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Table of contents

A coaching bio isn't the same as a social media bio. You won't be writing a few lines; most of the time, coaches dedicate an entire page of their website as an 'About Me' section. In order to drive new client leads or impress prospective clients on your coaching proposals, you'll need a strong life coaching bio to highlight your achievements!

To get the most out of your coaching bio, take note of a few formatting tips:

  • Break your bio into sections. Use clear subheadings, but avoid making them derivative. Instead of saying 'About Me,' for instance, use something more interesting, like 'My Coaching Philosophy.'
  • Include a professional photo of yourself. Don't be afraid to smile and show your warmth; clients want to see your personality coming through.
  • Make sure your bio is easy to read. Use shorter paragraphs and avoid jargon. Keep it simple, so that potential clients can understand what you do in a few seconds of scanning the page. 
  • Strategically use lists to highlight your credentials and qualifications whilst breaking up large blocks of text. 
  • Include links to other websites, such as social media profiles or a blog. This can help clients find out more about you before they commit to working with you. 

Once it's all written up, run your bio by someone else for feedback – preferably a professional who specializes in coaching bio writing! It's always helpful to get an objective opinion on how well you've presented yourself in the bio. 

Examples of Great Coaching Bios

Interested to see how other professionals have written their bios? Here are some exemplary professional coach bios to give you inspiration:

How do I write a bio for a coach? 

A great coaching bio should be broken into sections, include a professional photo of yourself, use easy-to-read language, and strategically use lists to highlight your credentials. Links to social media profiles or blogs can help clients find out more about you before they commit to working with you. 

How do I make my coach bio stand out?

Aside from following the formatting tips mentioned above, you can make your coach bio stand out by highlighting unique qualities or credentials that will draw in clients. If you have any special certifications, awards, or accomplishments, be sure to include them! Use language that makes it clear how much of a difference your coaching services can make for potential clients. 

What should I include in a coach bio?

Your coach bio should include a professional photo of yourself, an overview of your coaching practice and unique approach, any credentials or qualifications you have, your experience as a coach, client testimonials, and contact information. 

How do I use testimonials in my coach bio?

Testimonials can be incredibly effective in your coach bio, as they provide social proof that you are a successful and experienced coach. Include the client’s full name, title (if applicable), and company to add credibility to your bio. If possible, include a photo of the client alongside their testimonial. Always ask for permission before using a client’s testimonial in your bio. 

How do I appeal to my target market in my coach bio?

The key to appealing to your target market in your coach bio is to focus on the language you use. Use words and phrases that will resonate with them, such as “I specialize in helping busy executives take control of their lives” or “As an experienced business coach, I help entrepreneurs find clarity and direction for their businesses.” Make sure you focus on the results and outcomes potential clients can expect from working with you. 

How do I showcase my unique approach in my coach bio?

Your unique approach as a coach should be highlighted in your bio. Write about what makes your coaching practice unique and focus on the results clients can expect from working with you. Give examples of how you have helped current or former clients reach their desired outcomes and provide clear information about how you work with clients. 

Free Life Coaching Bio Template Example

[Name], [Credentials]

[Headshot or Professional Image] 

I'm [Name], a [coach type] with over [number of years] of experience. I specialize in helping my clients [objective A] and [objective B]. My approach is based on a combination of [list techniques]. I work closely with my clients to ensure that they are getting the most out of our sessions together. 

My coaching style is focused on...

My experience consists of...

My clients have said...

If you're looking for a [coaching type] to help you achieve your goals, let's connect. 

[Name], [Credentials]

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about this template.

Why do you need a coaching bio?

Without a coaching bio, your prospective clients will have no idea what you've achieved for your clients or what it is like to work with you as a coach. A coaching template helps you look more polished, professional and experienced.

Can I write my own coaching bio from scratch?

It is a cumbersome process that requires a lot of time, and attention to detail. With Bonsai you get access to coach bio templates designed to win you more business!