Top 10 Mint alternatives in 2024

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Updated on:
November 17, 2023
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Quiz: What is the best Mint alternative for your business?

Answer the following questions to assess which Mint alternative is best for your business.

    Intuit Mint is one of the longest-running and most established budgeting tools. It helps track expenses, set savings goals, and track portfolios. Its ability to securely link to different bank accounts and automatically log and categorize expenses are its major selling points. Or rather, “were”.

    Intuit, the parent company, plans to shut down Mint by January 1, 2024, and encourages Mint users over to Credit Karma –  another Intuit budgeting tool, which is another of their parent company. But if you are a Mint user and are concerned about the switch, this might be the best time to look for different options. 

    This blog explores the 7 best Mint alternatives that you can consider. If you are amongst the thousands of active Mint users, this article is for you! Keep reading to learn about the tools that offer Mint-like (& even better) features.

    The Best Mint Alternatives For Freelancers & Small Business

    This is the best Mint alternative available for you to consider. 

    Bonsai: the overall best budgeting & tracking digital product

    Bonsai is an all-in-one freelancing and small business management tool that helps you automate your workflow and keep track of your finances. It is designed to assist you in all the administrative tasks you are unfortunately required to do as a business owner!

    That can involve finding clients, pitching clients, gathering project requirements, sending proposals, creating and sending contracts, working on projects, delivering them, and then getting paid for the work done. Management and budgeting tools such as Bonsai help with these administrative tasks that keep creative types from doing the actual work.

    Bonsai All-In-One Budgeting Product Platform Features

    Bonsai's all-in-one product suite is integrated with smart automation that helps with the paperwork and admin tasks so you can focus on your work. This makes Bonsai one of the best alternatives to Mint and a better alternative to Credit Karma. 

    Bonsai features include: 

    • Customizable proposals and contract templates to cater to various businesses.
    • User-friendly interface which is easy to understand and navigate without taking much of your precious time.
    • Task and time tracking that allows you to create credible invoices where clients will be able to verify the items they have paid for. 
    • The project management feature lets you keep track of your project information on a single overview page.
    • Invoicing features simplify the invoicing process by offering simple invoice templates that reflect your brands.
    • Bonsai's contracts feature allows you and your clients to sign clients digitally and be on the same terms.
    • It has easy-to-use financial tools that help track spending, estimate tax, and connect with Quickbooks to get all your accounting data.
    • The free app is available in 180 countries and includes several international payment options, including PayPal, ACH payments, and credit cards.
    • Bonsai also allows a flexible and seamless integration with third-party platforms that work within your existing process

    The Bonsai Budgeting App Features For Individuals

    All things considered, Bonsai's accounting tools (as opposed to Credit Karma!)  have everything you require to understand your expenses and income, which helps manage finances. It allows you to import expenses, which automatically will be categorized for tax season and write-offs. This helps control your finances by accounting for your expenses and deductions in one place, making it one of the best financial apps. It also notifies you regarding the upcoming quarterly and annual tax bills, tax estimates, and due dates.

    The Bonsai App Supporting Features

    Bonsai app features include sleek and user-friendly time tracking, expense management, and invoice management connected to your timesheets. If you enable Bonsai banking, it offers great budgeting features, and you can view your account balances and set aside money for your taxes directly from your envelopes. It also allows you to overview income, expenses, and total profits, and you can do that on the go with the free app! You can also manage your clients directly within the Bonsai dashboard. 

    In addition, it also allows a seamless integration with website features such as proposals, contracts, accounting, and more. If you are one of the thousands of Mint users wondering what’s next, the Bonsai app is definitely one of the best alternatives to the Mint mobile app and Credit Karma.

    Bonsai Best Personal Finance and Budgeting App

    Bonsai is the best personal finance and business accounting tool for individuals looking to improve their client relations, projects, and financial management. It helps streamline invoicing and set up automation for recurring invoices, which minimizes the need for payment chasing. 

    Furthermore, Bonsai has international payment options, allowing you to connect with your clients globally. The unifying nature of Bonsai and its ability to integrate all business requirements into a single platform provides you with unmatched control over your finances. This includes tracking expenses and deductions, as well as profit and loss, without juggling between different apps.

    You can sign up to Bonsai for a FREE trial and enjoy almost all the benefits of Mint and take care of your financial health.


    Quicken, a budget and money tracking tool, is another great Mint app alternative and a good alternative to Credit Karma. It allows you to view all the bank, credit card, loan, investment, and other financial accounts in one place.

    Once signed in, you'll be prompted to connect your bank and other financial accounts, which help manage the financial data from every connected account into one comprehensive dashboard.

    The software is easy to navigate and understand. The features helps you track your income, total savings, net worth and refunds and set financial goals. This makes it one of the best personal finance apps.

    Features & Pricing

    • Transaction and account tracking
    • Bill tracking
    • Track spending
    • Overview financial reports
    • Provides investment details
    • Sets saving goals

    Quicken offers a 30-day free trial with a money-back guarantee. The subscription fee varies as per package,

    • Quicken Simplifi standard package: $2.39 /month (billed annually)
    • Quicken Simplifi Classic package (Premier): $4.19 /month (billed annually)
    • Quicken Simplifi Classic package (Deluxe): $2.99 /month (billed annually)

    Why we like it?

    Even if you're not a financial pro or tech-savvy, this app is easy to understand and navigate through. The selling point about Simplifi is there are no ads or product suggestions – just your financial information and advice.


    YNAB (You Need A Budget) is another on our list of the best apps for personal finance, which uses a zero-based budgeting system. It allows you to plan your spending at the beginning of every month, which goes toward various categories, including spending, savings, and debt.

