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Creating invoices doesn’t need to be tedious and time-consuming! A streamlined billing process can save you time and improve your professional image — that’s where online invoice generators and invoice templates come in! 

Dive into our comprehensive guide on using Bonsai’s invoice generator, because it provides an easy solution to save you time, reduce errors, and look like a pro with every invoice you send! We cover:

  • Making an invoice with Bonsai’s generator
  • Essential things to include in an invoice
  • Benefits and advantages of using online generators
  • How to get the most out of your online generator
  • Frequently asked questions. 

Let’s get started

How to Make an Invoice Using the Invoice Generator

Want to generate detailed, professionally-designed invoices for your business? The Online Invoice Generator by Bonsai makes it easy to create invoices, work orders, and bills in seconds.

Follow these steps to create an invoice:

Add Business Details

Use the fillable Invoice Generator tool to input your business name, contact information, logo, and business branding. Custom branding options allow you to create invoices specifically for your business.

Input Client Details

Enter your client’s name, company, and contact information. You can produce multiple invoices for all of your customers.

Include Invoice Details

Provide the invoice number, date of issue, and due date for the invoice. Edit the fields according to your business requirements.

List Goods or Services Provided

Include line items for all the goods or services you are billing for. This can also include any materials used during the project. Include the description, quantity, and pricing for each line item. 

Calculate the Total

The Invoice Generator calculates totals and taxes automatically, but be sure to double check for accuracy. Add any additional taxes, shipping charges, or discounts, if applicable. 

Add Additional Information

The Invoice Generator generates invoices automatically, but you can always customize the final invoice according to your business needs. Choose from a vast template variety, data import/export features, and several supported formats to streamline your business invoicing. nclude any additional information or terms, such as payment instructions, late fee policies, or a personalized message to the client.

Save and Send the Invoice

Finalize your invoice and decide how to send it to your client. You can download the invoice as a PDF, print it, email it directly to your client, share it via a link, export it to Google Docs, or save it for your records. The Online Invoice Generator formats invoices for print and digital use to accommodate your clients’ preferences.

Creating and Customizing Invoices

With the Online Invoice Generator, you can create and customize detailed invoices without having to design your own documents from scratch. The automated tool designs professional-looking invoices on demand—all you need to do is plug in the details!

Here a few ways to customize your invoices:

  • Add images or a business logo
  • Describe goods or services rendered
  • Add business font and colors
  • Include links to your business website, Instagram, YouTube, etc.
  • Create invoices for Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Google Docs, or PDF file formats
  • Calculate total payment amount, including taxes
  • Preview the invoice and check for accuracy
  • Accept online payments, credit card payments, etc.

How to Send an Invoice

People and businesses love the Online Invoice Generator because it’s simple, fast, and easy to use. Produce professional invoices and send to clients online to get paid the right way.

With the online invoice maker, you can send invoices a variety of ways:

  • Download and export the finalized invoice statement as a PDF
  • Email the PDF invoice directly to your client
  • Print the invoice and mail it to your client via standard mail
  • Convert the invoice into a Google Doc and share the link with your client
  • Duplicate existing invoice templates for new clients
  • Edit the downloadable invoice in Microsoft Excel and use formulas to calculate the total; share to client using a link or PDF

How to Fill Out an Invoice

Filling out an invoice is quick and simple. Save time with the online invoice creator by generating invoices on your computer, tablet, or smartphone device. 

There are only a few steps to filling out an invoice:

  1. Set the invoice number and date
  2. Provide your business contact information
  3. Provide the recipient’s contact information
  4. Describe the goods or services provided
  5. Itemize the costs, prices, or expenses
  6. Add taxes or additional fees
  7. Calculate the total amount due
  8. Include payment terms and due date
  9. Add detailed payment instructions
  10. Include any additional information or notes
  11. Add a personalized message or thank you (Optional)
  12. Send the invoice to the recipient
  13. Keep a copy for your records

Essential Elements of an Invoice

Consultants, freelancers, contractors, and business owners all use invoices to collect payments from clients. But in order to get paid on time (and correctly), your invoice needs to include some essential information. Don’t forget these elements when creating invoices:

  • Invoice number
  • Invoice date
  • Due date
  • Seller’s contact information
  • Buyer’s contact information
  • Description of goods or services
  • Itemized list of charges
  • Subtotal
  • Taxes
  • Additional fees
  • Total amount due
  • Payment terms
  • Payment instructions
  • Seller’s bank information (if applicable)

What is the Layout of a Typical Invoice?

