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The world is full of millions of freelancers. In 2020, that number is likely to double as the world is at a standstill because of the COVID-19 pandemic. For this reason, it is important to learn how to distinguish yourself as a freelancer to continue attracting clients. To achieve this, your focus should shift towards creating a sustainable brand. Something as mundane-sounding as an editable quotation template could propel you towards building the kind of brand that fills you with immense pride. Below is how it could help you.

1. Developing USP

What makes you stand out? Many freelancers are content with just getting by. They have no trouble feeding on the crumbs. However, a freelancer interested in building a brand must stand out. If you feel strongly about this, then you should focus on developing a unique selling proposition (USP). In this regard, use the editable quotation template to display the quality that makes you different from other freelancers. Let your area of expertise scream from the quotation. Define your USP and see your clients increasing significantly!

2. Display your brand name

The editable quotation template must display your brand name clearly. Engage in appropriate keyword research online to find a worthy name. A good name identifies your brand. For this reason, you should try to let it tell clients about your service or preferred niche. Do not relent until you have successfully created a brand name that represents you perfectly well. Fortunately, the Internet is full of various tools you can use to identify an excellent name befitting your brand.

3. Selecting the appropriate URL

Now, an editable quotation template does not help you to select the best URL to use. However, displaying the URL on the template helps to cement your brand on the minds, eyes, and hearts of your clients. Most suave freelancers have used their names as URLs. It is not mandatory to follow their example. Nevertheless, you would be wrong to leave your personal name out there without registering it as a URL. After all, you never know when it could come in handy in your freelancing career. That said, you should remember a few pointers here:

  • Pursue brand unity by using your business name as the URL
  • Avoid brand disunity as it gives clients an impossible time identifying you

4. Developing your bio

Creating a freelance brand also requires telling clients a bit about yourself. A brief bio could go a long way into humanizing you. Otherwise, some clients might begin doubting if you are a person. Remember, the world has embraced machines and robots more than at any other time in human history. The world has roughly 1.7 million robots, while AI technology is on the verge of replacing several human roles and jobs. To reiterate, use the editable quotation template to humanize your brand and help clients to know they are dealing with a real person.

5. Focus on results you deliver

It is important to focus on the results that clients should expect from you. Spare a small portion on the quotation to tell clients about your success in delivering the sort of results they need. Again, this hints at the value that you provide. Clients would see nothing wrong in paying the high rates you charge as long as they know the value you deliver. What will they get at the end of engagement with your brand? A brand that promises and delivers results cements its place at the front of the queue.

Therefore, be as creative as possible in building a brand that stands the test of time. To do this, you should pay more attention to understand what your clients need from you. As long as you impress them with excellent results, they would be at the forefront of marketing your brand at no extra cost to you. The benefits of taking this path far outweigh the risks, especially at a time when businesses are closing, and more people seem to be entering the freelance circles to make ends meet.

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