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Good time tracking for a project allow you to have a clear understanding of how you are allocating resources to tasks. In order to time track, you need good time management skills and the right tools. That's where a project timesheet template comes in.

It can help you track project status, such as when tasks started, how much time you spent on tasks were, who was responsible for the job, Etc.

We'll outline valuable tips for creating a project timesheet template and provide you with a free downloadable template.

What is a Project Timesheet Template?

Project timesheets are documents used for tracking regular and overtime hours spent on a project to who was responsible for what part of the project.

By tracking the hours spent on a project from start to finish, everyone involved must understand the project's timeline, tasks, and deliverables.

Try using a timer or stopwatch to track worked hours easier to find time-specific tasks.

Project time tracking can be time-consuming and tedious, but staying organized and efficient is important.

A project timesheet template can make the process much easier. By tracking time, resources, and costs, you can quickly and easily compare different projects against one another.

Why You Need a Timesheet Template

By tracking your time, progress, and deadlines, you can quickly and easily identify areas of improvement and make sure you're getting paid for all the hard work you've put in.

When picking a template, consider how you work and what you need the timesheet to do for you. You can create templates using Microsoft excel timesheet templates, Google Sheets, or with Bonsai.

Daily Timesheet Template

The daily project timesheet template will help you get started correctly. It provides all the necessary information, such as task deadlines and estimated times, making planning your day much more manageable. By tracking time, you will be able to identify any problems or bottlenecks early on, saving time and effort in the long run.

Weekly Timesheet Template

A weekly project timesheet template will help you keep track of all the relevant data while making it easy to compare different projects side-by-side. With this information, you can make informed decisions about optimizing team productivity and achieving accountability within your project management process.

Biweekly Project Timesheet Template

You can create a summary of the biweekly timesheet template as follows (taken from the weekly timesheet template):

1. Date ____________________________________________________

2. Project Name __________________________________________________________

3. Total Hours Worked These 2 Weeks (Monday – Friday) _____________

4. Estimated Cost of 2 weeks Project ($/hour) ___________________________

5. Actual Total Weekly Hours (Monday – Friday)______ ___

6. Actual Hours Worked Previous Week (Monday – Friday) ______ ___

7. Actual Cost of Project ($/hour)*_______*

Monthly Timesheet Template

Project management can be complex, especially if you're not tracking your time properly. Using a project time tracking software can simplify the process and help you stay on track. You can improve your efficiency and effectiveness in the long run by keeping track of the hours, days, and weeks spent on a project and the results obtained.

Assign responsibilities.

A template to help keep everyone on the team clear about their responsibilities. You can avoid any conflict arising from different interpretations of their expectations.

Content of project excel timesheet template

The timesheet should include a project description, timeline, and a table that tracks expenses.

With a template and these tips, creating a time sheet will be a breeze!

Start by creating a timesheet template better with Bonsai.

Creating the timesheet on Bonsai is easier to use than Google Sheets. With our software, you can easily edit the details and save time as our sheet automatically track the hourly rate.

1.Keep track of all hours worked on the project, including overtime.

Timesheets can be inaccurate, so it's important to include accurate information when tracking time and expenses.

2. List all project tasks and describe their purpose.

Task descriptions can help you better understand the work done and help identify any problems or inconsistencies with your project plan.

3. Track the cost and expenses.

Track the cost of materials, services, and other expenses incurred during the project.

4. Assign a value to every task completed on the project.

The task value will allow you to track progress over time and assess whether specific tasks were more important than others.

5. Take note of legal or regulatory milestones.

Note any legal or regulatory milestones during your project. Ensure compliance with applicable regulations.

6. Check total hours worked.

Check the completed tasks as you finish them, and keep a running total of the project's total hours worked at the bottom of your sheet.

7. Categorize all completed tasks.

When completing the project, go back through your sheet and categorize all completed tasks under the appropriate headings.

8. Print out a copy of your timesheet for future reference.

It can be helpful when tracking progress with team members or reviewing documents related to the project.

9. Check any adjustments or revisions on the projects.

If you make extensive revisions/additions to your project timesheet after its creation, consider using a "flowchart tool" to help visualize and structure your work more effectively.

Benefits of Project Timesheets

The project manager can customize project excel timesheets to reflect the specific needs of your particular project. This way, you won't have any disputes over who is responsible for what tasks.

Progress tracking is also made easy with a project time sheet. By tracking your daily and weekly progress, you'll be able to stay on track and make the most of your project time.

How to create a project timesheet?

A project timesheet can help list all the specific tasks to reach your goal. The best timesheet management templates are the ones provided by Bonsai. You'll be able to break tasks into manageable hours, billable to overtime hours. The timesheet will help you stay on track, prioritize and stay focused.

Since time management is essential to an effective project, it's also prudent to list the task chronologically.

Try Bonsai's project timesheet template today

Whether you're a solo entrepreneur, team member, or manager, an excel timesheet template will help you keep track of time, expenses, and quality.

This free project timesheet template is simple and can be customized to your specific needs, even as multiple employee timesheet templates. You can use this timesheet; download it here.


A project timesheet is essential for tracking the time and resources spent on a project. Project timesheet templates ensure a detailed breakdown of all time and entire project costs. Remember that the most common timesheet mistakes are project managers estimating time incorrectly or not properly breaking down the work into tasks.

Frequently Asked Questions
Questions about this template.

How do you make a timesheet for a project?

Use Bonsai's template to record the start time and end time of the task or the duration of the entire project. Simply edit the relevant information for generating client bills, estimations, tracking, and better manage the entire project costs.

Does Microsoft project have time tracking?

Yes, you are able to track time using Microsoft. Bonsai's template and time tracking software is easier to use though. Don't lose productivity by tracking your hours automatically with Bonsai's software.

What should a timesheet include?

Include the employee or freelancer's name, pay period, dates worked, hours worked, total workweek hours, and tallied costs. Use Bonsai’s pre-made template to input the necessary time, price and have everything automatically tracked for you.