Top 10 Streamtime alternatives for 2024

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Updated on:
February 15, 2024
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What is Streamtime?

Streamtime is perfect for creative teams looking to manage their projects without the hassle. Built especially for creatives, it packs all you need for collaboration, monitoring, and planning right into one neat package. With it, you can schedule tasks, keep an eye on project milestones, and get better at managing your time—all in one place.

What sets Streamtime apart is how it zeroes in on making task scheduling straightforward. Forget the complex project management jargon; here, it's all about dragging and dropping tasks from your big project plans right into your to-do lists. This simple feature not only makes planning your day a breeze but also keeps you on top of your daily tasks effortlessly.

Even with its perks, Streamtime isn't a one-size-fits-all solution. If you're on the hunt for something different, plenty of other project management tools are out there. Checking out a list of the top 10 alternatives to Streamtime could help you find the perfect match for your needs.

What are the top limitations of Streamtime?

This tool packs a punch with its impressive features and functions. However, it's not without its flaws. Here are a few areas where it could improve:

  • Lack of Comprehensive Reporting: Sometimes, you're left wanting more details that just aren't there, which can be a bit of a headache if you're trying to get the full picture for your business.
  • Complex User Interface: Ever felt like you need a map to navigate something? That's how newbies often feel here. It's a bit much, and getting around can be a chore.
  • No Integrated Financial Management: There's no built-in way to keep an eye on your finances within the platform. So, if you're trying to juggle your budget or plan financially, you're kinda left to fend for yourself.
  • No Offline Mode: Without an offline mode, you can't access or manage your tasks, which is a real pain if you're trying to work on the go.
  • Insufficient Customization: Customization options are a tad limited. It can be tough to tweak the system so it fits just right with how your team works.

Streamtime has its ups and downs, but one thing's for sure: they're all about getting better and they shine when it comes to helping their customers out. Businesses need to think about what they need in a project management tool to figure out if Streamtime is the right pick, or if they should be looking at different options. Finding the perfect fit is key to nailing those project management goals.

What are the must-have features of a Streamtime alternative?

When you're on the lookout for alternatives to Streamtime, focus on finding a tool that ticks all the boxes for your business. Aim for something that either matches Streamtime's offerings or even goes a step further:

  • Comprehensive project management capabilities: You'll want a tool that's got the whole package – from managing resources and tasks to keeping tabs on time. It should make it easy for your team to set tasks and monitor how things are moving along.
  • Intuitive User Interface: The software should be a breeze to use. An intuitive layout makes it easier for your team to get around, which can help everyone get up to speed faster and pump up your productivity.
  • Advanced reporting and analytics: Having access to detailed reports and analytics is crucial. This kind of insight can give you a solid understanding of where your projects stand, helping your team stay productive and make smarter choices.

Picking the right project management tool is a big deal for keeping things running smoothly in your business. You'll want to make sure whatever you choose lines up with what Streamtime brings to the table. Take Wrike, for example—it's got all the crucial features you'd appreciate. Going for software that's a lot like Streamtime can mean an easier switch and keeping your productivity on track. Plus, the right alternative might even bring some extra perks that could be a game-changer for your business.

Bonsai: the best streamtime alternative

In the world of project management, the aim is to crank up efficiency and get more done. With so many software options out there, deciding can feel like a maze. Streamtime's a solid pick, but if you're looking for something with a bit more flexibility, Bonsai might be your answer. It's crafted to make your operations smoother, boost how your team works together, and help you hit your goals with less fuss.

Why Bonsai stands out as a top choice for service businesses looking at alternatives to Streamtime:

  • Easy workflow management: Bonsai makes it a breeze to set up and follow through on projects with its straightforward project workflows. Keeping track of business tasks? Bonsai's got it covered without breaking a sweat.
  • Up-to-the-minute project tracking: Unlike Streamtime, Bonsai lets you see exactly how your projects are moving along in real-time. This means you can keep an eye on time, tasks, and progress whenever you need to.
  • Hassle-free payments: With its integrated payment system, Bonsai takes the pain out of invoicing and getting paid. No more worries about missed or delayed payments, plus it works seamlessly with top payment gateways.
  • Collaborative Tool: Bonsai steps up teamwork by making it easy for everyone to pitch in with ideas, feedback, and updates. It keeps everyone in the loop, making sure productivity stays high.
  • Detailed reports: Want insights on how things are going? Bonsai's sophisticated reporting tools let you track progress, spot any hold-ups, and see how productive your team is, helping you make smarter decisions to keep improving.

