Top 10 Stripe alternatives in 2024

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Updated on:
May 31, 2023
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Quiz: What is the best Stripe alternative for your business?

Answer the following questions to assess which Stripe alternative is best for your business.

    Today's digital age is all about having reliable means to perform different operations, especially when it comes to payment options. During these tough economic times, small businesses have to be spontaneous if they wish to thrive. That's why traditional payment gateways bring their fair share of challenges onboard, prompting small business owners to seek alternatives. Stripe is arguably one of the most sought-after payment gateways today, but even Stripe has its limitations. Today's discussion is about addressing those limitations and why Bonsai is a better business management tool in the current business arena.

    An introduction to Stripe

    Quick overview of Stripe's features and services

    Payment processing: Stripe allows businesses to accept payments from customers using various payment methods, including credit cards, debit cards, and digital wallets.

    Developer-friendly tools: Stripe offers a robust set of APIs and developer tools, making it easy for businesses to integrate Stripe's payment functionality into their websites or applications.

    Subscription billing: Stripe supports recurring billing models, enabling businesses to efficiently set up and manage subscription-based services.

    Fraud prevention: Stripe incorporates advanced fraud detection and prevention mechanisms to protect businesses from fraudulent transactions.

    International payments: With Stripe, businesses can accept payments in multiple currencies and expand their global customer base.

    Advantages of using Stripe for small businesses

    Easy setup: Stripe provides a user-friendly interface and straightforward setup process, allowing small businesses to start accepting payments quickly.

    Flexible pricing: Stripe offers transparent pricing with a pay-as-you-go model, making it cost-effective for businesses with varying transaction volumes.

    Developer-friendly integration: Stripe's developer tools and APIs make it easy to integrate Stripe's payment functionality into existing websites or applications, even for businesses with limited technical expertise.

    Robust security: Stripe prioritizes security and compliance, protecting businesses and their customers' payment information.

    Scalability: Stripe is designed to scale with businesses as they grow, allowing them to seamlessly handle higher transaction volumes and expand into new markets.

    Limitations and drawbacks of Stripe

    Limited in-person payment options: Stripe primarily focuses on online payment processing, so businesses requiring in-person payment solutions may need to explore alternative options.

    Potential account freezes or cancellations: Like any payment gateway, Stripe has policies and guidelines that businesses must adhere to. Violations of these policies can lead to frozen or canceled accounts, which can be challenging for businesses, particularly those in riskier industries.

    Technical complexity: While Stripe offers developer-friendly tools, businesses without technical expertise may find it challenging to customize or troubleshoot integration issues.

    Why look for Stripe alternatives?

    Although Stripe offers various benefits, there are specific circumstances where it may not be the most suitable option. For instance, businesses involved in international transactions or requiring specialized payment options may consider alternative solutions. Here are additional reasons why exploring alternatives to Stripe can be advantageous:

    Limited options for in-person payments

    One limitation of Stripe is its limited support for in-person payments. Suppose your business heavily relies on face-to-face transactions, such as retail or events. In that case, you may need to explore alternatives that provide robust in-person payment solutions to your specific needs.

    Technical skills or developer resources required for customization

    While Stripe offers flexibility in terms of customization, implementing certain advanced features or tailoring the payment experience to your specific requirements may necessitate technical expertise or developer resources. If your business lacks the necessary skills or resources, considering alternatives that offer user-friendly customization options could be beneficial.

    Issues with frozen or canceled accounts

    Like any payment gateway, Stripe has certain risk management policies in place. Businesses operating in riskier industries or with higher chargeback rates may sometimes experience account freezes or cancellations. Suppose your business falls into such categories, and you have concerns about account stability. In that case, exploring alternatives with more lenient risk management policies may be prudent.

    Criteria for evaluating Stripe alternatives

    When assessing alternative payment gateways to Stripe, several important criteria exist. Here are the key criteria to focus on:


    Begin by understanding the pricing structure of different payment gateways. Consider transaction fees, monthly/annual volumes, and setup fees. Assess how these costs align with your business model and payment requirements. Conduct thorough research to obtain accurate quotes and compare them to make an informed decision.

    Device compatibility

    Different payment gateways may perform differently across various devices and operating systems. It is crucial to ensure seamless functionality and user experience across all platforms. Assess how well the payment gateway works on different devices and operating systems, especially if you have specific target audiences or customer breakdowns.

    Integration compatibility

    A payment gateway is not standalone but integrates into your existing infrastructure. Verify whether your chosen gateway offers smooth and easy integration with your website platforms, such as Woocommerce, Shopify, Magento, WordPress, or custom-made platforms. This compatibility ensures a seamless payment process and enhances the user experience, reducing cart abandonment rates.

