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Run your contracting business like a pro with the help of free, customizable invoice template. Use the Contractor Invoice Template to edit, customize, and send professional invoices in minutes.

Downloadable Free Contractor Invoice Templates

As a contractor, you’re familiar with the flexibility of booking your own projects, setting your own rates, and attracting your ideal clients. But creating professional invoices may not be your forté, especially if you don’t have accounting experience. Fortunately, the free Contractor Invoice Templates from Bonsai make creating and sending invoices easier than ever!

Our downloadable invoice templates are perfect for contractors and freelancers who need to bill clients for contract projects, whether flat-rate, hourly, or recurring services. You can send detailed invoices to customers, save documents for your records, and even save money on your invoicing process.

The Contractor Invoice Template from Bonsai can be:

  • designed for independent contractors or contracting companies
  • tailored for construction projects
  • formatted to include sections for labor and materials
  • customized for specific jobs
  • used to provide a breakdown of costs
  • used for detailed descriptions of work performed
  • formatted to include tax and additional charges
  • a great reference to facilitate clear communication between contractor and client
  • saved in multiple formats (e.g., PDF, Word)
  • sent to require client's approval or signature
  • used to distinguishe between one-time and recurring charges
  • integrated with accounting software
  • compliant with local regulations and standards
  • edited to include a section for terms and conditions
  • used for both residential and commercial projects
  • adjusted to have placeholders for company logo and branding
  • used to track payment due dates and late fees
  • accepting of multiple payment methods (e.g., check, bank transfer)
  • available in both digital and printable versions

Learn how to draft, update, finalize, and submit invoices, without complicated invoicing tools.

How to Use Online Invoice Generators

It’s a common misconception that contract businesses need to design invoices from scratch in order to bill their clients. In reality, there are a variety of tools contractors can use to create invoices fast—no manual design needed. Online invoice generators allow anyone to design, edit, and send invoices, all from a single tool.

Simply click on the Online Invoice Generator and start entering the invoice information. This will likely include the invoice number, your business name, the client’s information (contact details, address, etc.), your payment terms, prices and billing details, sales tax, subtotal, and total amount owed. There may be other details you want to include as well, such as Discounts, Notes, your brand colors and fonts, or linked resources. All of this is possible with the free Online Invoice Generator.

Try Our Free Contractor Invoice Generator

H2: What Should Be Included in Your Contractor Invoice Template?

Professional invoices help you keep your accounts in check, servicing as receipts of all past transactions. But in order to ensure accurate record keeping, you need to include all of the relevant details!

Here’s what should be included in your contractor invoices:

You and Your Team’s Contact Info

Include your name, business name, contact information, website URL, and/or reference the other people on your team to be contacted in case of client questions. This makes it easier for clients to reach out to you if their are issues with the invoice or if they want to inquire about more services.

Professional Licensing Information

Including your business information and licensing can make a big difference when it comes to demonstrating your professionalism. Make it clear that your client is entering an agreement with a legitimate company, and clear outline the payment information required to deliver your service.

Description of the Work to be Done

Clearly outline the services to be delivered and the associated expenses for each. That way, there is no confusion over what the client is paying for, what’s included, what’s not included, and the total costs. This helps ensure faster and more accurate invoicing.

Materials Used for the Work

If your business also bills for materials, this field will be important to include on your invoices. Again, you will want to clearly describe the materials that were required, the scope, the quantity, and the costs. This level of transparency makes you a great partner for your clients.

Labor Time Spent on the Project

Many contractors bill for labor and/or hours worked. If this is the case for you, we recommend including line items for what was delivered, how many hours were worked, and your hourly rate. This will serve as a record of work provided, just in case the client has any disputes.

Payment Types Accepted

Make sure to specify which payment methods are accepted (or not accepted). These may include credit card payments, ACH bank transfer, PayPal, Stripe, or the like. You might offer a range of options for clients to choose from, based on their preferences.

Total Cost for Your Work

Calculate the total cost for the work, including labor costs, hours worked, goods and materials, and/or project fees. You might also need to include taxes, deposit required, costs for products, or software costs. Provide an accurate estimate of the total cost so your client knows exactly how much to pay you.

How to Create a Comprehensive Contractor Invoice

The contractor invoice template example makes it easy to create comprehensive invoices for your contract gigs, even without invoicing software. Take the guesswork out of your invoicing with a simple, fillable template.

