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The concept brief template offers freelancers a chance to impress even the most experienced clients in any industry. Many freelancers often feel a bit intimidated by clients who have seen it all. This doesn’t have to be the norm though. You have the opportunity to do something about that. Take time to draft an impressive brief using the relevant template, and you will have these freelance clients eating from the palms of your hands!

Concept Brief Template
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How does the concept brief help you to impress clients?

1. A concept brief template helps passing meaningful messages across

The brief and its template are meaningful. They help both freelancers and clients to pass their messages across effectively. The wording in the concept brief template isn’t fluffy. Each word conveys a specific message that is critical in ensuring that clients eventually get more than what they needed. In fact, the brief and template should be useful in exceeding customer expectation.

In fact, the brief give meaning to the whole project.

2. A concept brief template is personalized

A personalized concept brief guarantee the success that freelancers crave. The creative concept you wish to deliver to clients can never be generic. It has to be specific to each client. More importantly, you have to write it in a way that shows you put a lot of thought into the whole document. Crucially, it also needs to offer a picture into the project that each of your clients expects you to deliver in the not-too-distant future!

3. Employ storytelling in your concept brief template

Anybody who has been in the freelancing industry for any number of years understands how impactful storytelling can be in impressing clients. Therefore, use the concept brief to tell stories that your clients can identify with and respond to. Storytelling is a powerful tool for communicating purpose. It also helps freelancers to give direction and meaning to any project that clients may have delegated to them.

4. Defining concepts with your concept brief template

What is the concept that you wish to convey? It’s not just enough to identify or mention the concept. You have to define it for the benefit of all. While defining the concept, you also have to tie everything nicely so that your clients can see the bigger picture. Remember, you are like an artist who is painting a masterpiece. All aspects or elements of that masterpiece have to tie in with each other nicely. Otherwise, the concept would be lost on your audience!

Concept Brief Template Sample
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5. A concept brief template is full of creativity

The freelancers have to be creative with the manner in which they draft the brief. The brief and template are useful tools for describing how to formulate ideas and turn them into something that people, especially the clients you wish to impress, can rally behind and act upon! Creative use of language, data and images can help to accomplish this successfully. You can climb the mountain in your industry with a healthy dose of creativity.

Where the brief and template are concerned, creativity is the currency freelancers need!

Lastly, it is important to use the brief to let clients know what you bring to the table. What are you offering as a freelancer? You have to offer results and unmatched experience that clients can never get elsewhere. Use the short space and opportunity that the brief and template provide to wow your clients! The brief is short enough to lose or capture your client’s mind and pocket thus boosting your freelancing business.

Therefore, invest time and money in drafting the best concept brief template.

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