    YNAB is also known to be one of the best budgeting apps for couples, allowing you to share access with a partner. In addition, the app provides the root causes of your financial distress, which helps in further personal finance management.

    Features & Pricing

    • Investment tracking
    • Share access with partner
    • Accurate transaction reports
    • Custom categories
    • Allows you to import QFX, QIF Files

    YNAB offers a 34-day trial. The subscription fee is as follows,

    • Annual plan: $8.25 /month
    • Monthly plan: $14.99 /month

    Why we like it?

    YNAB is like a personal trainer for your finances, where it does one thing and does it extremely well. It helps proactively manage your budget by prompting you to allocate every dollar in your account into various categories. This simply means YNAB assists in setting aside money for different expenses and goals. It also allows enough flexibility to plan as far into future months as you'd like for better management. In our opinion, it is a better alternative to Credit Karma as well.


    EveryDollar is an online budgeting tool that helps you to focus your money on priorities. It is also one of the best alternatives to Mint and to Credit Karma which makes all your account transactions transparent and easy to manage. It helps set savings goals and strategize ways to pay off debts.

    After linking your bank to EveryDollar, your transactions will be added automatically for budget tracking and managing. However, if you go for the Freemium version, you must manually enter your financial data, which might be inefficient.  

    Features & Pricing

    • User-friendly interface
    • Set financial goals
    • Track spending and bills
    • Automating data entry

    EveryDollar has a free version where you can manage your budget by entering the expense and transaction details manually. The subscription fee is as follows,

    • EveryDollar premium: $12.99 /month ($79.99 /year)
    • Ramsey + EveryDollar: $129.99 (3-month plan ($59.99) and 6-month plan ($99.99))

    Why we like it?

    Similar to YNAB, EveryDollar also uses a zero-based budgeting system, which means you plan for every dollar you earn. It has a user-friendly interface which can help set and achieve some impressive financial goals. And though the manual entry of transactions on the free version might not be very efficient, it still has a psychological advantage that allows you to feel the burden of your spending better.


    PocketGuard is an app that links all your bank accounts, credit cards, loans, and investments. It is also one of the best Mint alternatives and Credit Karma alternatives you'll find in the market.

    PocketGuard overviews real-time transaction data and provides personalized reports on spending. It allows you to create graphs of your spending trends when exporting your transactions and display it as a simple pie-chart visual showing which expenses dominate your budgets.

    Features & Pricing

    • Allows you to link different types of accounts
    • Organize expenses
    • Set financial goals
    • 'In My Pocket' feature
    • Personalized reports
    • Track bills

    PocketGuard offers a free version, which can be upgraded to a premium version as per the following pricing model,

    • Monthly: $7.99 /month
    • Annually: $34.99 /year
    • Lifetime: $79.99 /Forever!

    Why we like it?

    PocketGuard gives a comprehensive view of your expenses and cash flow, which helps in easy budget management. The unique 'In My Pocket' feature views your spendable money. In addition, it organizes your expenses and provides a closer and simpler overview of the spending reports.


    Goodbudget is a popular choice for household expense management or large savings. This budgeting software is more about planning your finances than tracking past transactions.

    Goodbudget is based on the "envelope system," in which users a portion of their monthly income into specific categories of expenses. Similar to YNAB, Goodbudget is one of the most popular couple's free budgeting apps with its free version that allows one account, two devices, and limited envelopes. However, this app does not link your bank accounts, and users are required to add account balances manually.

    Features & Pricing

    • Envelope based budgeting
    • Provides budget reports
    • Interactive forum
    • Plan your budget ahead
    • Track debts and budgets

    Goodbudget has a limited free version and a premium package.

    • Plus: $8 /month (or $70 annually)

    Why we like it?

    Besides the envelope system that helps plan and organize the budget, the interactive forum on the Goodbudget website is a good feature when planning budgets. Here, you can chat with the other users and ask about anything, whether a technical question or an opinion on a financial decision.


    Tiller is another great alternative to Mint and Credit Karma with the spreadsheet layout. It links with your bank accounts and pulls the financial data from them to automatically track and categorize expenses.

    Tiller uses the "Foundation Template" to create budgets or provides an option to create a customized spreadsheet. In addition, Tiller emails a comprehensive report that overviews your summarized and organized monthly expenses, which helps you understand your finances better.

    Features & Pricing

    • Customizable spreadsheet templates
    • Insightful dashboard
    • Tracks expenses
    • Emails budget reports
    • Overviews separate tabs for monthly and yearly budget
    • Automated transaction data entry

    Tiller offers a 30-day free trial with a premium package at $79 /year with no ads or hidden charges.

    Why we like it?

    Tiller allows you to split transactions into more than one category for better management. It has a "Build Your Own" feature that helps you create custom templates and financial reports. It also allows you to manage your budgets on the go via Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel app.

    Try the best Mint alternative for free - Bonsai
    Try the best Mint alternative for free - Bonsai

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    Frequently asked questions

    What budgeting app is most similar to Mint?

    Bonsai is the best Mint alternative you can find in the market for freelancers. It is an all-in-one solution that doesn’t just help with keeping track of incomes, expenses, and tax issues, but also streamlines proposals, contracts, time tracking, and invoicing. So sign up for Bonsai NOW!

    Why is Intuit shutting down Mint?

    Mint is Intuit's top personal financing tool with the best features integrated. However, according to the parent company, Intuit, they want to prioritize their focus on Credit Karma, the revised version of Mint known more for its credit monitoring services.

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