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You know the value that long-term clients bring to your freelancing business. First, they assure you of constant work, which equates to more revenue. As long as you earn revenue regularly, you increase your chances of hitting profitability constantly. It takes hard work to convert a normal client into a long-term one. For starters, you have to focus on making them as happy as possible. Happiness hinges on doing things differently and mostly with the client in mind. Fortunately, you have access to tons of tools you could use to achieve this. One such tool is the simple quotation template. Learn how to use it to make your clients happy, so they come back for more.

1. Solve their problems

A quotation offers more than just your rates. Many freelancers – and clients too – think of prices at the mention of the word “quotation.” However, you ought to strive to be a bit different by making yours focus on solving your clients’ problems. Before delving deeper, it would be worth pointing out that you can only solve the problems that you understand. Therefore, understand your clients and their problems first using these techniques before you fill the simple quotation template with your rates. Develop a habit of asking questions to get a good grasp of the issues. At this point, it is good to mention that you will not always get problems you are familiar with. Therefore, be ready to learn how to solve new problems too!

2. Display honesty

Honesty attracts long-term clients, and that starts with the kind of information you include on the simple quotation template. It helps you to earn the trust of your clients. While it is clear that honesty does not come easily to most people, it is important to learn how to develop honest relations with your clients. The first thing you have to realize is its power in breaking or building relationships. Honesty is not related to the information you reveal about yourself only. Instead, it also touches on what you tell clients about them. At times, you need to tell clients something brutally honesty – obviously, with a bit of empathy. They may not want to hear what you have to say, but they will respect you nonetheless for saying it.

3. Meeting deadlines

Freelance clients are short of time too. They need their projects completed and submitted in good time. Consequently, in your pursuit for long-term clients, you have to learn to meet deadlines. This requires understanding the problems that need solving, first. Afterward, identify the most appropriate solution for the problem. Once you have done these two, the next step is to deliver the work on time. Where possible, you should deliver way before the deadline to give clients enough time for requesting adjustments where applicable. Again, you could also use the simple quotation template to mention this to the clients. As you do that, they will respect you and give you more work – and money!

4. Make yourself available

Making yourself available is all about letting clients know that they can always count on you! As you continually do that, you would be gradually converting them into long-term clients. Being available is not synonymous with answering a text message, email, or phone call at 3am when you should be resting. Instead, it means that you are readily available to answer any question or concern clients could have about their projects. Give clients more than one option of contacting you. More importantly, take the initiative and ask them for their preferred method of communication. Once you get or provide this information on the simple quotation template, make sure that you respond to their communication at the earliest possible opportunity.

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