Vision Board Worksheet Template

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Table of contents

A vision board gives you a visual representation of the goals you want to achieve and the steps you need to take for them. With a vision board, you can conquer your fairs and doubts and resolve the problems on your way towards your dreams. It is also a helpful tool for life coaches to help their clients manifest their dreams and set goals for themselves.

But how can you help them create a vision board? Many coaches offer vision board worksheets to clients to help them think about what they want to accomplish professionally, personally, or academically. Read more to learn what the worksheet is and how it can help you. 

What is a Vision Board Worksheet?

A vision board is a collection of words, images, and objects representing an individual’s goals or wishes. The vision board is designed to motivate or inspire an individual. When it comes to the vision board worksheet is a worksheet that includes multiple questions or several statements that allow you to understand what you should include on your client’s vision board. By filling out the vision board worksheet, you can understand their goals and the need for the vision board. 

With a worksheet, an individual can create visual representations of goals and objectives through a collage of words and pictures. The visual board worksheet serves as a daily reminder of what your client wants and encourages them to make their vision a reality.

Benefits of Using a Vision Board Worksheet to Coach Clients

Get Clarity on Goals 

A vision board worksheet is an ideal tool that helps your client get clarity on the goals they want to achieve. It can help them bring awareness to what matters most so they can focus right things in their life. 

Offers Motivation

While vision board has plenty of benefits, people often find them hard to create. With a worksheet, you can motivate them to create their vision board that will act as a first step toward success. 

Helps in Visualization 

A vision board worksheet is ideal for visualizing what element you need to add to your client’s board. Visualization can help you create an effective board. 

What Things Need to be Included in the Vision Board Worksheet?

A vision board worksheet should include all the important elements to create a board. You need to create a worksheet with space to add images that need to be included. Additionally, incorporating affirmations is also necessary. The affirmations should be something that reflects the goal and objective of your client. 

Besides that, the worksheet needs to answer all the important questions that will help to create the board. This includes what type of vision board you need for your client, their goals, what encourages them to set a particular goal, and what quote motivates them the most. Your client will give their answer to help them create a plan for the vision board. 

The last and most important thing is that a worksheet should include the steps to create the vision board. It should clarify each step so that the person can follow the steps to bring the physical form of the vision board. 

4 Types of Vision Board Worksheets

1) Vision Board Worksheet with Categories

This type of vision board worksheet is simple and includes no pictures. Instead, this worksheet has different categories that allow individuals to write their goals based on their different goals regarding different aspects of life. For instance, this sheet can include categories like professional goals, personal goals, health goals, and couple goals. 

2) Simple Worksheet

This is a worksheet with a space that allows you to write anything you want to help create a vision board for your client. It simply gives you space to create a plan for the board. To create the vision board, you can write their goals, affirmations, images, and steps. 

3) To-Do List Vision Board Worksheet

Goal list and to-do list- this worksheet has both. It’s divided into two parts. In one space, you need to write goals; in other areas, you have to mention the entire thing they need to do to achieve those goals.

4) Worksheet with Images, Affirmations, and Much More

It’s another type of vision board worksheet that allows you to add every type of element so that your client can visualize their vision board. This will help you create a super-inspiring board that will motivate them to achieve their goals. 

How to Create a Vision Board Worksheet exercise

Steps to Create a Vision Board Worksheet

Wondering is there any steps to create a vision board worksheet? Well, while you can create a board based on your own preferences, a vision board can only do the trick if it has all the elements that can motivate you to achieve your dreams. 

This can only be possible with the right vision board worksheet. To create a proper worksheet that covers all the important aspects that could revolve around the visual board, you need to consider some important factors. Here are the steps that you should follow for a perfect worksheet.

  • Search for some examples of worksheets on the internet to get inspired
  • Gather material to create a sheet
  • Take some time to clarify your client’s vision
  • Think about what type of goals an individual can have
  • Start with the most important things like name, interest, and values
  • Add a section for goals
  • Make sure to create a section for the thing a person needs to do to achieve the goal
  • Consider the type of vision board you need to create for your client
  • If the type of board you have chosen needs to have images of goals, assign an area on a worksheet for the images
  • Give space for goal setting

Tips to Create a Worksheet

Choose Your Goals

If you want to create a vision board for your client, you need to compel them to think about the goals they want to achieve. They should take the time to think about their dreams and what success they want to attract. 

Understanding these goals will help you create a worksheet and a visual board with them. Also, make sure the goals are clear. If not, you might end up with a vision board that offers a complex message. This way, it will not offer the strength and courage they need to achieve their goals. 

Opt for Images

While images are not necessary, they can have a great impact on you whenever you see them. Image can help you visualize success and boost your confidence to work for it. Therefore, adding as many pictures as possible is best to create an appealing vision board that brings your clients closer to their dreams. 

Write Affirmations

They can help you focus your energy on achieving your desires for yourself and create a strong sense of self-belief. Positive affirmations are a powerful tool that helps to create positive changes in your life. They can constantly remind you of the importance of things you need to achieve in your life. 

Mention Steps to Achieve a Goal 

While you will be creating a worksheet, it should include the steps that are important for the client to achieve their aims. These benchmarks will help them take small steps that help them get closer to their dreams. 

Using the Vision Board Worksheet

Once you create a vision board worksheet, you can start working on the vision board with your client. Use your worksheet as the primary source of information. Also, check what you mentioned to add to the vision board. Collect the materials, such as images, markers, sheets, and cardboard, and start adding the elements to the board. 

Make sure that the goals are clear and easily understandable. Also, write the affirmations big enough that you can read from far. Another important thing is that you need to update your vision board now and then. 

Ask your clients to review their vision board every month and see what steps they have taken and what goals they have achieved. They may tick things they have completed or remove them from the board. Also, they can add more goals they plan to achieve in the future. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose the right images for my worksheet?

Opt for images that truly represent your goals. For instance, if you want to travel to different countries, add pictures of countries where you want to go. Any picture that can help you manifest your goals will do the trick. 

Can I use a vision board worksheet for business goals?

Yes! A vision board worksheet is ideal to use for every type of goal. Whether business, personal, or financial, you can use a vision board to make your dream come true. 

How long does it take to see results from using a vision board worksheet?

There is no definite time. Although a vision board will help you set goals and work towards them, you need to put in great effort and energy to get to the point you visualize. The vision board will not do anything if you don’t do anything. But if you are working hard and using a vision board, you can expect to get results soon.

Can I make changes to my worksheet after I’ve completed it?

Of course, you can add or eliminate things in the worksheet. Once you create a worksheet, you should review it, and if you find anything you need to change, you should go for it. But it’s best to check the worksheet multiple times before creating the vision board. 

What is the difference between a vision board and a vision board worksheet?

Vision board and vision board worksheet are different. A worksheet allows you to plan for your vision board and how you can create one. It helps you create steps, what elements you need to add to your vision board, and your goals. On the other hand, a vision board is a complete board that you can keep in your room. This helps you value your success daily and keeps you motivated for the future. 


In a nutshell, a vision board worksheet is the simplest and most effective way to create an effective and promising vision board for your clients. A proper worksheet will help ensure the success your clients always dream of. So, don’t wait and create a worksheet for them. You can also get help from Bonsai to get a perfect worksheet for your client’s goal

Frequently Asked Questions

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