Track your time and bill more accurately

Get paid for every minute spent on client work. Track your time on projects and specific tasks, instantly add them to your invoices and generate time reports.

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Streamline your time tracking and invoicing with Bonsai

Instantly billable

Set an hourly rate per-project for tracking time and automatically invoice the completed timesheet.


Track time on projects with your collaborators and see how many hours still need to be billed.

Time reports

Maximize your billable hours with real time reports on where you spend your time.

Bill your hours

Set a project’s hourly rate, start tracking time and bill time to your client with a click. Round the time up to make the billing even smoother.

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Centralize timesheets

Whether you’re tracking time as a team on a project or working solo, you can keep all your project’s timesheets in the same place to see the hours billed and to-be paid.

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Use it anywhere

Download the app on iOS, Android, Mac and Chrome so the time tracker works the way you do. Use a time tracker that supports your workflow.

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Frequently asked questions

How can I track my time worked?

We’ve got you covered. With Bonsai Time Tracking, you can set your preferred hourly rate, toggle your timer and begin working! With our time tracking software your hours will feed your invoices for an end-to-end seamless payment collection process. Forgot to track hours? No problem. You can manually enter your time to add on to hours you’ve already tracked. 

What else can I do with Bonsai Time Tracking?

Besides just tracking your billable hours, there are tons of ways you can leverage the time tracking software included in your account. For instance, you can sync your individual tasks up to your time tracking to create individual tasks/buckets to bill your time against which helps set you up for very simple billing to invoice flow.