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10 great Dubsado alternatives in 2023

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Give a try to the best Dubsado alternative -- Bonsai.
Give a try to the best Dubsado alternative -- Bonsai.
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Updated on:
December 12, 2022
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Are you on the hunt for the right client management platform to draft contract templates and manage invoice templates for your solo business? As with choosing any other work tool, it takes time - and thorough research - in order to find what would suit your needs in the best possible way. 

Dubsado is one of the popular business management solutions on the market. It boasts a number of useful features that help professionals handle client relationships, contracts, invoicing, and workflows. 

While it’s a solid software option, it may not be the best fit for your freelance business. There are a number of other platforms that offer different combinations of features and pricing. 

In this list, you can find 10 great alternatives to Dubsado, which might as well turn out to be the right solution for your specific case. 

Free trial: 7 days / Pricing: $24/month

#1. Bonsai

Bonsai is an all-in-one product suite for freelancers and a great Dubsado alternative. It helps you tackle all the different tasks that are related to running a solo business. You can prepare and send proposals and contracts with ease, as well as handle client relations and keep an overview on all of your projects. Bonsai also boasts a number of other useful features, such as online signature maker, time tracking, and task management. The platform helps you get a hold of accounting and taxes as well. It supports 180 different currencies, so you don’t need to worry about working internationally.

Bonsai has been trusted by more than 200,000 freelancers and agencies to date, so go ahead and sign up for a free trial today.

17hats web page
Free trial: 7 days / Pricing: $45/month

#2. 17hats

17hats is a business tool for solopreneurs and common among Dubsado alternatives. It helps you organize and systematize your work as a freelance professional. More specifically, it supports your lead generation and management, booking coordination, onboarding system, and finance management. 17hats has features spanning from lead inquiry forms and client questionnaires to proposals, contracts and invoicing. It also offers time tracking, to-do lists and workflows.  

Bitrix24 website
Free trial: Forever / Pricing: Free

#3. Bitrix24

Bitrix24 is a collaboration and CRM platform that’s a popular alternative to Dubsado. It has a dedicated solution for solopreneurs, which is free. The features that it offers include real-time communication, client interaction management, task and project management, and document management. You can handle the invoicing straight from the CRM as well. Bitrix24 also provides you with time management capabilities, as well as with to-do lists and task dependencies. 

Free trial: 7 days / Pricing: $34/month

#4. HoneyBook

HoneyBook defines itself as client management software for small businesses. That makes it a worthy Dubsado alternative. This means it can be quite useful for freelancers as well. The list of features is similar to those of Dubsado. They include proposal and contract preparation and sending, invoicing and online payments, and meeting scheduling. You also get a dashboard with an overview of your projects, document management, and client communication tools. The best thing about HoneyBook is that you can easily set up workflow automation. By doing this, you can save time on repetitive tasks, while ensuring great customer communication. 

Free trial: 14 days / Pricing: $15/month

#5. Plutio

Dedicated specifically to the freelance industry, Plutio is a platform that helps solo professionals handle the chaos of work. With this tool, you can take care of proposals and contracts to clients, as well as invoicing and payments. Beyond that, Plutio provides support with your branding. It also boasts functionalities like time tracking, task management, projects overview, and email sync. It’s an all-round solution that also has a number of CRM features. 

Free trial: 21 days / Pricing: $12/month per user

#6. Freshsales

Freshsales is the sales CRM of Freshworks. It is specifically focused on helping customer relationship building and organization. Thus, its features include lead and deal management, event tracking, built-in phone, and email integration. Freshsales provides you with in-depth sales analytics reports. You can also set up intelligent workflows to automate your tasks and streamline your processes. 

Free trial: 15 days / Pricing: $12/month

#7. Salesmate

Salesmate is another sales CRM platform, and one of its popular applications is for consultants and small businesses - a Dubsado alternative worth considering. It’s designed to help you accelerate sales, as well as improve your productivity. It has a rich set of features such as sales pipeline, built-in calling, email tracking and text messaging. With its help, you can also handle deal management, as well as automate your workflows. 

Free trial: Up to 3 events (no time limit) / Pricing: $40/month

#8. Releventful

Releventful is a customer relationship management solution for professionals in the events industry. It makes customer connection easier, automates their workflows, and allows a better overview of processes. You can handle proposals and invoices, as well as sign contracts in the platform. Releventful also provides you with inventory management and business reports. 

Bloom website
Free trial: 14 days / Pricing: $9/month for freelancers

#9. Bloom

Bloom is a CRM and business management solution specifically targeted for creative businesses. Its goal is to help creative professionals better handle the administrative side of their work, without having to sacrifice time from their real job. Bloom helps with lead capturing, client relations, proposals and contracts. It also allows you to set up your own workflows and automate emails. You can handle invoicing and payments and track your leads and contracts straight in the platform. 

Studio Ninja webpage
Free trial: 30 days / Pricing: $16.90/month

#10. Studio Ninja

Studio Ninja is another platform with a narrow focus - on photography studios, which can come in handy for other creative professionals as well. The features of this solution are tailored to meet the needs of photographers and similar creatives. They span lead management, jobs tracking, quotes and contracts, and payment and analytics. You can also create your workflows in the tool, and thus automate many of the administrative tasks. Studio Ninja integrates with a number of popular work tools as well. 

Ready to try out a new freelance-focused solution?

Do you want to get started with Bonsai, the best Dubsado alternative? You can sign up for a free trial - no strings attached - and explore the powers of Bonsai to transform how you run your freelance business.

Give a try to the best Dubsado alternative -- Bonsai.
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