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A formal quote is a document used to provide your clients with the price of your services. This document contains a description of your services and could also include a contract that your customer will sign to start a task. It is one of the first documents, often along with a work proposal, that you send to a potential client. Therefore, you must avoid errors in the document. That is why many freelancers make use of a formal quote template.

There are several types of quote templates. You can even give your clients your quote verbally. However, there is a particular advantage to presenting it in a written form using a formal quote template. This template helps you give all the details in a professional, informative manner that will impress your clients. Beyond impressing your potential customers, a formal quote has lots of benefits for you as a freelancer and to your clients.

Benefits of a formal quote template

You can sit down and write out your quotation from scratch on your own. While this method can work if you have physical contact with your client, or you don’t mind posting mails, it is a process you can avoid.

A formal quote template can be found online and used to create a professional-looking quotation that your clients will love. So, what are the advantages of using a template for your clients and freelancers?

Benefits for a client:

  1. Your client will find it easier to visually compare the prices of services from all the freelancers he asks.
  2. Your clients can make proper and informed decisions, from having all the facts and figures from the quotation.
  3. Your client knows where he can start bargaining from and the extent to which you can slash prices if you use a formal quote template.
  4. It reduces the time spent sorting out issues and prices before the service can be provided.
  5. Your client can keep in contact with the freelancers he uses with these documents and follow up on the deals he makes.

Benefits to the freelancer:

  1. You get a clear picture of what you want to charge for your services and other breakdowns that you might want to include.
  2. It helps you ensure that you and your client are on the same page regarding prices and other terms and conditions. The fact that it is in written form makes it easier to refer to again in any disputes.
  3. You can iron out any ambiguities before you start the task. If any factor is not clear about your services, this document helps you point it out and resolve it with your client.
  4. It helps you spend less time negotiating, which means you have more time to do actual work, and more work means more money in your pocket at the end of the day.
  5. It can aid your case if there are any litigations. You also use it as a reference if there is a dispute, which makes it easier to settle the issue.

A formal quote template can help you make the most of your interactions with a potential client. It increases the chances that you will be the freelancer picked for the job. However, while it is easy to know what you need, it is another thing to recognize when you see it. There are several formats of a formal quote. If you want the best formal quote template for freelancers, you should look at our quote templates.

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