In the fast-paced digital landscape, having a robust project management tool can give you a serious edge. Streamtime is a solid option, but if you're looking for something that shines in terms of ease of use, in-depth project tracking, top-notch reporting, and a straightforward payment system, Bonsai is worth a look. It's particularly great for service businesses focused on scaling up and ramping up their productivity.


This project management tool is a powerhouse for teams who want to stay connected, schedule tasks effortlessly, and share documents with ease. 

Best features:

  • It comes with the ability to assign tasks and create detailed subtask lists.
  • Offers online storage space for all your files and documents.
  • Allows you to set custom roles for smooth collaboration.
  • Includes handy features like Gantt charts for planning and tools for tracking time. 


  • Getting a handle on all its features might take a bit of time.
  • The mobile app can be a bit buggy at times. 

Not a fit for:

  • It's a good match for those seeking a straightforward interface for smaller projects, much like Streamtime. 


  • Starts with a free trial, followed by pricing that varies depending on the features you need. 

Reviews and ratings:

  • Despite the learning curve, it's often commended for its comprehensive feature set.


Scoro is designed as a comprehensive solution for project and business management, aiming to streamline work and cut down on the daily grind. 

Best Features:

Here's what makes it stand out:

  • It's a full suite for managing projects, tasks, and the entire business.
  • Offers advanced task management paired with time tracking.
  • Features customizable dashboards for a live look at key performance indicators.
  • Simplifies billing with automation for professional services. 


However, Scoro isn't without its drawbacks:

  • It's missing a mobile app, which limits access when you're away from your desk.
  • The complexity might be a bit much for small teams or startups. 

Not a fit for:

It might not hit the mark for those:

  • In search of a straightforward, user-friendly project management option.
  • Who needs a mobile app for managing tasks on the move 


With pricing beginning at $26 per user per month, Scoro can feel a bit pricey for smaller operations.  

Reviews and Ratings:

As for feedback, Scoro generally gets thumbs up in reviews, though some point out it's not as intuitive as simpler alternatives like Streamtime.


This tool stands as a comprehensive project management platform, putting a strong emphasis on teamwork and getting things done. 

Best Features:

Here's why it's catching attention:

  • It allows you to set tasks and milestones to ensure projects are completed on time.
  • Comes with social project management tools to boost team interaction.
  • Includes time tracking and billing features.
  • Offers integration with Zoho's suite and various third-party apps. 


Despite its strengths, Zoho Projects has a few setbacks.

  • Its customization options are a bit on the limited side.
  • The interface can feel overwhelming for newcomers.
  • Missing a feature to undo actions on multiple levels. 

Not a fit for:

It's probably not the best fit for startups and small teams looking for something as straightforward as Streamtime. 


Zoho Projects does have a free version for teams of up to 5, with paid plans starting at $20 a month. 

Reviews and ratings:

Feedback is generally good, with users appreciating its extensive functionalities, though some note its complexity.


Wrike is a digital project management tool crafted to help companies smooth out their processes and ramp up productivity. 

Best features:

  • You can map out your project timelines using the Gantt chart tool.
  • It offers live updates and reports to keep everyone in the loop.
  • Works seamlessly with well-loved apps such as Gmail, Dropbox, and Slack.
  • Allows you to tweak workflows to suit your team's needs perfectly. 


  • Despite its powerful features, some users reported drawbacks.
  • If you're not too tech-savvy, there might be a bit of a learning curve.
  • The interface can feel a bit overcrowded due to its many features.
  • You might find the frequent notifications a tad overwhelming. 

Not a fit for:

Its comprehensive nature might be a bit much for smaller teams. 


There's a free version for basic use, and the paid plans kick off at $9.80 per user per month. 

Reviews and Ratings:

Users generally praise its robust project management capabilities, though they do note the interface requires some adjustment.  

With an average rating of 4.2 out of 5 on Capterra, Wrike is appreciated for its depth but might be better suited for larger teams compared to the more straightforward Streamtime.


Podio stands out as a project management solution especially suited for teams in creative and marketing fields, offering a high degree of customization and the ability to integrate with a range of other tools. 

Best Features:

  • It rolls task management, file sharing, and communication into one unified platform.
  • Boasts powerful automation with its workflow integrations.
  • Allows for a wide array of customization to tailor it to your team's needs.
  • Integrates smoothly with popular apps and services for a more connected work environment. 