    Recurring billing options

    If your business model involves recurring billing, such as software-as-a-service (SaaS) companies, it is crucial to consider payment gateways that support recurring billing. Evaluate how effectively the payment gateway facilitates automated monthly payments and handles issues like failed credit card payments. This feature streamlines your subscription-based services and enhances customer convenience.

    Customer support

    Reliable customer support is crucial for businesses that process significant transaction volumes. Downtime or technical issues can result in financial losses and harm your business's reputation. Therefore, choose a payment gateway that offers excellent customer support and ensures prompt resolution of any issues that may arise.

    Best Stripe alternatives

    When considering alternatives to Stripe, exploring various options catering to specific business needs is important. Here are some notable competitors, including Bonsai, along with their unique selling propositions:


    Bonsai is a comprehensive small business management tool offering various features beyond payment processing. It provides invoicing, contract management, CRM integration, financial reporting, and more. Bonsai is highly valued for its efficiency and ability to help businesses streamline their operations.


    PayPal is widely recognized and offers a global reach. It has a user-friendly interface, along with secure, secure online payments, and it can support multiple currencies. Further, its ease of use on e-commerce platforms makes it one of the best payment gateways today.


    Braintree, a PayPal service, emphasizes simplicity and ease of integration. Similar to PayPal, Braintree provides a seamless payment experience across all web and mobile platforms. Further, it accepts all kinds of payment methods to help improve your business operations significantly. Braintree's developer-friendly features make it a preferred choice for businesses seeking easy integration and flexibility.

    Deep dive into Bonsai: a top Stripe alternative

    Bonsai stands out as a complete small business management tool, offering a range of features to enhance financial management, streamline operations, and strengthen client relationships. Let's delve into Bonsai's comprehensive features:

    Financial tracking and reporting

    Bonsai provides a robust financial reporting infrastructure, enabling businesses to track income, expenses and generate detailed financial reports. This feature allows for better financial management and informed decision-making.

    Integration with popular business tools

    Bonsai offers seamless integration with various popular business tools, allowing smooth data transfer and synchronization. By integrating with accounting software like QuickBooks and MS Excel, businesses can improve efficiency and streamline their workflows.

    Team management and collaboration

    Bonsai includes built-in project management features, empowering businesses to create tasks, set deadlines, assign responsibilities, and collaborate effectively. This functionality enhances team productivity and ensures timely project completion.

    Scalability and growth opportunities

    Bonsai is not limited to small businesses but offers scalability for future growth. It can handle higher workloads and transaction volumes, adapting to the evolving needs of modern-day businesses. This scalability feature makes Bonsai a reliable long-term solution.

    Time tracking and expense management

    Bonsai simplifies time tracking and expense management, allowing businesses to track billable hours and categorize expenses accurately. This feature improves efficiency, reduces errors, and enhances overall productivity.

    Client relationship management

    Bonsai provides an integrated CRM system that helps businesses effectively manage client relationships. From storing client information to tracking communication and maintaining a database, businesses can leverage this feature to improve client satisfaction and retention.

    Case study: small businesses successfully using Bonsai

    Examples of small businesses leveraging Bonsai

    Creative Studio X

    Creative Studio X is a small graphic design agency struggling with managing client projects, invoicing, and time tracking. After implementing Bonsai, they experienced a significant improvement in their workflow efficiency. Bonsai's project management features allowed them to create tasks easily, set deadlines, and track progress. The integrated time tracking feature helped them accurately bill clients and optimize their team's productivity. With Bonsai's invoicing capabilities, they created professional invoices tailored to their brand, resulting in faster payments and improved cash flow.

    Interior Design Firm Y

    Firm Y offers specialized services to a diverse client base. They needed a solution to handle their complex invoicing, accounting, and contract management needs. Bonsai proved to be the perfect fit for their requirements. They were able to generate customized contracts quickly and easily, streamline the client maintain communication records, and effectively manage client relationships. The financial tracking and reporting features gave them valuable insights into their income and expenses, enabling them to make informed financial decisions. Bonsai's scalability ensured that Consulting Firm Y could adapt to its growing client base and handle increased workloads without compromising efficiency.

    Case study 1: Marketing agency

    A Florida-based creative agency specializing in graphic design and branding implemented Bonsai to streamline its operations. They reported a significant improvement in project management efficiency. With Bonsai's task assignment and deadline tracking features, they were able to ensure the timely completion of projects and improved collaboration among team members. As a result, they experienced a 20% reduction in project delivery time, increased client satisfaction, and a 15% growth in their client base.

