Top 10 Deltek alternatives in 2024

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Updated on:
February 13, 2024
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Quiz: What is the best Deltek alternative for your business?

Answer the following questions to assess which Deltek alternative is best for your business.

    What is Deltek?

    When we think about a software and information provider, Deltek has been a leading enterprise. What makes it more distinct is that it is specifically intended for government contractors and professional services firms worldwide. The wide range of its software solutions and services makes it so. This includes project and portfolio management, ERP, and CRM. Along with it are resource planning, and business performance management. 

    Deltek was founded in 1983. With that long duration, it surely gained more than 30,000 clients worldwide. So, its stance in the industry encompasses various industries. Whether it’s in architecture, engineering, construction, and consulting.

    These software solutions that Deltek provides are known to help firms manage their complete project lifecycle. It could be from winning new business to delivering projects. Deltek's solutions have been efficiently helping improve business productivity. This is done by managing and analyzing all aspects of project performance and financials. They are also equipped with robust reporting. Their analytics tools also aid in informed decision-making.

    Despite its wide range of innovative solutions, some businesses may find Deltek's services not suited to their precise needs. In such instances, it's crucial to consider several Deltek alternatives. What’s important is that it could offer a better fit depending on the unique needs of your business. So before making a switch, it's beneficial to conduct adequate research on these alternatives. If you need more information on Deltek, please visit the Deltek official website.

    What are the top limitations of Deltek?

    Deltek surely provides robust solutions for project-based businesses. However, it does have its drawbacks, naturally. To date, users have already identified several areas. This limits its effectiveness and overall user experience. 

    • High Cost: The common complaint about Deltek is its high price point. For many small and medium-sized businesses, Deltek's cost seems a barrier.
    • Complexity: Deltek's systems are also known for their complexity. This can lead to a steep learning curve. New users often need extensive training before they can fully utilize the system.
    • Customer Support: Some users have reported issues with Deltek’s customer service. Complaints are largely about delayed responses and a lack of immediate resolution to issues.
    • Software Instability: There have been reports of software instability for Deltek.  These frequent system crashes can disrupt productivity.
    • Lack of User-Friendly Mobile Interface: Some users find Deltek's mobile interface harder to use than its desktop version. This somehow limits its functionality for those who need to work on the go.

    In spite of these drawbacks, Deltek remains a popular choice for a variety of industries. This is due to its specialized features. However, potential users may want to consider these limitations, as well. They can look at several Deltek alternatives before making a decision.

    What are the must-have features of a Deltek alternative?

    When considering alternatives to Deltek, it's essential to identify key features that must be included in the software. This will allow businesses to make a fully informed decision. You have to ensure the chosen software suits your project management needs. It should also enhance efficiency within your organization. 

    • Robust Project Management - The ability to efficiently manage, track, and collaborate on projects is non-negotiable. This includes features like task assignment and status tracking. Timeline creation and budget tracking should also be included. What’s most essential is to make sure centralized project information accessibility facilitates efficient communication and helps avoid misunderstandings.
    • Comprehensive Financial Management - Businesses need software that can handle not just project management. It should also deal with comprehensive financial management. Budgeting, forecasting, and expenditure tracking should be included. Comprehensive financial reporting is an equally essential consideration.
    • Scalability and Customizability - As businesses grow and evolve, their software should adapt. The alternative to Deltek should be scalable, able to grow with the business, and customizable to fit changing needs. It should adapt to evolving business practices and expanding requirements.

    Critical attributes such as these ensure that organizations continue to operate smoothly in the absence of Deltek. Ideally, an alternative like NetSuite should offer additional features and functionality. It will help take the organization to another level, from a business process streamlining perspective. 

    In the end, a capable Deltek alternative should exceed the expectations set by Deltek. It must provide superior project and financial management capabilities for growth-enabled businesses.

    Bonsai: The best Deltek alternative

    Bonsai: The best Deltek alternative

    Steering ahead of the prevailing competitors in the market, Bonsai represents a comprehensive and efficient management tool. It is highly designed to facilitate seamless operations for service-based businesses. Imagine an all-in-one solution in a single enterprise software, that’s a great win. 

    One thing about Bonsai is that it replaces traditional fragmented systems and eliminates the need for multiple applications. As an ideal substitute for Deltek, Bonsai provides an array of unique features.  It is there to manage and streamline all vital aspects of your business. Be it from proposals and contracts to invoices and payments.

    • Integrated Contracts: This feature helps your business to seamlessly handle legal aspects. It has custom-tailored contracts that will undoubtedly give more clarity and legal protection to your business. This will inevitably save you from potential legal risks.
    • Time Tracking: Bonsai ensures effective project management with its advanced time-tracking feature. It allows easy tracking and recording of the hours spent on each project. This will aid in the billing and payroll process.
    • Project Management: With Bonsai, managing your projects becomes a lot easier. Its intelligent project management feature helps in organizing tasks and tracking progress. This will eventually facilitate team collaboration to ensure the timely completion of projects.
    • Invoicing and Payments: Bonsai proposes a smooth invoicing and payment system. It not only automates recurring invoices but also accepts payments through various secure methods. This ensures your cash flow remains steady and you get paid on time. It sure is everyone's favorite feature!
    • Reporting and Analytics: Bonsai offers this feature to gauge the success of your projects. It provides you with real-time insights and reports. This helps you make data-driven decisions and improve your business's overall performance.

