Top 10 Tickspot alternatives for 2024

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Updated on:
February 15, 2024
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What is Tickspot?

Tickspot, an online time tracking solution is supposed to be reliable, user-friendly, and straightforward, designed for teams, agencies,and consultants. It’s developed by 16 Rivers. It’s supposed to enable users to track time against their projects, create detailed reports, and meet their deadlines with ease. It’s a feature-rich solution that’s meant to meet the needs of businesses and free them from the challenges of time management. But what if it doesn’t live up to its promises?.

Did you know Tickspot lets users effortlessly collaborate on projects, assign tasks, and measure the time taken to complete those tasks! It makes sure that everyone is on the same wavelength and that each project is moving forward as planned. It also enables users to produce in-depth reports that reveal how each team member is allocating their time. 

Interestingly, with its budget tracking feature, Tickspot gives you an insight of how much time and money has been spent on each project. Indeed, managing work becomes much easier with a resource like Tickspot at your disposal. For those seeking alternatives, our blog post presents the top 10 alternatives to Tickspot and invites you to continue reading to discover the top 10 alternatives.

What are the top limitations of Tickspot?

The inherent limitations of Tickspot may compel users to explore alternative solutions. These limitations, which can potentially impede the productivity and efficiency of organizations and teams utilizing this application, warrant a comprehensive examination and critical evaluation.

  • So, you know how you need a visual planning interface to see your project’s progress and timelines? Well, Tickspot doesn’t have that. It’s kind of a bummer, right?
  • The customization options in Tickspot are disappointingly minimal. The interface and features are quite standardized, leaving little room for tailoring according to individual business needs. This lack of flexibility can be a significant drawback for users seeking a personalized experience.
  • And another thing, Tickspot doesn’t play well with other tools and software. If you’re relying on multiple digital tools for your business, this could really mess up your workflow.
  • Software Integration: Tickspot lacks integration with a variety of other tools and software. This could limit the seamless workflow for businesses relying on multiple digital tools.

In light of these limitations, many users may prefer other Tickspot alternatives that match their specific needs and requirements. Our suggestion to businesses will be to thoroughly examine each tool’s features and potential limitations before they make a final decision.

What are the must-have features of a Tickspot alternative?

And then there are some businesses that might be looking for different features than what Tickspot offers for their time tracking and reporting needs. There are some key features that make a good alternative for Tickspot worth exploring. But the question is, will these alternatives be any better?However, let’s focus now on the must-have features of a Tickspot alternative: 

Effortless time tracking

In the realm of time management and efficiency optimization, the quintessential function of such software is to meticulously track time with precision and accuracy. This necessitates the presence of an accessible, automated timer, and the provision for manual input of hours. These elements collectively contribute to the seamless operation of the software, thereby enhancing its utility and effectiveness.

Detailed Reporting

So, you know how you always wonder where all your time goes? Well, this thing should totally help you out with that. It’s got these super detailed reports that show you exactly how you’re spending your time. You can see everything in cool graphs, download timesheets, and even get insights on how productive you’ve been. Pretty neat, right!

Advanced integration

An optimal substitute for Tickspot ought to facilitate a smooth integration with other tools for productivity and project management, thereby enhancing the seamlessness of the workflow and obviating the necessity of entering data manually across disparate platforms.

Different firms may have distinct requirements, and there are in fact many Tickspot alternatives available. Our suggestion to you will be to always ensure to opt for an alternative that simplifies tasks rather than complicates them.

Bonsai: the best tickspot alternative

Imagine that a person name Joshua is 32 years old and he is a regular user of Bonsai. Joshua is no longer on the hunt for a superior Tickspot alternative, as he has found Bonsai. Catering especially to service businesses like Joshua’s, Bonsai offers a comprehensive suite of tools. This one-stop solution is more than just a project management tool, positioning it as an all-encompassing hub where Joshua can manage every aspect of his business with precision and ease. 

Let's find out why Bonsai is emerging as the top contender in the race of Tickspot alternatives and why people like Joshua are choosing Bonsai as an alternative to Tickspot: 

World-Class Time Tracking

Bonsai offers highly effective time tracking tools that make it easy for Joshua to monitor and manage the time his team spends on various projects. Compared to Tickspot, Bonsai offers a more robust solution for service businesses like Joshua’s who need to accurately track time for billing and project management purposes.

