use and understand. Even the non-tech-savvy can learn how to use it well quickly. This is because its navigation is straightforward and the process flows are logical. With this, teams waste less time training and focus more on improving their productivity.

    Built-in Integrated Systems 

    Bonsai provides project management, invoicing, and time tracking functions under one roof, streamlining the tasking process and ensuring smooth efficiency in tasks.


    Whatever their needs are, businesses can tailor the platform to fit them.

    Great Customer Support 

    Bonsai prides itself on delivering fast and efficient customer service to its clients. Their dedicated support team can easily be reached and are always ready to help out, ensuring that any technical issues or inquiries are promptly addressed. The team’s professionalism and commitment significantly add to the overall value of Bonsai.

    Convenient Invoicing And Payment 

    Bonsai simplifies invoicing and payments with convenient ways to create and send invoices, drastically reducing the time spent on money-related tasks. Send professional invoices can be done in minutes. Businesses can also readily track their payments and even get reminders for any overdue invoices. This kind of efficiency encourages prompt transactions and breeds a comfortable work culture.

    #2. Toggl


    Toggl allows businesses to streamline workflow, measure productivity, and manage employees efficiently. It’s key quality though is its simplicity and because of this, its a highly recommended Clockify alternative. As for pricing, it offers a free tier. Paid plans start at $10 per month.

    Best Features:

    • Real-time time tracking.
    • Automated tracking for over 100+ online apps.
    • Offline mode support for time tracking.
    • Team scheduling and management tools.


    • No inbuilt invoicing feature.
    • Limited integration options compared to competitors.

    The platform isn’t a fit for companies looking for an all-in-one solution, with integrated invoicing and expense management.

    #3. Harvest


    This online time-tracking software helps teams track time, log expenses, and manage projects. Users have given it high ratings on various platforms. When it comes to its costs, users can enjoy a free version or a $12 per month/ user version.

    Best Features:

    • Effortless time tracking.
    • Built-in expense tracking.
    • Robust reporting.
    • Integration with most project management tools


    • Minimal customization options.
    • Limited invoicing capabilities.
    • Pricey for larger teams.

    Harvest may not fit well for teams with complex project management needs.

    #4. Time Doctor

    Time Doctor

    Time Doctor is a powerful time tracking and productivity app highly suited for remote workforces. It has mixed reviews but generally holds a good reputation among users. Prices start at $7 per month/ user and offers custom business plans.

    Best Features:

    • Real-time tracking of work hours.
    • Screenshot captures for accountability.
    • Automated weekly reports on productivity.
    • In-depth analytics and project management tools


    • Limited offline functionality.
    • No free tier is available.
    • Somewhat challenging to set up initially.

    This tool may not be ideal for small-sized businesses with a tight budget or individuals looking for a simple time-tracker.

    #5. HubStaff


    Hubstaff combines time-tracking and productivity monitoring in one platform and it offers detailed insights on workplace efficiency. Generally, users give this tool a high rating. And as for pricing, it has three tiers: Basic ($7/user per month), Premium ($10/user per month), and Enterprise ($20/user per month).

    Best Features:

    • Time tracking with screenshots for remote team management.
    • Productivity measurement that includes activity rates and detailed reports.
    • Advanced scheduling and employee attendance tracking.
    • GPS tracking and Geofencing for location-based teams.


    • No free unlimited plan.
    • Could be too robust and complex for smaller teams.
    • Limited customization options in its reporting.

    Hubstaff may not go down well with small teams, startups, and businesses seeking unlimited free plans.

    #6. RescueTime


    This highly-rated productivity tool helps users keep track of their time continuously and automatically. When it comes to pricing, users can decide between its free version or paying $12 per month for their premium package. 

    Best Features:

    • Intelligent reporting features provide detailed insights about where time is spent.
    • Productivity pulse provides a score that represents how productive the user has been.
    • Goal setting allows users to set time goals for specific activities.
    • Alerts send notifications when users hit their goals.


    • No manual time entry.
    • No project management features.
    • It might not be as effective in offline tracking as it is online.

    Professionals who need manual time entry, project management, and billing features may not find this tool suitable. 


    TimeCamp is an advanced yet user-friendly time-tracking and project management software designed for both businesses and individuals. Users love its extensive features and many have given excellent reviews about it overall. When it comes to pricing, there’s a free option and there’s a $7 per month/ user plan.

    Best Features:

    • Automatic time-tracking features.
    • Highly customizable reports and billable hours tracking.
    • Comprehensive project management system.
    • Kanban boards and integrated calendar view functionality


    • The mobile app needs improvement for a better user experience.
    • No real-time collaboration feature.

    TimeCamp may not be the best choice for those who are looking for real-time collaboration features in a time-tracking tool.

    #8. Asana


    Asana is both a project management tool and team collaboration tool offering users a streamlined approach to task management. Because of how versatile and easy to use it is, it has garnered a good reputation among users. It’s also affordable as it provides a basic free plan in addition to its Premium, Business, and Enterprise plans.

    Best Features:

    • It offers comprehensive project tracking and reporting.
    • Creates and shares to-do lists for individual and team tasks.
    • Workload view and project timeline facilitates resource management.
    • Integration with hundreds of other apps including Clockify.


    • Multiple subtasks can make it feel overwhelming.
    • Lack of built-in time tracking functionality.
    • Can be pricey for small businesses.

    Because of its complexity, Asana may not be suitable for very small teams or solo workers.

    #9. Monday

    Monday is a highly customizable platform offering project management tools that help streamline and improve business workflows. Users love its customizability, however, it's critiqued for being less intuitive than apps like Clockify. As for pricing, it starts at $8 a month/ user and increases per user. 

    Best Features:

    • Allows for easy task delegation and status updates.
    • Template availability for various project types.
    • Integration with popular apps like Slack and Google Drive.
    • Visual project timelines for better resource allocation.


    • It may be overwhelming for beginners due to numerous features.
    • Pricing can be high for small teams or start-ups.

    It might not be the best fit for micro-businesses due to its cost and complexity.

    #10. Jira


    Jira is a comprehensive project management tool designed for technical teams. Users often praise its project management features and bug tracking capabilities. Its pricing starts at $10 per month for up to 10 users. 

    Best Features:

    • Advanced task management.
    • Time tracking functionality.
    • Seamless integration with other Atlassian products.
    • Powerful reporting tools .


    • Complex setup process.
    • Can be overwhelming for non-technical staff.

    Non-technical teams and small businesses may find Jira too complex for their needs.

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