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Free Services Proposal Template

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Proposals are required tools for building a network of loyal customers. If you want to establish a strong long-term business connection, craft a professional services proposal template. It makes you organize and better improve your productivity in writing and submitting your proposal for new contracts. A proposal template is an ideal tool for winning more projects and getting more clients to give you the green light to render your services.

Whether you are doing SEO, content writing, IT support, or selling any service; a quality services proposal template is sure to convert. It makes your work faster as it is fully editable, so you can always make it your style. It is okay if you don't know how to craft one for yourself. You can always get a template online that will be ready for your taste with few clicks. That gives you the flexibility to get your proposal across to a new client in no time to focus on your core business activity.

Services Proposal Template Example
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What is a services proposal template?

When you are trying to win over a potential service client, it is essential to have a visual aid or any convincing material to support your strategy. Submitting a proposal is a vital step to begin and build a successful client relationship that may lead to much more business.

A services proposal template is a business document that gives the guideline and strategy to execute a project. If you sell a service, the document should include the scope of the service, objective, problem, and solution as well as the timeframe for the project. The proposal should cover the most significant work you’ve done and the analysis of how you will support your client in the new project.

What goes into a services proposal template?

A services proposal template should include all relevant information needed for stakeholders or clients to make a decision. More often than not, your client will appreciate not only seeing information required to achieve the goals but also the resources and tools needed to achieve them. Below are the essential sections in a services proposal template.

1. Title page

The first page of a service proposal should introduce the document as a proposal stating the exact service it deals with, whether accounting service, content writing, or videography. After the title of the document comes the personal information of the sender and the receiver. At the minimum, it should include the name of the business, phone, and contact address and email.

2. Cover letter

This section of a services proposal template should introduce your services to your client, and it should be tailored with respect to the proposed service of your client. Highlight your past projects and successes, discuss your proficiency and necessary support for your client. You may include relevant reasons why you are the best fit for the job.

3. Services

The service field is the section to be more explicit about your offerings. List the services you offer and briefly describe them with specifics concerning what your client desires.

Services Proposal Template Sample
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4. Compensation

Discuss your payment model and pricing policy and ensure you are detailed enough. Clients often consider compensation terms and pricing models to hire service professionals. You may give a break down of cost by putting the fees against the cost of each service.

5. Terms and conditions

Service professionals have an operating policy, and that must reflect in your services proposal template. Add your preferred payment method, payment window, and discount offers, among others. Anticipate questions and deal with them accordingly in your terms and conditions.

6. Acceptance

Create a field for authorization below the document. It is a diplomatic way to encourage a potential client to approve and give you the green light to work for them.

Free Services Proposal Template
Frequently Asked Questions
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How do you write a service proposal?

It's easy to write a service proposal with Bonsai. With our pre-made service proposal template, all you need to do is download and edit. Create an account toda.

Why do you need a service proposal?

A proposal is a necessary tool for you to get new clients. It contains your understanding to the client's pain points, your proposed solutions for it, details of the project, timeline, and costs.

Where can I find a free service proposal template?

Sign up with Bonsai and check out their free service proposal templates. It's easy to edit, personalize and use again in the future. Our templates are simple to adapt to your project or employment requirements. Include all applicable experience, words, and reasons why you would be a great employee in your application. Try Bonsai today at no cost.