A typical invoice is usually a single-page document that outlines the services/goods delivered, the costs for each, and terms required to issue payment. The exact layout can vary depending on the invoice template format or invoicing software, but typically follows this structure:

  • Header
  • Includes the company logo, company name, contact information, phone number, and email address
  • Invoice title
  • Clear label of “Invoice” to identify the document’s purpose
  • Invoice details
  • Includes the invoice number, invoice date (issued), and due date
  • Billing and shipping information
  • Includes the seller’s contact details, the buyer’s contact information, and the location/address to which goods will be delivered (if applicable)
  • List of goods or services
  • Includes a detailed description of the products or services provided, the quantity of each item, hours of work (if applicable), and unit price for each
  • Summary of charges
  • The calculated total cost for before and after taxes and additional fees; includes discounts (if applicable)
  • Payment terms
  • Instructions on how the payment should be made, accepted payment methods (e.g., check, bank transfer, cash, credit cards, PayPal, Stripe), and seller’s dank Details or payment instructions
  • Notes
  • Any additional information or specific terms related to the transaction.
  • Contact information
  • Additional contact information or support details if the customer has questions or issues

Get Your Invoice Template Now!

Benefits of Online Invoice Generators

Creating business invoices from scratch can be confusing and time-consuming. Online Invoice Generators help you save time, providing editable fields that allow you to create invoices in just a few clicks. The Online Invoice Generator works for any industry, commerce business, consultant, or contractor.


Create commercial invoices that suit your branding in a matter of seconds. The Online Invoice Generator makes sending invoices simple and fast.

Professional Appearance

The Online Invoice Generator creates customizable templates that are professionally designed with real businesses in mine. Make a positive impression with a professional invoice.


Increase sales and streamline transactions without creating invoices from scratch. The Online Invoice Generator saves you time (and money) compared to creating your own templates yourself.


Create invoices with a click of a button. Whether you need a PDF invoice, a printable invoice, an email invoice, or an online invoice, you can create quick invoices in seconds, not hours.

No monthly fee

The Online Invoice Generator provides a cost-effective solution to your invoicing struggles. Balance your books and increase revenue, without paying hefty fees for expensive invoicing tools.

Advantages of Using Online Invoicing Systems

Free online invoice generators are convenient and quick, but may not offer the functionality you need to scale your business. Online invoicing systems provide another level of features that help streamline your invoicing. Use a tool that automates the billing process from start to finish. 

Cost Reduction

No need to hire dedicated staff to design and send professional invoices. With an online invoicing system, you can generate invoices quickly, for less than the cost of designing invoices in house. 


Online invoicing systems save you time when it comes to your business billing. For example, Bonsai saves invoice drafts for later and even duplicates previous invoices for recurring clients, meaning you don’t have to create unique invoices from scratch.

Organizational Efficiency

Online invoicing software organizes invoices by date, client, or status, making it easy to find previous payments or follow-up on unpaid invoices. This helps ensure that you get paid on time and don’t miss out on any client payments.


Online software allows you to preview invoices before sending and download invoice copies for record-keeping. This adds another layer of accessibility, making it easy to organize and access your business financials at any time.

Automated Payment Reminders

Get notified when an invoice is viewed or paid, and set automated reminders to clients. Online invoicing tools help ensure you never miss a payment.

Read Receipts

Invoicing software allows you to see when clients have opened an invoice and can track unpaid invoices so you don’t have to follow up manually. No need to send a text or email to remind a client to pay you—you can send a reminder via your professional invoicing platform.

Error Minimization

Don’t rely on your own math skills to calculate totals and taxes. Even the best accountant can make errors from time to time. Cloud-based invoicing tools use formulas to accurately calculate subtotals, total costs, taxes, and more.

Multilingual and Multi-Currency Support

Whether your business operates in the United States, Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Thailand, China, or beyond, you need a payment platform that can accommodate any country, language, or currency. Bonsai manages multiple currencies and tax rates, helping you run your business anywhere in the world.


Online invoicing tools offer a level of customization not available with sample invoice templates. Customize your fields, add your business logo, change the design, update colors, and more with your very own invoicing portal.


Bonsai ynchronizes with online payment gateways, offering a more secure way to collect payment. Fully encrypted and secure, professional invoicing tools ensure you get paid correctly without being subjected to bugs or hackers.

Financial Reports and Overview

Review your business financials anywhere, at any time. Scroll through invoice numbers to see payment status, get an overview of your business revenue, check collection status, and more with detailed financial reports and a user-friendly dashboard.

How to Use the Online Invoice Generator

You don’t need to be a professional bookkeeper to create detailed invoices for your business. With online invoice generators, templates, and software, anyone can create professional invoices in seconds.