    Undoubtedly, Bonsai emerges as a prime choice for service businesses seeking an efficient alternative to Deltek. Unlike Deltek, which is fine-tuned more towards architecture and engineering firms, Bonsai is framed to cater to any kind of service business. It proves to be a smart and intuitive platform that fulfills the diverse needs of businesses. It offers ease of use and flexibility, which every beginner would like. Also, its impressive stack of features and capabilities ensures improved productivity and profitability. Thus propelling your business onto the path of growth and success.

    In addition, Bonsai's focus on providing all-in-one solutions allows businesses to diminish the complexity associated with managing multiple applications. Therefore, saving time, effort, and cost. Plus, its simplicity in functionality doesn't require intensive training to navigate the system. This strongly sets Bonsai apart from Deltek and other project management tools in the market.

    In conclusion, Bonsai is a feature-rich, robust, and user-friendly platform. It promises to provide more than what Deltek has to offer. So, if you're a service business, Bonsai is your go-to management tool. It simplifies processes and boosts collaboration. It will automate tasks and offer accurate insights. It's the ultimate choice.

    #2. QuickBooks


    Whoever needs accounting software must be well aware of QuickBooks. It is best known for its range of financial management features built to assist small to mid-scale businesses.

    Best Features:

    • Efficient invoice and payment management.
    • In-depth reporting and analytics.
    • Forecasting and budgeting tools.
    • Seamless integrations with other software and applications.


    • Limited customization options, unlike Deltek.
    • Could be complex for beginners.
    • Customer service often cited as below par.
    • Lack of industry-specific features in some versions.

    Deltek might not suit large organizations needing extensive features or companies seeking greater customization in their accounting tools.

    However, it does offer different subscription plans to accommodate various business sizes and needs. It starts from $25 per month. Reviews and ratings are also generally positive. Averaging 4.5 out of 5 on review platforms, users praise its ease of use and features.

    #3. Mavenlink


    Mavenlink, on the other hand, is a powerful, cloud-based software service specializing in project management and collaboration. It offers businesses a comprehensive solution for resource planning, time tracking, and project modernization.

    Best Features:

    Mavenlink offers standout features to enhance project management efficiency.

    • Collaborative workspace for task management, communication, and file sharing.
    • Detailed project and financial reporting functionality.
    • Resource planning for optimal project staffing distributions.
    • Integration capabilities with tools like Google Workspace and Salesforce CRM.


    Despite powerful capabilities, Mavenlink has a couple of limitations.

    • Limited customization of the user interface and reports.
    • Complex learning curve for non-technical users.

    Mavenlink might not be ideal for businesses looking for simple project management tools. This is in particular for those operating on a tight budget.

    Mavenlink's pricing structure also depends on the number of users and the desired features. You can read the detailed information available on its website.

    Though reviews vary, Mavenlink consistently receives positive ratings. It’s particularly known for its comprehensive project management capabilities, as a sound alternative to Deltek.

    #4. Workfront


    Workfront by Adobe is a project management tool that offers in-depth functionality for marketing or creative teams. It has plenty of room for customization and integration.

    Best Features:

    Targeted at large organizations, Workfront excels in offering a load of features.

    • Creative project management geared toward marketing teams
    • Real-time reporting and metrics
    • Risk identification
    • Customizable templates


    Despite the extensive list of features, Workfront has apparent limitations.

    • Lacks a user-friendly interface, steep learning curve 
    • Slow system updates
    • Expensive for small businesses

    Workfront may not be suitable for small organizations with limited budgets or those seeking simplicity. Pricing for Workfront is not publicly disclosed, requiring enterprises to request a quote. Reviews suggest it tends to be expensive compared to alternatives like Deltek.

    However, Workfront generally receives positive feedback, with a rating of 3.8 out of 5 stars on G2. These opinions vary regarding its ease of use and pricing, with mixed sentiments among users.

    #5. Jira


    Jira, by Atlassian, is a popular project management tool that offers comprehensive functionality. It is often found suitable for development and IT projects.

    Best Features:

    • Customizable Scrum and Kanban boards for agile project management.
    • Powerful reporting and data analytics features.
    • Effective bug tracking and issue tracking capabilities.
    • Integration with numerous third-party software.

    Jira has a complex user interface, which can be challenging for new users. Its free plan offers limited features, too. So, it may not suit small businesses looking for straightforward functionality. 