Comprehensive Reporting

With its built-in reporting tools, Bonsai simplifies the understanding of your business’s performance and enables you to generate detailed reports on various aspects such as project progress, time spent, expenses incurred, and more, which help your service business to enhance operations and achieve better results.

Integrated Project Management

With Bonsai, Joshua doesn’t just track time but he has the ability to manage his entire projects from inception to completion. He can create tasks, assign them to team members, set deadlines, and more, with progress tracking providing a clear view into his project’s trajectory.

Improved Invoicing and Payments

Joshua no longer needs to rely on external platforms for invoicing and payments. With Bonsai’s integrated invoicing and payments, Joshua can generate and send professional invoices, and even accept payments, all within the same platform.

When your service business needs a comprehensive tool for time tracking, project management, etc, Bonsai shouldn't be overlooked. Unlike Tickspot, Bonsai combines all of these features into one cost-effective and user-friendly platform, making it a preferred choice for service businesses.


Toggl, a versatile time tracking solution that’s popular among freelancers, teams, and businesses. It offers real-time tracking, billable rates, and time audit. It provides detailed analytics and reports and even has an offline mode. 

But what if it’s not as good as it sounds? What if it lacks in responsiveness and speed? Yes, it really lacks in responsiveness and sound. And there is also limited options for integrations.It’s all so concerning.

Not a fit for

  • Teams looking for extensive project management features.
  • For people seeking in-app invoicing capabilities. 

Pricing of Toggle

  • Offers a free basic plan with paid plans starting at $10 per user/month. 

Received an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 on G2's ratings and reviews. 

A user named Josselien was really happy to use Toggle and wrote 

"I love Toggle, it is a great support to my business. For professional time keeping it is complete, simple, ever more (time!) efficient to use, and continuously improved…Toggle has really taken the hassle out of time keeping for me."

It stands as a viable option for those looking for a Tickspot alternative.


Suppose a person named Mark is using TimeDoctor.Mark is currently using TimeDoctor, a powerful time-tracking tool that’s ideal for managing his remote teams and projects. It has impressive features that surpass the functionality of Tickspot. Some of the best features that Mark enjoys include real-time tracking for his team’s productivity, an automated screenshot capturer for verification, and integration with major project management tools. 

However, Mark has noticed some limitations. The software design might be confusing for new users and decoding detailed reports could be challenging. It might not be a fit for small-size businesses or single users who prefer simple tools. 

As for the pricing, TimeDoctor offers a range of plans from $7 to $20 per month per user. Mark uses the $7 plan per month. With a 4.5/7 rating on Capterra, users like Mark highlight its accuracy in tracking and reporting but critique its complex user interface.


Harvest is a robust time tracking and invoicing application designed to facilitate seamless project management.

Best features of Harvest

  • It has a User-friendly interface that simplifies time tracking 
  • Flexible invoicing functions with payment gateway integrations 
  • Compatibility with many other applications

Limitations of Harvest:

  • The need for a better mobile app experience
  • The absence of a desktop timer

It might not be everyone’s cup of tea, especially if you’re part of a small team that just needs simple time tracking without all the bells and whistles, or if you’re a company that’s watching its budget. It’s got both free and paid options, with the paid ones starting at $12 per user per month. Some people like harvest while others don’t. Rosemary, who is a virtual assistant in a small business, wrote about harvest,

"I dislike how Harvest seems to be constantly glitchy. For example, the Harvest integration in Asana has not worked for weeks. I also do not like how Harvest is very late/delayed in sending you overusage reports...I also don't like how you can't utilize tags."

Though Harvest is an effective project management tool, others prefer simpler, cheaper alternatives such as Tickspot.


Mavenlink is a complicated project management software that claims to help businesses run their entire services organization more efficiently. It is a comprehensive tool that boasts of several features: Unique combination of project management and resource planning, Full suite of collaboration tools included as well as Real-time analytics and business intelligence.  

But, Mavenlink has many drawbacks, but some limitations are more noticeable than others: Complex interface that could be frustrating for new users. Expensive compared to alternatives such as Tickspot.

Mavenlink is not perfect for Smaller teams with limited budget or Users looking for a simple and straightforward tool. Mavenlink’s pricing is not clear, interested parties need to request a quote. Mavenlink received positive reviews for its comprehensive offering but have mixed opinions on its complexity and cost.


