Life Coach Proposal Template

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Life Coach Proposal Template

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Table of contents

Have you ever thought about becoming a life coach? Do you like to help others? Maybe you have the expertise to help others focus on what is important or perhaps you have some useful life advice you can share with others.

Whatever the case may be, a new relationship with a client begins with a proposal. This can be in multiple ways and in different formats. We will dive further into that later on in the article.

By offering these services, you can help people get through some of the most challenging parts of their life.

They may not know where to turn and you might just be able to guide them to those answers. The good news is that there is a very clear starting point to this type of work. The answer to this would be to construct a life coach contract template you can give to your prospect.

This document will include information they will need to know as they utilize your services. We will go into further detail about what this information looks like.

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What To Include In Life Coach Proposal Templates

If you invest your time into an excellent proposal template, you will save a lot of time later. Since it is a template, you can customize the general outline and personalize each one.

Below, the team at Bonsai will provide you with a free coaching proposal template for your business.

Here are six of the key elements to include in your template:

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Contact information

If you are providing coaching services of any kind, you must include contact information in the proposal to help your clients reach you. If any problems arise, if the potential client wants to ask questions or even hire you, clients would be able tog get in touch.

Your coaching proposal will be a reference point throughout the duration of services that both the client and you are looking at.

Purpose of these services

As with any service, there is always a purpose or wanted outcome. This is the deal that both parties agree to pay for. When both parties have the knowledge needed about these services, it will be easier to understand the process.

By incorporating that into the coaching contract, both parties will know what is right from the start. It will set the right expectations for the coaching relationship.

Reassuring prospective clients right from the start will be an excellent way to ensure they know about the coaching process and the complete services.

Note: Review our life coach intake questionnaire to help you bring on new clients and better serve them. These questions will help you get a deep understanding of what is important to your client, how they work, and assist you with coaching them.

Coaching package

As a life coach, you may have different package levels, that you can also be referred as projects, for your coaching proposal depending on the needs of the client that may have different timelines.

For example, your coaching proposal may have a:

  • Basic package - this can include the base amount of sessions that you offer to your clients. For example, you may provide three in this package. One at the beginning of the journey, one in the middle as a check-in, and one at the end of the journey.
    This is only a sample idea of what you could do with a basic package. It is all dependent on what you want out of it.
  • Intermediate package - this type of package can give a bit more. For example, it could include texting with the coach when clients have questions. It depends on what you and your client want out of it.
  • Advanced Package - perhaps you could have an advanced package that bundles 1-on- 1 coaching sessions along with whatever add-ons you’d like to include.

Make sure your client knows what each package entails, how long they will be, and what they can expect to receive from it by the time the program is over.

Pricing agreement

When agreeing to any contract, ensure that the pricing is agreed upon. To keep things professional and organized, you'll want to explain the pricing agreement that the two of you have agreed upon.

This can look like a payment schedule where the client pays the coach a certain amount of money every 'x # of days', it can be all up front, or it can be all at the end.

The coach usually sets the tone for this topic, and the rest will follow based on the client's needs and wants out of the service.

Format of services

You'll want to ensure that your services' format is established immediately.

The different formats can include:

  • Virtual sessions are done entirely through Skype, FaceTime, Zoom, etc. This is usually the most preferred because it is the most convenient for the clients.
  • In-person sessions - this is the most traditional way of going about sessions with a life coach.
  • Text messaging - some life coaches provide only text messaging services to their clients, but some clients may actually enjoy that as they can use their resources at any time.

As you can see, there are many ways that sessions can be held. They all hold their own pros and cons so try to make that as clear as possible to the client when you first start communicating with them.

Time To Start Pitching New Clients!

Whatever your life coaching services are, they should all accomplish the same goal.

Life coach proposal templates should be set up so that prospective clients do not have any questions regarding your services. This can professionally display yourself.

Everything is laid out from start to finish in this document to give your future clients a synopsis of what you do and what you can help them to accomplish while working with you.

If you follow the template listed above, you will be off to a good start. Feel free to add things that are appropriate to you and your services.

Life Coach Proposal Template
Frequently Asked Questions
Questions about this template.

What should be in a coaching proposal?

Add a visually appealing cover, add your services, showcase your previous case studies, introduce the pricing or costs and provide the next steps to working together. You can try Bonsai's free templates to send professionally designed proposals today.

How do you write a life coach contract?

Begin by customizing Bonsai's coaching template. Our pre-made proposal templates are structured already and all you have to do is customize it to your liking. Just fill in the costs, coaching schedule, description of services, client-coach relationship and terms.

What makes a good coaching contract?

A good coaching contract is composed of a clear outline of goals, boundaries, and costs. Describe the coaching arrangement and the solution to the problem a potential client is facing.