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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about this industry.

Does Bonsai allow me to create life coach packages?

Absolutely. With Bonsai you have the ability to create coaching packages based on your own unique coaching framework. Whether you want to invoice every session, collect before your sessions or even get set up with a coaching retainer for maximum revenue - Bonsai has you covered!

Does Bonsai have coaching package templates?

Of course! Whether you are looking for coaching proposals to impress a new client or agreements for newly closed clients, Bonsai has the coaching tools to help you grow and scale your coaching clients.

How can I track new coaching leads and keep up with engaged clients?

Bonsai CRM takes the stress out of managing your client load. Your Bonsai subscription includes automated tracking from our customized embedded forms directly into your coaching CRM. Bonsai cuts down your admin time so you can get back to doing more of what you love.