Freelancers get paid faster with Bonsai

Free invoices, automated reminders, and detailed reporting.
Payment via credit card, Paypal, or bank transfer.
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Invoices are completely free to create and send.
Standard processing fees apply if paid online.

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Create beautiful invoices

Create & customize invoices in seconds. Use Bonsai Contracts to auto-create invoices once your contract is signed (optional).
freelancer payments and invoices

Automate your reminders

Don't waste time following up with clients: Bonsai automates this for you. It’s like having your own personal payments team 24/7.
freelancer payments and invoicing

Track activity & payments

No more wondering when you'll get paid: Bonsai tells you when the client interacts with your invoice and when they plan to pay.
freelancer payments and invoices

Accept payment your way

Get paid via credit card, bank transfer (ACH), PayPal and bitcoin. Enjoy secure transactions, competitive rates, and quick pay outs.
freelancer payments and invoicing

Freelancers get paid an average of 13 days faster,
and have 3x fewer late payments with Bonsai.

Trusted and Loved by 30,000+ Freelancers

There's no better way to invoice clients and get paid on time. Bonsai continues to amaze me!
Bonsai gives me a simple way to track my invoices and payments. No more spreadsheets!
I love knowing that Bonsai has me covered with new projects. One less thing to worry about.

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