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Create new coaching clients in 15 minutes a day with this comprehensive guide

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Access all of Bonsai's coaching tools: intake forms, time tracking, invoices & more.
Access all of Bonsai's coaching tools: intake forms, time tracking, invoices & more.
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Updated on:
December 11, 2022
December 11, 2022
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Access all of Bonsai's coaching tools: intake forms, time tracking, invoices & more.
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The intense competition nowadays is making it harder to build a successful coaching business. While coaching is one of the industries with the greatest growth, you have to put in a lot of effort to stand out in a very crowded market in order to turn prospects into paying clients. But if you're running your own coaching practice, you don't want all your time consumed in trying to get new clients. So you must find a balance when growing your coaching career.

Whether you're just starting an in-person or online coaching business, or you're trying to promote a new coaching program, you can use this comprehensive guide to create new coaching clients in 15 minutes a day. Now you probably want to find ways to expand your business without breaking the bank, so we'll go over a few examples of how to do it organically, without paid advertising. Let's get to it!

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How Do You Get Coaching Clients Fast?

While there isn't an "overnight way" to get coaching clients, there are some strategies you can use to organically increase traffic and expand your influence in the coaching industry. Taking advantage of social media and other online platforms is undoubtedly one of the most efficient ways of doing so. From developing a distinctive selling proposal and networking abilities to smart marketing strategies and sales methods, there are many ways in which these platforms can help you reach your potential clients and bring them onboard.

Of course, there are many excellent organic strategies you could implement such as content marketing, video creation, and SEO. However, in this article we'll focus on quicker ways to get your marketing strategy off the ground and get more clients.

Marketing Your Coaching Business in 15 Minutes a Day

There are many types of coaches out there (business coaches, career coaches, life coaches, etc...) but they all have one thing in common. They're looking for the fastest way to turn a prospect into a paying client. Which is why you're here. So let's go over some of the most efficient ways to grow your clientele in no time. Get your time tracker ready and let's get to work!

Create Your Own Facebook Group

A Facebook group is a fantastic marketing strategy. The value it can bring to your coaching business may even be greater than simply having social media presence. Facebook groups can help you reach a targeted audience and improve your call-to-actions. As it expands, it can also provide you with a real-time input on your services to help you make improvements to your coaching programs.

Here are a few key aspects to keep in mind when creating your own Facebook group.

- First of all, try to come up with an intriguing but perfectly clear name for your group. Remember that Facebook will suggest groups to people depending on their interests, and if they can't tell what your group is about simply by reading the name, you'll have far less chances of them wanting to join it. For example, a business coach may choose a name like 'Reach Your Business Goals'.

- You'll also want to get your audience involved by staying involved and engaged in the group yourself. Stand out among your competitors by participating in discussions regularly (replying to comments, answering direct messages, liking posts, etc...). Don't be afraid to show people what you've got, they want to know how you can help them if they choose to join your group.

Add Your Target Audience On LinkedIn/Facebook

Why sit and wait for your ideal client to find you? Take action and find them yourself! You can put aside a few minutes of your day to look for people who are interested in the type of services you provide. Platforms like Facebook or LinkedIn are great ways to find people ready to do business. A good place to start is by looking at your own audience and past clients. What relevant groups or discussions are they following?

You can become an active part of those groups and discussions in order to identify people who's profile aligns with your target audience and reach out to them either by adding them to on Facebook or sending a request to connect on LinkedIn. It's a great way to actively show interest and share your services to potentially get new business from them.

Publish Helpful Content (add CTAs!)

As a coach, you probably have lots of content ideas to motivate your audience as you provide material to address their issues. You just want to be sure that the interests of the people or audience you want to reach are reflected in your internet material. It's simple; an effective content strategy will translate into impact and revenue. Although there is no right or wrong form of content, you must determine what fits your brand and the kind of material that your audience enjoys interacting with.

Some of the most effective types of content you can focus on include e-books, live videos, contests, online courses, a monthly newsletter, and infographics. Always aim to create educational, relatable, and shareable content. A key element here is that your content must always encourage users to take action. By using CTA's (call-to-actions) you can encourage your viewers to take decisive action toward becoming a client, and in fact, this can determine whether a lead becomes a conversion.

Let them know how to get in contact with you if they want more information about your coaching program, if they have questions or even any suggestions. Encourage them to book their free coaching call and make it easy for them to do so. Trust me, this will increase your conversion rate dramatically.

Pitch Podcasts

Podcasting is a powerful way to build authority in your industry and give potential clients a new way to reach you. Now starting your own podcast and creating content for it will definitely take more than 15 minutes a day (although if you have the time, it will be a valuable pillar in your organic marketing approach). However, you can start by activating your own network investing a few minutes a day to pitch your new ideas to podcast hosts in your industry.

Start posting about your desire to be a guest on a show once a week to Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. When reaching out to podcast hosts, remember to mention a couple of your favorite topics and state your intentions as soon as possible to initiate a transparent conversation with them. There are tons of podcast shows out there that are very likely looking for a guest to bring in some valuable content.

Answer Questions on Quora

A questions/answers website might not seem like the most interesting addition to your marketing strategy on social media. However, Quora is a great way to build organic awareness, establish your reputation as an industry authority, and even contribute to your audience research efforts. The platform is not only one more way to connect with your audience, it also offers great insights into what your ideal client might be looking for from your business.

You may learn a lot about your consumers, their needs, and how they think by asking and answering questions. This is also a great opportunity to drive potential clients back to your coaching website by demonstrating how your services can help solve their problems. Plus, Google allows you to search for questions on Quora, so every time a topic becomes popular, people will come back to your website because of the timeless nature of your material.

Too Much To Handle? Bonsai Can Help...

All these marketing strategies may seem a bit overwhelming and time-consuming. But it's all about staying organized and being able to manage your time efficiently. Luckily, Bonsai offers you an excellent project and task management tool that will greatly help you save time so you can complete your day-to-day priorities while staying in your workflow. Our task management software features integrated timers, automatic email reminders, project collaboration, and reusable task templates.

This way you can keep track of the billable hours you're spending with clients, and how much time you dedicate to administrative tasks as well as your marketing efforts. Bonsai's 'insights' feature will give you useful information about your time tracking habits so you can easily identify areas where you can improve. Start your 7-day free trial today to check out these and many more features to help you grow your coaching business. We've got your back!

Access all of Bonsai's coaching tools: intake forms, time tracking, invoices & more.
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