Making the Most of Invoice Generators

Invoice generators allow you to save time and money when it comes to your business invoicing. To make the most of online invoice generators, it’s best to establish a process for filling out, customizing, and sending your invoices. We recommend collecting all of the relevant information (client name, contact information, services, prices, etc.) in advance, filling out the invoice generator, and sending the completed invoice in the format that works best for client. 

Over time, you will establish the right system for your business and bandwidth.

Importance of Professional Presentation

The presentation of your invoices might seem like a minor detail, but it can make a huge difference in the impression you make on your clients. A professional invoice shows a client that you mean business, that you’re detail-oriented, and that you intend on following up on your invoices (like a boss!).

Choosing the Right Invoice Generator

When it comes to invoice generators, you have a lot of options. At Bonsai, we provide a range of features that essentially allow you to run your entire business from one place. That means you don’t have to pick and choose features from different software tools. When choosing the right invoice generator for your business, consider: 

  • What type of user interface do you need?
  • What is the level of customer support do you expect from the platform?
  • What payment options are available?
  • What invoicing formats are available?
  • What currencies and languages does the platform support?
  • Is the platform offer a fully security payment portal?
  • Are invoices customizable to your business?

Explor your options and decide on what platform offers what you (and your customers) are looking for. 

Different Types of Invoice Generators

There are many different types of invoice generators available—from cloud-based software to web apps to online templates. Many businesses choose to use one or several of these options, depending on their preferences (and customers’ preferences).

Web-based invoice generators: These are accessible through your web browser. Examples include websites that offer invoice generation services.

Cloud-based software: These are more sophisticated, offering additional features like invoice tracking, payment integration, and customer management.

Desktop applications: This is software that’s installed on a computer or laptop, functioning without an internet connection. Examples include Microsoft Excel or standalone invoicing software.

Template-based invoice generators: These are pre-designed templates available in word processors like Microsoft Word or Google Docs, or spreadsheets like Microsoft Excel.

PDF templates: These include printable PDF invoice templates where users can manually fill in details.

Automated invoice generators: These are services that automatically generate and send invoices based on scheduled intervals. These usually synchronize with online payment gateways.

Why Use an Invoice Generator?

Looking for a quick and seamless way to create invoices? Bonsai is here to help. Design branded invoices, send payment reminders, track collection status, review business financials, and more—all within a single platform!

Here are some of the (many) benefits of using Bonsai’s invoice generator:

Look Like a Pro

Unless you’re a graphic designer, chances are that designing bespoke invoices is not your forte. But with an invoice generator, you can create professional, custom-branded invoices in seconds—without the use of fancy design tools.

Save Time

Automated invoice generators allow you to update invoice details in real-time, making your invoicing process faster than ever. You can import client details for invoicing, share invoices through various platforms, and even download invoice copies for record-keeping. This saves a ton of time in your business.

Save Money

Few small businesses have the bandwidth or budget to design custom invoices from scratch. “Outsource” your invoicing with automation, with the help of cloud-based invoicing software. This helps you save money at every stage of your invoicing and accounting process.

Reduce Errors

We’re all prone to making mistakes—but doing so with your invoicing can cause real problems in your business. Automated and accurate tools help ensure you don’t miss out on the finer details. Make sure you get paid the right amount (and on time) with the help of Bonsai.

Go Paperless

A dusty file folder might not be the best place for your most important financial documents. Go paperless with an online invoicing tool. Bonsai records payment receipts against invoices, archives old invoices for future reference, and retrieves past invoices with ease, removing the need to rely on paper documents. Everything you need is online, right at your fingertips.


Can I customize my invoices using the invoice generator?

While the online invoice generator does allow you to add elements like your business logo and contact information, it does not offer complete customization. In order to customize invoices to suit your business branding, details, payment requirements, and the like, consider using an online invoicing platform like Bonsai.

Can I set up recurring invoices for regular clients?

The Online Invoice Generator only allows for you to create simple invoices. It does not have the ability to schedule recurring invoices, track payments, or send reminders. Bonsai is an all-in-one accounting and invoicing solution that allows you to streamline your invoicing, including setting recurring invoices, reminders, and follow-ups.

Can I send reminders for overdue invoices automatically?

The Online Invoice Generator is a free tool for creating simple invoices, but it does not have the functionality to send payment reminders. To remind clients about overdue invoices and outstanding balances, it is best to use an online invoicing system. Set reminders, keep up with your business bookkeeping, improve collaboration with Bonsai.