Here’s how to create a comprehensive contractor invoice:

  1. Select a professional invoice layout that’s suitable for contracting work and gigs
  2. At the top of the invoice, include your business name, contact information, logo, and any additional information.
  3. Add the name, contact details, and address of the client you’re billing to ensure the invoice reaches the right person or department.
  4. Assign a unique invoice number for tracking purposes and include the date the invoice is issued.
  5. Provide a detailed description of the services you provided, including the project name, work performed, materials used, and any other pertinent details.
  6. Clearly list the costs of materials and labor. If billing hourly, include the number of hours worked and the hourly rate. For fixed contracts, provide the agreed-upon sum.
  7. Itemize any additional expenses that are billable to the client, such as travel costs or subcontractor fees.
  8. Calculate the total amount due, including any applicable taxes or discounts.
  9. Specify the payment due date, acceptable payment methods, and any late payment fees or terms.
  10. Double-check all the information for accuracy and completeness.
  11. end the invoice to your client using their preferred method, whether it’s by email, a client portal, or physical mail.

Importance of Detailed Descriptions

We recommend including detailed descriptions of all services provided whenever you send an invoice. Specify what is included and excluded in the service. This way, clients will know exactly what they are paying for, and what they are not paying for. Having this on record will help set expectations with the client and prevent miscommunications. You can also refer back to previous invoices to see what you delivered and how much you charged.

Listing Materials with Quantity and Cost

Similarly, listing all materials required, plus the quantity and cost, will ensure that clients know what is provided and what costs are their responsibility. Many times, clients do not anticipate paying for materials or software, so sending this as an estimate in advance of the project can be helpful.

Including Labor Costs and Number of Workers

Contracting businesses, such as HVAC and construction companies, need to bill clients for labor costs and number of workers. Costs may vary depending on the worker’s level of experience, hourly rate, and hours worked. Including this information on the invoice provides another level of transparency that can be helpful to your clients.

Build a Custom Invoice with our Online Invoice Generator

Specialized Contractor Invoices

The contractor invoice example is helpful for any contract business that needs to send professional invoices without the hassle of hiring an accountant or designer. At Bonsai, we’ve created a wide range of specialized templates that you can review, download, adjust, and use for your business needs.

Check out these creative and professional templates.

Refrigeration Invoice

The Contractor Invoice Template offers a range of features that are helpful for refrigeration and fridge repair companies. Bill clients for labor, materials, rentals, equipment, and more, without struggling with a complicated invoice doc.

Software Designer Invoice

If you design software for clients, then you know the importance of premium technology and attention to detail. The Contractor Invoice Template is professionally designed with contractors in mind, with built-in calculations, fillable fields, and more.

Electrical Contractor Invoice

Electricians and electrical companies can use the free Electrical Contractor Invoice Template to send detailed work orders, bill clients for hourly work, and/or get paid in advance for new projects.

Carpet and Tile Job Invoice

If you run a carpet or tile installation company, then you will likely need to invoice clients for materials, labor, and services. The Carpet and Tile Job Invoice Template makes creating these invoices super easy.

Flooring Project Invoice

The Carpet and Tile Job Invoice Template can also be used for flooring installation and repair companies. Bill your clients for materials, consultations, labor, and more.

Enhancing Your Invoicing Process

While there are many articles and guides you can turn to for free invoicing tips, sometimes the best solution is utilizing a tool that’s specific to invoicing. Free templates don’t offer the robust features that invoicing software can offer, such as automated invoices, payment tracking, reminders, CRM integration, or analytics.

If you’re ready to scale and automate you invoicing, it may be time to try an online invoicing tool. Bonsai helps businesse streamline their billing with an all-in-one invoicing, accounting, and bookkeeping platform.

Tools and Apps for Better Invoicing

Businesses looking for better invoice creation tools have a variety of options available. Here are the most popular tools and apps for free invoice creation and management:

  • Google Docs: Part of Google Workspace, Google Docs is perfect for creating and sharing documents with clients.
  • Google Sheets: Take advantage of built-in formulas to calculate costs, taxes, discounts, and more.
  • Microsoft Office Online: Users with a Microsoft account can access free versions of Word, Excel, and other Office apps online, which include invoice templates that can be edited and downloaded.
  • PDFescape: If you have a PDF invoice template, PDFescape allows you to fill in the details online for free. You can then send invoices to your clients to collect their signatures.
  • Canva: Known for graphic design, Canva also offers free invoice templates that can be customized with your branding and then downloaded.

