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Are you a freelancer, consultant, or simply someone looking to find a professional contact form for people to get in touch with you? You're in luck! We are diving into why it's essential to identify what kind of contact form or portfolio contact page you need and how to find the right one for your needs.

1. Why a portfolio contact page or contact form is important

Even if you're a professional freelancer for let's say 5 years, or just starting out and on the lookout for new projects, you'll need a contact form. It can be as simple as an app-generate link which you can share (such as the one Bonsai's software suite features) or a dedicated page on your own domain.

A well-structured contact form or portfolio contact page contains a quick-to-use and easy to understand user interface. This allows prospective clients (or old friends just looking to say "hi") to send you that message after filling in 3 fields and clicking one button. That's much faster than them having to open a new browser tab, open their email client, copy-paste your email address, and only just then start writing the content.

2. When to use a contact form or a portfolio contact page

Setting up a dedicated contact for your business should be at the top of your to-do list. Giving clients a smart alternative to get in touch will already show them a glimpse of your personality and that you're willing and able to go the extra mile to get a job done properly.

You should try to use a contact form or a portfolio contact page as soon as you're available for new projects. Even if you're just preparing your online profile (or social media presence), or if you're just looking for add-ons to your freelancing business, having a portfolio contact page ready to direct people to is a clever way of getting more business.

Additionally, you'll need just a few minutes to create your own contact form. Quick win, right?

3. How to choose a contact form

It's not uncommon to struggle with finding the perfect contact form, especially with the amount of options available. However, to make it easy, you can start by asking yourself what information you need to get from the contact form or from a portfolio contact page. It can be very simple, for example two fields to fill in, or more complex with 3-5 questions, and extra fields to get granular details.

In some cases you might need specific files from clients, and providing them with a section to attach them will solve a problem in advance.

Depending on your needs, you'll be able to identify what kind of contact form you need, and ultimately decide which is the best product for your needs. If an integrated software solution for your freelancing sounds useful, check out Bonsai, which features alongside a professional contact form (or a portfolio contact page) other product components such as contracts, proposals or invoicing.

4. How to use a contact form or portfolio contact page

Whether it's a link-able contact form or a contact page that you're building for your online portfolio website, you will need to keep a close eye on all incoming messages. Setting it up is only the first step, and it's equally important to reply to senders as soon as you can. One of the biggest advantage of having a contact form is the fast and comfortable way clients can get in touch. Follow that up with lightning-quick replies and prospective clients will be eager to hear every word of what you can do for their project.

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