  • However, its user interface might pose challenges for those not as comfortable with technology.
  • The mobile version lacks some functionalities available on the desktop, which might be a drawback for on-the-go users. 

Not a Fit For:

Given its complexity and the time needed to set it up properly, it may not be the best fit for smaller businesses looking for simplicity.


Podio offers a free basic plan, with paid options starting at $9 per user per month. 

Reviews and Ratings:

With a rating of 4.1 out of 5 on G2, Podio is recognized for its capabilities, although it faces criticism for not being as intuitive as simpler alternatives such as Streamtime.


FunctionFox stands out as a specialized tool for project management and time tracking, specially designed for creative teams. 

Best features:

Here’s what sets it apart:

  • It offers thorough time tracking to keep on top of hours spent.
  • Task-based project management streamlines your projects.
  • Generates detailed reports for insights into project progress.
  • Features a customizable dashboard for a personalized overview. 


However, it does have some limitations:

  • It’s not the strongest when it comes to tracking projects on multiple levels.
  • A mobile app is notably absent, which might be a dealbreaker for some. 

Not a fit for:

For those in need of on-the-go access or in-depth expense tracking, FunctionFox might not tick all the boxes. 


FunctionFox lets you start with a free trial, with plans starting at a budget-friendly $5 per user per month. 

Reviews and ratings:

While it has received a lot of positive feedback, FunctionFox doesn’t quite meet the mark on advanced expense tracking compared to Streamtime.


Workamajig is a comprehensive project management and collaboration platform, crafted with the unique demands of creative teams and agencies in mind. 

Best Features:

Here's why it's a go-to for many:

  • Offers top-notch project and resource management.
  • Makes client communication smooth and efficient.
  • Provides strong tools for financial oversight and budgeting.
  • Delivers detailed reports and analytics for a full picture of your projects.


Despite its many strengths, several drawbacks are apparent.

  • The interface might not be the most intuitive out there.
  • The initial setup and training can be on the pricier side.
  • Its wide array of functionalities might feel overwhelming to some. 

Not a fit for:

For smaller businesses on a tight budget or those new to project management software, Workamajig's complexity could be a deterrent. 


Pricing for Workamajig starts at $50 per user per month, which might be steep for some. 

Reviews and Ratings:

With a G2 rating of 3.9 out of 5, the feedback is generally positive, though it's noted that Workamajig might not be as user-friendly as some of its competitors, including Streamtime.


Replicon's time management software is designed to streamline workforce management, time tracking for attendance, and project hours. 

Best features: 

  • Effective tracking of time and attendance.
  • Efficient management of projects and costs.
  • Instant reporting and analytics for up-to-date insights.
  • Easy integration with various platforms for a connected workflow. 


Replicon has several drawbacks in addition to its many advantages.

  • New users might find it tough to get up to speed.
  • The pricing can be a bit steep for smaller businesses.
  • There's room for improvement in customer support, which could be crucial for businesses needing quick assistance.

Not a fit for:

  • Small businesses that are watching their budget closely.
  • Companies that prioritize immediate and effective customer service. 


Replicon allows for tailored pricing plans to meet the diverse needs of businesses. 

Reviews and ratings:

With an average rating of 4.2 out of 5 on TrustRadius, Replicon is generally seen as reliable. Nevertheless, feedback points to a steep learning curve and the need for better customer support, indicating it might not suit everyone, especially as an alternative to Streamtime.


Celoxis is a comprehensive cloud-based project management tool that caters to various businesses with its wide array of features. 

Best Features:

Here’s what stands out:

  • Offers advanced tracking and management capabilities for projects.
  • Provides tools for team and task collaboration that are top-notch.
  • Features customizable dashboards and options for portfolio management.
  • Delivers detailed analytics and reports for deeper project insights. 


However, there are a few things to keep in mind with Celoxis:

  • Its interface can be daunting for newcomers.
  • The absence of a mobile app might limit accessibility for some. 

Not a fit for:

Celoxis might not be the best choice for those who prefer straightforward, easy-to-navigate platforms like Streamtime. 


Pricing for Celoxis starts at $25 per user per month, which is competitive for its offering. 

Reviews and ratings:

Despite its learning curve, Celoxis is well-regarded by its users for its strong project management capabilities.

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