Explore More Free Invoice Templates

Looking for even more contractor invoice examples? You’re in luck! We have a wide variety of free templates you can use, including in common formats (like Microsoft Word and Google Docs) and industry-specific formats.

Microsoft Word Invoice Template

Use one of Microsoft’s most popular document creation tools to design and customize your invoices. The free Microsoft Word Invoice Template makes it easy to get started.

Google Docs Invoice Template

Like Google Docs better? Our Google Docs Invoice Template is fillable, customizable, and designed to suit the needs for most types of businesses.

PDF Invoice Template

Create printable invoices with the PDF Invoice Template. Simply download the template, fill it out, save as a PDF, and then send to your client (print, standard mail, or email attachment).

Excel Invoice Template

Take advantage of Excel’s ready-to-use formulas to calculate the total on your invoice. Simply drop in the item cost, quantity, hourly rate, or unit price and the Excel Invoice Template will do the rest!

Freelance Invoice Template

Perfect for freelancers, the Freelance Invoice Template has fields for flat-rate services, hourly services, project deposits, recurring services, and more.

Consulting Invoice Template

Get paid faster on your consulting gigs with the Consulting Invoice Template. Outline your services, costs, payment details, and more to accurately collect payment from your clients.

Photography Invoice Template

You take great photos—you should send great invoices, too! Professionally designed with photographers in mind, the Photography Invoice Template is simple yet detailed, professional yet creative!

Graphic Design Invoice

Get paid for your graphic design work by using the Graphic Design Invoice Template, with custom fields for branding, projec details, costs, notes, and more.

Construction Invoice Template

Invoice clients for construction projects with the Constructio Invoice Template, which includes sections for materials, labor, travel, services, and more.

Rental Invoice Template

Invoice customers for event space rentals, equipment rentals, rental properties, or whatever suits your business. With the Rental Invoice Template, the sky’s the limit!

Pro-Forma Invoice Templates

Want to get paid in advance of a project? The Pro-Forma Invoice Template allows you to itemize costs, providing an estimate to your client before you start on a project.

Itemized Bill Template

Itemize your material costs, labor, hours worked, products provided, or whatever is needed with an Itemized Bill Template. Clearly outline the quantity and costs for each item or job to serve as a record with your client.

Printable Invoice Template

Many clients like paper invoices, and the Printable Invoice Template makes it easy to create well-designed invoices in minutes. Save the template, input the details, save a copy, and print the final invoice.

Professional Invoice Templates

Select from a variety of Professional Invoice Templates from Bonsai. Our goal is to make invoicing and accounting easy and stress-free!

Free Contractor Invoice Templates
Frequently Asked Questions
Questions about this template.

How Do I Ensure My Contractor Invoice Template is a Legally Binding Document?

To ensure that your contract invoice is a legally binding document between you and your client, you should include all essential elements that constitute a formal invoice. These elements include your business name and contact information, the client's details, a unique invoice number, a thorough description of the services provided along with dates, the total amount due, and clear payment terms. It’s also advisable to state the legal consequences of non-payment and ensure both parties agree on the terms prior to beginning the work. This can be added to the Notes section on the invoice.

What are the Best Practices for Sending Out Invoices?

Best practices for sending out invoices include issuing your invoice promptly after or before the completion of services. All invoices should be clear, detailed, and free of errors, with all the necessary information such as service descriptions, amounts due, payment terms, and due dates. It's recommended that you send your invoices via the client's preferred delivery method, whether that's via email, an online portal, or postal mail, to make it easy for them to pay on time. Always keep a copy for your records as this can be referenced for tax and accounting purposes. Also, following up with clients to acknowledge receipt and setting up reminders for due payments can help ensure you are collecting total payment on time.

How Can I Automate the Invoicing Process for My Contracting Business?

You can automate your invoicing process by using Bonsai invoicing software, an all-in-one invoicing, accounting, and bookkeeping solution. With Bonsai, you can set up recurring billing profiles for regular clients, which automatically send invoices at specified intervals. You can also create your own invoice templates that can be customized and used repeatedly, saving time on data entry for each billing cycle. Bonsai can also send automatic payment reminders to clients for upcoming or overdue invoices, and integrate with payment gateways to facilitate swift online payment. This level of automation minimizes manual administrative tasks, reduces errors, and ensures a more efficient billing operation in your contracting business.

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