Top 10 TickTick alternatives in 2024

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Updated on:
February 17, 2024
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Quiz: What is the best TickTick alternative for your business?

Answer the following questions to assess which TickTick alternative is best for your business.

    What Is TickTick?

    Streamlining daily tasks and boosting productivity is one of the best ways a business can get ahead of its competition. And as an all-in-one solution, TickTick offers just that. Both individuals and teams can benefit from this tool with its task planner, reminder system, time tracker, habit tracker, calendar, and collaboration tools. 

    The best part is that it offers seamless integration with various platforms including Android, MacOS, iOS, Windows, and various browsers. Additionally, it is easy and teams can manage tasks without hassle. 

    Overall, businesses can manage their day-to-day commitments in a more effective and organized manner with TickTick. 

    While it has tons of great features, TickTick is not a one-size-fits-all solution that can cater to every kind of business. Fortunately, there are plenty of alternative options to choose from in the market. 

    What Are The Top Limitations Of TickTick?

    TickTick’s features have tons of benefits for various businesses. However, it does have a few limitations that can mess with overall user experience and performance. 

    • Its free version is limited in functionality: Key features like a shortage of sorting options, task comments, or calendar subscriptions are only available in the premium version. This could make Ticktick not a great fit for users or those with minimal task management needs.
    • Bugs and synchronization issues: TickTick can often get buggy and can have synchronization issues with different devices and platforms. This can disrupt workflow and productivity because of misplaced tasks or the loss of data. 
    • Challenging for new users: Learning or using Tickick as a new user can be challenging because of its complex user interface. It can take up considerable time from the team’s day because of all the nuances of the app.
    • Has no multi-assign for tasks: Unlike competitors, TickTick does not offer multi-assign for tasks limiting the ability of teams to co-ordinate and work jointly on assignments.
    • Lacking customer support: The level of TickTick’s customer support has room for improvement. 

    What Are The Must-Have Features Of A TickTick Alternative?

    The effectiveness of a tool is largely determined by its alignment with the businesses’ requirements. So when looking for another option, businesses need to look for features that boost the businesses’ task management and productivity processes. Here are some features to look for:

    • Effective Task Management: Businesses need a management system that can handle tasks and subtasks as well as project management. It’s also great if the tool can maintain a log of completed tasks for record-keeping purposes. 
    • Multi-Platform Accessibility: A great alternative to TickTick needs to be adaptable for use across multiple devices and platforms for a smooth user experience.
    • Advanced Reminders and Notifications: Another helpful feature to have for the alternative tool is a strong reminder component. This should include location-based reminders and recurring reminders for meetings, deadlines, or tasks so they don’t slip away unnoticed. 

    Bonsai: The Best TickTick Alternative

    Bonsai: The Best TickTick Alternative

    If you're seeking a tool that does more than just make checklists and manage tasks, Bonsai is for you. It takes project management, task management, invoicing, and contract creation to an unmatched level. And businesses on various levels can leverage its powerful feature set to improve their proficiency and client base. 

    Bonsai is specifically designed to meet the unique challenges and needs of service businesses offering an array of features to help you run your projects running smoothly. It also helps businesses foresee and tackle potential roadblocks. With this, businesses can integrate all their business functions and manage operations smartly. 

    Here are five compelling reasons why Bonsai stands out:

    Efficient Project Management

    Bonsai allows businesses to have a good grip on their projects by having one place to manage all tasks. Teams can easily track time spent on tasks and the project's progress and gain a clear view of the project timelines and deadlines.

    Integrated Client CRM

    With Bonsai’s integrated Client Relationship Management system, businesses can foster better client relationships by tracking and managing interactions with existing and potential clients. 

    Automated Invoicing and Payments

    Bonsai’s invoicing process leverages automation sending automatic reminders for payments. This helps easily track expenses and simplifies the payment collection process. 

    Smart Contracts and Proposals

    Creating, sending, and managing smart contracts and proposals is made easy with Bonsai. It has customizable contract templates, automated proposals, and electronic signature capabilities.

    Easy Collaboration

    Whether you're a team of one or one hundred, Bonsai makes collaboration easy. Everyone can work in synch through shared workspaces, collaborative task management, and regular status updates.


    Much like TickTick, Todoist is also a task management app. It focuses on helping businesses organize and prioritize tasks efficiently. One of its most loved features is its user interface. Users also appreciate its affordable pricing. There’s a free plan, a premium plan for $3 per month/ user, and a business plan for $5 per month/ user.

    Best Features:

    • Allows project and task color-coding for easy identification.
    • Enables task prioritization based on four levels of urgency.
    • Facilitates task delegation to team members.
    • Integrates with several other tools such as Google Calendar and Dropbox.


    • Limited functionality in the free version.
    • No time-tracking feature.

    Todoist might not be suitable for those seeking a robust time-tracking feature or more advanced features without a paid upgrade.

