Top 10 Toggl vs. Harvest alternatives in 2024

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Updated on:
November 30, 2023
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Quiz: What is the best Toggl vs. Harvest alternative for your business?

Answer the following questions to assess which Toggl vs. Harvest alternative is best for your business.

    It’s important for freelancers to manage their time wisely. They are not under anybody’s supervision, and this can often make them slightly lackluster on their approach.

    For this reason, time tracking tools are some of the freelancers’ most important assets. That leads us right to the Toggl vs Harvest debate. The two are highly popular with freelancers, as you will see below. They are two of the most known time tracking software in the market today.

    Which time tracking tool should freelancers opt for?

    1. Who is it for?

    In evaluating Toggl vs Harvest, one has to look at many factors. The first is who stands to benefit the most from using either of the two-time tracking software. They are both ideal for freelancers. Harvest seems to be increasingly popular with freelancers who are interested in tracking time and invoicing clients at the same time. Toggle is more flexible in tracking the hours freelancers put in without asking them to undergo an extensive training first.

    What is more, Toggle gives you the best overview of your productivity and profitability.

    2. Ease of use

    As previously stated, freelancers need no prior training to learn how to use Toggl. The design and interface make the tool one of the easiest to use. Furthermore, it’s also easy to see what is happening with the two tools at any given moment. Freelancers will not rack their brains trying to track the time and money they put into any project either. The fact that the two software are web-based means the freelancer can use them from any location too.

    3. Pricing

    In terms of pricing, it’s worth noting that the former’s starting price is $9.00 per month for each user. On the other hand, the latter’s starting price is $12 per month for each user. Nevertheless, they both come with a free version, which is different from the tools’ free trial that you can use for some time to acclimatize with one or both of them before settling on what you consider most suitable for your freelancing business.

    You can always visit the Toggl or Harvest websites to check the different pricing tiers each has.

    4. Training and support

    Do you need training to use Toggl vs Harvest? Well, the truth is you need little to no training. Despite that, training has several benefits to freelancers. Here, training isn’t limited to educating yourself about Toggl or Harvest only.

    Nevertheless, do you remember what we said regarding the ease of using these two programs? That should give you all the confidence you need to install and begin using them. You can learn on the job!

    You can ask for customer support during business hours or online for both software too.

    5. Application and features

    What can you do with Toggl vs Harvest? The answer is, a lot! First, you get time tracking features with Harvest. You can also monitor time and expenses. With Toggl, you get slightly more. Yes, it has time tracking features. Unlike Harvest, though, you can use Toggl for monitoring employees too. However, where the two shared similarities are an inability to capture time automatically, calculate overtime, manage timesheet, and track vacation or leave.

    Therefore, where should your money go to between Toggl vs Harvest? Ultimately, that decision rests with your freelancing operations. How much do you want your choice of time tracking tool to help you with? What features does your freelancing business need from such tools? How much are you willing to pay for such tools? Are you alone or do you have a team? Your answer to this question will determine whether you go for Toggl or Harvest.

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