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From prospect to project and contract to payment, you can now manage everything all in one place.

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Save hours running your business by using powerful tools to keep it all organized

Client management

Add leads, existing clients and internal notes to keep track of all your contacts.

Project organization

Fill your projects with all the documents, payments, tasks and timesheets you need.

Project collaboration

Invite teammates and contractors to your projects to manage tasks and track time together.

Build your client list

Quit losing clients in your inbox and have a reliable client relationship management system to track them with your ongoing work together. Create unique clients profiles with all your notes, contacts, rates and tags.

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Keep it together

Organize all the todos, files and documents for your projects. Your clients even get their own project view to manage payments and contracts you’ve sent.

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Work with others

Whether they’re a subcontractor or a co-worker, you can freely collaborate on projects with other users to assign them tasks and track time together. Our built-in project collaboration tools make working together a seamless experience.

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Frequently asked questions

Does Bonsai offer lead generation automation?

Absolutely. By using the Bonsai Forms integration included in your account, you have the ability to automate leads, manage your client relationships, track project progress and much more with just a few clicks.

Can I qualify leads with Bonsai CRM?

Sure! With Bonsai’s custom tagging you have the ability to use your own lead scoring methodology and organize your lead prospects based on how likely they are to turn from prospects to paying customers.

Who is Bonsai CRM Best For?

Bonsai CRM is great for all businesses looking to deploy a client management solution that includes a CRM with client portal. Coaches, consultants, architects, lawyers, and accountants are just several of the businesses that use our CRM every day for managing clients and projects.