    #3. Asana


    Asana is a well-known project management tool designed to help teams coordinate, plan, and complete their projects more effectively. It has consistently received positive reviews, however, its pricing can be on the higher side at $10.99 per user/ month.

    Best Features:

    • Task management helps in effectively tracking all tasks.
    • Project planning and scheduling enhance productivity.
    • Team collaboration enables working together efficiently.
    • Integrations with numerous other tools increase functionality.


    • Lack of time tracking features.
    • Can be overwhelming due to the feature-rich interface.
    • Expensive for small businesses.
    • Requires a steep learning curve.

    Asana may not suit small teams with budget constraints or users who want a simple tool.

    #4. Trello


    Trello is a unique project management tool that is primarily known for its highly visual methods for managing tasks and to-dos in a vibrant, dynamic interface. The best part about it is how simple it is to use. Because of that, it has received plenty of good reviews. Pricing is also great since the app offers a free plan and a premium plan with additional features.

    Best Features:

    • The task management system is flexible and easy to use.
    • Visual board-based interface allows easy tracking.
    • Integration with many third-party apps.
    • Effective team collaboration tools.


    • Reporting and analytics tools are limited.
    • Lacking project budgeting and resource management features.

    Trello might not be a great fit for users desiring more robust project management tools or complex reporting features.


    This task management app helps users organize and accomplish tasks more efficiently. Users often praise it for its simple design and the best part about is that it’s free for personal use. 

    Best Features: 

    • An easy drag-and-drop function for task management.  
    • Fully integrated Calendar.  
    • Personalized, suggested daily tasks. 
    • Task list sharing with colleagues.  


    • Limited sub-task features 
    • Lacks time-tracking feature.  

    If you need advanced task management or time-tracking features, Microsoft To Do might not be the best tool for you.


    This popular to-do list application is known for its simplicity and effectiveness which allows users to manage their tasks and activities seamlessly. Because of these features, it has often high average ratings on review sites. Another great thing about it is it’s free.

    Best Features:

    • Instant sharing capabilities allow users to share lists and collaborate with others.
    • Allows team members to set due dates and get reminders to ensure they never forget important deadlines.
    • Since it syncs to all devices, tasks are always up to date on every device.
    • Users can add notes to any task for additional context.


    • Subtasks are not fully interactive nor can they have their own due dates.
    • Unlike TickTick, it lacks features like a built-in timer or pomodoro technique.
    • As the app has been acquired by Microsoft, it no longer receives updates or new features.

    Individuals or teams looking for an app with advanced task management features or who prioritize ongoing software improvements may not find this app useful.


    Google Tasks is a simple but effective tool that improves task efficiency for many users. It also integrates seamlessly with other Google products. Because of how simple it is to use and because it’s completely free, many users use it daily.   

    Best Features:

    • Integration with Gmail and Google Calendar.
    • Task creation and editing are easy, with the option to add details and subtasks.
    • Access from multiple devices.
    • Can sort tasks by due dates and custom lists for organization.


    • The absence of features like time-tracking, priority setting, and tags.
    • User interface has very limited customization options.

    Google Tasks may not be suitable for users seeking advanced task management features and customization.


    For those looking for a powerful task and project management tool in one, Remember The Milk is a great choice. It’s designed to keep all to-dos in one place and has generally gotten great reviews. It has a free version and a pro version for $39.99 per year. 


    • Intuitive Interface with Easy Task Creation.
    • Smart Add feature for fast task input.
    • Advanced Sorting and Tagging capabilities.
    • Synchronization across all devices.


    • Limited collaboration features.
    • No built-in time tracking.
    • Lack of detailed reports.

    Remember the Milk might not be ideal for users requiring extensive team collaboration and detailed productivity reports.

    #9. is a popular comprehensive task-management app known for its intuitive design and cross-platform availability. Because of its design and user-friendliness, it has gotten great reviews. As for pricing, the app offers a free version and an affordable paid version at $5.99 per month.

    Best Features:

    • Seamless integration with calendars, emails, and other applications.
    • Built-in voice-activated assistant for creating tasks.
    • Intuitive project management with sub-tasks, tags, and priority levels.
    • Provides cross-platform synchronization across all devices.


    • Free version offers limited features.
    • Collaboration tools may not be extensive enough for larger teams.
    • Lack of time tracking feature. might not be the best fit for larger teams requiring more robust collaboration and project management features.


    Quire is a modern task management app for creative teams that highlights simplicity and functionality. The best thing about it is that it has a free version where most of its features are available so there’s no need to pay if not necessary. 

    Best Features:

    • The hierarchical view breaks down tasks into sub-tasks.
    • The visual Kanban board offers easy task tracking.
    • Tight integrations with popular platforms like Slack and GitHub.
    • Mobile apps assure access across devices.


    • No built-in time-tracking feature.
    • Capability to assign multiple team members to a single task is absent.

    Teams that rely heavily on Gantt charts for project management may not see this as a valuable tool for them.

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