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A performance coaching template is a good way to ensure your employees get the proper career advice and training. A coach needs to set up the perfect coaching plan, catering to one's needs.

But how do you build the perfect performance coaching templates? What does a document like this have to cover? There are plenty of programs such as Bonsai that can offer you a template, but you should also know the basics.

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Parts of a Performance Coaching Template

For the coaching process to go as smoothly as possible, you need to create the "bone structure" of the performance coaching program. A professional template may prove very useful in this regard.

There are many programs out there such as Bonsai that can provide a coaching template for you to use. They can help you save time, as you will no longer have to structure the template yourself.

Overall, here are the parts of a client business, life or health coaching program:

Coaching Area/Topic

Your coaching template should cover what the employee is training for. It could be some new skills or improvements on some older skills.

For instance, the employee may want to communicate better with their team. They may also want to learn how to use analytics and management tools, to better support their team.

Benefits of Change

The template should outline the advantages if the aim is to change something. What are the benefits that the employees will gain from your action plan?

The goal is not enough; you need to motivate them as well. For instance, by learning time management, they can become more productive and reduce time-related stress.

Desired Outcome

A coaching template will contain expectations as well. What do coaching employees hope to achieve in the future through this training? Are they just looking for improvement and general guidance, or do they want a promotion? These need to be set clear.


Every type of training should have delimitations. How long do you expect it to take until your organization achieves progress?

If you are the manager, try to set that final date in the near future. This way, you may talk about potential roadblocks to your objectives and obtain feedback.

Action Plan

The action plans are very important for the success of the coaching session. What are the action steps that should be taken through training?

This can be anything from a change in routine to continued education or new daily to-do lists.

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How to Create an Effective Coaching Program

Creating a coaching program is not that difficult if you stay organized. Here are the steps that managers should take.

Establish Your Goals

The first step is to set up your goals. Discuss with your employee and determine what they expect to achieve through coaching.

You should try implementing SMART goals that cater to the job or business. Short for "Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely," this will ensure the expectations remain realistic.

Assess Your Coaching Skills

Now that you have the coaching goals, you should assess your current resources and skill set. This will help you fill in the gaps as a manager, but also help maintain realistic expectations.

Determine the Activities and Tactics

Decide on the tools used for your employees to achieve personal growth. For instance, they may use Bonsai for better money management. This may be mixed with 1-on-1 coaching sessions.

You may want to get some feedback from your employees during the coaching sessions. This can help you respond to their needs and improve potential buy-in. Eventually, this will help improve customer satisfaction.

Create a Timeline

It's important to know when a process starts and when it should end. For this reason, you will want to develop a timeline. Each step should have its timetable that your employee can incorporate into his or her schedule.

Deadlines are a good way to maintain a timeline. This way, they'll be motivated enough to keep up with the timeline.

Set Up Accountability Plans

Schedules are great, but your employees also need to be held accountable for potential objectives. Programs such as Bonsai may be used to ensure regular updates are provided. There are also multiple accountability apps there that can ensure accurate data recording.

Create Communication Channels

How will you talk to your employee about their progress? Should you meet them in person, or can phone calls be an option?

Do you need to respect a schedule? Can you be contacted between appointments? Discuss which option works best for you.

It is best to make these expectations clear from the very beginning. The more details you know, the more streamlined the process will be. Plus, this will show the employees that you care enough to listen to their needs.

Set Up an Annual Performance Review

Lastly, you should set up an annual performance review of your employee coaching sessions. Do you see any improvement in the way the tasks are handled?

You should try getting some constructive feedback from your coaching employees (try our coaching feedback form template). This way, you will know that your methods do not become dated.

Bottom Line

Performance coaching templates represent a good way to ensure proper rapport with your employees. It gives you plenty of feedback, allowing you to make the necessary changes to keep things running. After all, your clients come to you for help, so coaching programs are useful to keep everything within the company up to the standards.

Frequently Asked Questions
Questions about this template.

Does Bonsai allow me to create life coach packages?

To conduct performance coaching, you'll need to create an action plan for your client, set some goals, and promote continuous support/learning. This is how you conduct and deliver great performance coaching.

How do I write a coaching plan?

Write down the goals you want to explore, the plan of action, the coachee's perspective, needs, values and beliefs, and establish the accountabiltiy/support your services would provide.

What is a performance coaching plan?

A coaching action plan is designed to help employees advance their skills, direct them toward a certain result, and accomplish goals more quickly, easily, and effectively.