    Its pricing starts at $7 per user per month for paid plans. Overall, users appreciate Jira's robust functionality but criticize its complex interface.

    In this case, while Jira has an appealing feature set, businesses searching for simplicity and directness typically familiar with Deltek might find Jira overwhelming.

    #6. Microsoft Project

    Microsoft Project

    Microsoft Project stands tall as a stalwart in project management. It is crafted specifically for handling enterprise-level endeavors.


    Microsoft Project is known for its diverse range of integrated management tools.

    • Extensive project planning and scheduling.
    • Resource management utility.
    • Powerful reporting tools.
    • Integration capability with other Microsoft Suite programs.


    Despite its robust features, some users find its complexities limiting.

    • High learning curve for beginners.
    • Expensive compared to other tools.
    • Lacks streamlined collaboration features.

    Yet, its price and complexities render it not suitable for small businesses or startups. Microsoft Project plans start from $10 per user per month. It adds cost for extra features. 

    While highly esteemed by large-scale businesses, it is criticized by small organizations due to its restrictive pricing model, as per G2 reviews. Unlike Deltek, its restricted collaboration options impede usability for smaller, more agile teams.

    #7. Smartsheet


    Smartsheet is a leading project management tool, as well. It is best known for its flexible spreadsheets that revolutionize task management and collaboration. 

    Best features:

    Smartsheet is feature-rich, catering to diverse business needs.

    • Flexible, intuitive spreadsheets
    • Robust collaboration options 
    • Real-time visibility and reporting 
    • Integration with popular platforms like Microsoft and Google


    However, Smartsheet has a few areas that could be improved.

    • Limited functionality compared to more comprehensive systems like Deltek.
    • Potentially overwhelming for beginners 
    • Requires additional learning for those not familiar with spreadsheets 
    • Mobile app needs improvement

    Smartsheet may not be the best choice for extremely large teams or companies seeking a more traditional project management system. 

    Pricing options for Smartsheet include multiple tiers. It begins at $14 per month per user for a basic plan. Reviews and ratings give Smartsheet a rating of 4.2 out of 5. This highlights its flexibility while also noting areas for improvement in user-friendliness.

    #8. Replicon


    Replicon is a cloud-based, project time and cost tracking solution. What’s good about it is that it’s beneficial for businesses of all sizes. 

    Best features:

    • An interactive dashboard for efficient time and expense management.
    • Collaboration tools to track project status. 
    • Payroll interface to ensure accurate employee records. 
    • Automated compliance with labor laws.

    Limitations of Replicon include the complexity of custom reporting. This may require assistance and the absence of certain robust scheduling capabilities present in other platforms. 

    However, Replicon may not be suitable for those seeking a less detailed interface, too. Along with consistent user experience, or extensive customer support. 

    Pricing options include a free trial and multiple subscription plans at various price points. Despite these limitations, Replicon receives positive reviews for its functionality and user-friendliness. (source)

    In conclusion, Replicon offers a strong alternative to Deltek. Being top-tiered with its powerful time tracking, project management abilities, and detailed reporting.

    #9. ProWorkflow


    ProWorkflow is an ideal project management tool regularly explored as a fitting alternative to Deltek. It is suitable for businesses looking for a versatile yet straightforward method of organizing tasks, time-tracking, and communicating seamlessly.

    Best Features:

    This efficient tool presents a plethora of impressive attributes:

    • Robust task management with delegation and time tracking functionalities.
    • Comprehensive reporting capabilities, enabling performance tracking.
    • Intuitive interface, enhancing user experience and software navigation.
    • Flexible communication tools for staff and clients.


    Despite its advantages, certain restrictions are worth noting:

    • No built-in financial management tools.
    • Lack of a mobile app for iOS users.

    However, it’s not suitable for a thriving large-scale enterprise with intricate, multifaceted requirements. It may not offer the necessary depth. 

    Pricing details can also be found by exploring their tier-wise subscription options. Users praise its ergonomic design and user-friendly features. They give it an average rating of 4.5 out of 5.

    #10. Wrike


    Wrike is also an alternative but comprehensive project management tool. It is curated to assist businesses and teams in organizing, planning, and executing work.

    Best features:

    Wrike offers a multitude of top-drawer functionalities.

    • Real-time activity and performance reports
    • User-friendly interface with customizable dashboards
    • Integrated tools for document editing and proofing 
    • Robust workflow automation


    Despite its impressive feature set, Wrike has its limitations.

    • It requires time to fully master the software
    • Limited integration options with other tools 

    Setting in these drawbacks means Wrike may not be suitable for everyone. That’s particularly true for smaller teams or startups, as it has a significant learning curve. 

    To put it on a good note, Pricing options for Wrike include several plans. It includes a free plan for small teams and a professional plan priced at $9.80 per user per month. 

    Overall, Wrike has received favorable reviews and ratings. Users appreciate its robust functionalities and integrations. To explore more project management tools, including Deltek and its alternatives, continue reading our blog.

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