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Make sure you’re being professional and protected with customizable work contracts.

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Vetted Templates
Use structured freelance contract templates your own custom agreements and even standard NDAs.
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Electronic Signature
Send, sign and store your legally-bindings online contracts with your clients.
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Auto-remind your client for their signature and receive a notification when it is signed.

Protect Your Business

Vetted by thousands of freelancers and top contract lawyers, select from a variety of contract templates or agreement templates to get started. Then, add your own customizations for your business.
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Streamline E-Signature

Use a legally-binding e-signature to speed up the formalities when onboarding a new client relationship. Send it via Bonsai or using your own secure link.

Automate Reminders

Once sending your contract, stay up-to-date with automatic reminders to your client, as well as notifications for viewing and counter-signing.
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We proudly back people with wide-ranging businesses—from design and marketing to development, writing, and photography.
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