So, you know Clockify, right? It’s this totally free and easy-to-use time tracking tech that’s been carefully crafted for folks and teams who want to get a handle on their work hours. The cool part? It’s got unlimited tracking, so you can keep tabs on your team’s hours without breaking a sweat. Plus, it’s got this nifty team dashboard that gives you a real-time look at what your team’s up to, which is a total productivity booster. 

But its not all Sunsine and rainbow for Clockify. It has some limitations like, 

  • Limited customization: Unlike Tickspot, Clockify has limited customization options for the user interface.
  • No reminders: It lacks a reminder feature which would help users to track their time more efficiently.

Not a fit for:

Organizations seeking advanced integrations and robust client billing features might find Clockify inadequate.

Clockify offers a completely free version with extra features available at an additional cos. You might be surprised to know that user reviews laud Clockify for its simplicity and efficiency with an average rating of 4.7/5.

Timesheets, an online time tracking software, provides a comprehensive suite of functionalities that enable businesses to effectively monitor hours, manage employees, and enhance productivity. The salient features of this software include cloud-based employee time tracking, HR document management, and an expense tracking module.

So, there are a few things that might bug you about The interface feels a bit old school, and setting it up can be a bit of a headache for new users. Also, if you’re a small business looking for a simple time tracker without all the bells and whistles, this might not be your cup of tea.

When it comes to pricing, offers three plans - Free, Basic ($4.50 per user/month), and Pro ($9 per user/month). However, the pricing structure is not as competitive or flexible as one might hope. Many users appreciate its comprehensive feature set and responsive customer support.If you are looking for an alternative tool to Tickspot, you can give a try.


Suppose, Ross, CEO of a company, 39 years, uses Paymo for his official work. Paymo is an advanced project management tool designed with easy-to-operate features for small to medium-sized businesses.Some of the best features that Ross enjoys include powerful project management tools, seamless client invoicing, and real-time collaboration tools. However, Ross has noticed some limitations. There are no integrated chat services and the project description lacks rich text format. According to Ross, it might not be a fit for businesses with heavy reliance on integrated communication. 

As for the pricing, Paymo offers a free version and premium plans start at $8.95/user/month. Ross is the user of the premium plan of Paymo. 

Generally, it receives positive feedback for usability and customizability, averaging a 4.5 star rating out of 5 on software review platforms.


RescueTime- it is a software app that helps businesses and individuals keep track of their digital habits to boost productivity. It’s got constant real-time reports to help you understand your daily productivity patterns, a time blocking feature to keep distractions at bay, and goal-setting and tracking to keep your productivity game strong.

Despite its potential, Rescue time falls short in several areas. It lacks a manual time entry feature, which can be a significant drawback for many users. Also, it may not accurately categorize all websites or applications, and its offline activity tracking leaves much to be desired. 

It might not be everyone’s jam. If you’re the type who likes to manually log your time like you would in Tickspot, or if you spend more time off-screen, then this might not be the best fit for you.

RescueTime offers a free version with basic features, which serves as an entry point for users. For those requiring more advanced features, a Premium version is available at a cost of $12/month. Despite the generally positive reviews praising its detailed reporting and distraction blocking, some users have highlighted limitations in tracking offline activities.

While many users appreciate its comprehensive feature set and responsive customer support, this high rating masks the underlying issues and limitations of the software. If you are considering Timesheets as an alternative to Tickspot, it is advised to proceed with caution.


Jira by Atlassian is a cool project management tool! It’s designed for agile teams to track issues, tasks and provide robust reporting and workflows. Best features are personalized Scrum and Kanban boards, Powerful search/filtering capabilities Integrations with other Atlassian products and external systems. Jira is a powerful alternative to Tickspot, best suited for software development teams investing in comprehensive project tracking and management features.

It’s not exactly beginner-friendly and its premium features can be a bit pricey for small organizations. It’s probably not the best fit for small teams or beginners who need a simple, intuitive interface, or for non-software development or non-Agile teams.

Various plans offered from Free for up to 10 users, to Premium and Enterprise levels. According to G2, Jira has a 4.1 out of 5 rating, noting its power for complex projects but critiquing its steep learning curve. 

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