    Case study 2: consulting firm

    A solo digital consulting firm specializing in business strategy and process optimization integrated Bonsai into its operations to streamline its client management process. Bonsai's CRM integration allowed them to centralize client data, track communication, and maintain a comprehensive database. This enabled the firm to provide personalized services, improve client satisfaction, and foster long-term relationships.

    Comparing Bonsai to other alternatives to Stripe

    Making the Switch from Stripe to Bonsai

    How to Seamlessly Transition to Bonsai

    1. Assess your existing Stripe integration and understand how it's integrated into your website or app. Take note of any customizations or specific features you're utilizing.

    2. Sign up for a Bonsai account and familiarize yourself with its features and functionalities. Ensure that Bonsai meets your business requirements and supports the payment options you need.

    3. Transfer your customer information, including payment details, from Stripe to Bonsai. This may involve exporting data from Stripe and importing it into Bonsai using the provided tools or APIs.

    4. Configure Bonsai's payment gateway integration within your website or app. Follow the provided documentation or consult with Bonsai's support team to ensure a smooth integration process.

    5. Conduct thorough testing to ensure that payments and related features work correctly with Bonsai. Test different scenarios, such as successful payments, failed payments, and refunds, to ensure proper functionality.

    Potential challenges and how to overcome them

    1. Customizations and features: If you have specific customizations or features in Stripe unavailable in Bonsai, consider alternative approaches or workarounds. Consult with Bonsai's support team to explore potential solutions or consider adjusting your business processes if necessary.

    2. Customer communication: Inform your customers about the switch from Stripe to Bonsai to minimize confusion. Communicate any changes to payment processes, such as updated payment links or instructions, and provide support or assistance if needed.

    3. Data migration and synchronization: Ensure that all relevant customer and payment data is accurately migrated from Stripe to Bonsai. Validate the data integrity and regularly synchronize between the two platforms during the transition period.

    4. Staff training: Train your staff on how to use Bonsai effectively. Provide documentation or training materials to familiarize them with the new payment gateway and any process changes.

    5. Monitor and address issues promptly: Keep a close eye on the transition process and address any issues or concerns. Stay in touch with Bonsai's customer support team to seek assistance and resolve potential challenges.


    In conclusion, Bonsai offers a robust alternative to Stripe, addressing the needs of small businesses with its comprehensive features and functionalities. By simplifying small business management and making transactions easier, Bonsai enables businesses to unlock their full potential and increase efficiency. With its user-friendly interface, professional invoicing capabilities, expense management features, and extensive project and task management infrastructure, Bonsai empowers businesses to thrive in today's competitive landscape.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the setup process like for Bonsai?

    The setup process for Bonsai is quite user-friendly. After you sign up, the process will guide you through the setup wizard, from where you can customize your account settings, such as adding your business's information, preferred payment methods, etc.

    Can Bonsai handle high-volume transactions?

    Yes, Bonsai is designed to handle high-volume transactions efficiently. Its scalable infrastructure ensures businesses can process many transactions without performance issues. Whether you have a few transactions or thousands per day, Bonsai can handle the workload and ensure smooth payment processing.

    How does Bonsai handle chargebacks and disputes?

    Bonsai offers robust features to handle chargebacks and disputes effectively. Bonsai provides documentation and evidence tracking in case of a chargeback, allowing you to present compelling evidence to support your case. Bonsai also offers dispute resolution tools to help businesses navigate and resolve customer disputes, ensuring a fair and transparent process.

    Is Bonsai's customer support reliable?

    Yes, Bonsai has developed quite a repertoire to provide reliable customer support. The users are always kept on track with its different support channels like live chat and email support, along with its comprehensive knowledge base like FAQs and blogs.

    How Does Bonsai Manage Security and Fraud Prevention?

    Bonsai takes security and fraud prevention seriously by implementing a range of measures. One aspect of this is using third-party services to enhance its services and protect user data. Here's how Bonsai manages security and fraud prevention:

    Data collection and analysis: Bonsai utilizes Google Analytics and Mixpanel to gain insights into user behavior and improve its services. These tools help Bonsai understand how users interact with the platform and enable data-driven decision-making.

    Email communication: Bonsai employs email services such as Mailchimp, SendGrid, and to send emails to users. These services ensure reliable and secure email delivery, enhancing communication with users.

    Live chat support: Bonsai utilizes to provide live chat support to its users. This feature enables real-time assistance and quick resolution of user queries or issues.

    Subscription payments: Bonsai relies on Stripe and Baremetrics for managing subscription payments. Stripe is a trusted payment processing platform that ensures secure and seamless transactions. At the same time, Baremetrics provides valuable insights into subscription metrics and analytics.

    Identity verification: Bonsai leverages Stripe's identity verification services, which involve collecting identity document images, facial images, ID numbers, addresses, and advanced fraud signals.

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