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QuickBooks Proposal Template

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Did you know that 85 percent of buyers will be more likely to do business with a company that demonstrably understands its goals? It makes complete sense; if you're going to fork out money for a service, you want to be sure that the provider understands exactly what it is you need.

Far and beyond, the best way to demonstrate that understanding is through a business proposal. Proposals are the perfect vehicle for outlining your services, explaining why you're uniquely suited to fulfill their needs, and making sure that everyone is on the same page before any money changes hands.

Time is of the essence, however – which is where QuickBooks proposal templates can really help your cause. You can craft a customizable, professional-looking proposal to be reused any time a new prospect comes along.

QuickBooks Proposal Templates: What Are They?

The majority of businesses equip their accountants with cloud-based software, and QuickBooks is one of the most popular options. It's not surprising – accounting software helps businesses save time, money, and energy in all aspects of their accounting process.

Knowing how arduous it is to replicate the same documents over and over again, the QuickBooks team has made it possible to create documents from pre-built templates. This includes invoices, sales receipts, estimates, statements, purchase orders, and bill payment stubs.

While there's technically no 'Proposal' template, you can use and customize the 'Estimate' template for the same effect. This template plugs in your figures to produce a price estimate page that you can tailor to suit your branding. You can then add a cover letter or any other relevant documents.

There is also the option to use a third-party proposal template which integrates with QuickBooks online. Activity on the proposal is automatically updated within QuickBooks records.

Benefits of Using a QuickBooks Proposal Template

Proposals can mean the difference between landing that sale and missing out. If you're able to send your proposal quickly, you can illustrate that you understand the client's needs, as well as demonstrate your commitment to meeting those needs in a timely manner.

Using a QuickBooks proposal template has several benefits:

Time Saving

Writing a proposal from scratch every time a prospect comes along can be extremely time-consuming. By having a template in place, you can plug in the relevant details with minimal effort and send off your proposal quickly – saving yourself valuable hours which could be spent marketing or improving your business.


QuickBooks makes it easy to add your branding and customize the template to suit your business. You can also add pages as attachments so you can include any extra information or documents that may be relevant, such as a cover letter or terms and conditions.


Clients can immediately tell when you've slapped together a proposal in a rush. With a QuickBooks template, you can produce a professional-looking document that looks like it was created by an expert. The Estimate template has a sophisticated-looking table with figures clearly laid out for your reader.

How To Create a QuickBooks Proposal Template

Ready to create a proposal template? Here's how:

  1. Log into your QuickBooks account and select +New on the left-hand side of the dashboard. Select Estimate.
  2. Select Formatting > Manage Templates. Choose one of the templates to preview, then press OK to edit it.
  3. Use the personalization window to add your logo, change the fonts and colors, and add your transaction information.
  4. You can choose Additional Customization for further edits (e.g. removing or adding things to the header and footer).

When you want to use the template for a different company file, simply:

  1. Open the file in question. Open Lists, then select Templates.
  2. Select Import from the Templates dropdown.
  3. Find the template you customized and select Open. You'll be prompted to name it.

That's it – the template should now appear in your new company file. The Estimate fields are easy to edit and add prices, products, and services.

Best Practices for Using a QuickBooks Proposal Template

Using a template certainly makes things easier – but it doesn't guarantee landing business with your clients. Make sure your proposal hits the mark by following these best practices:

Include a Cover Page

Without going too in-depth, you should always include a cover page that clearly outlines the services you're offering and introduces your company. Explain the benefits of working with you and the unique value you can bring to the table.

Address the Client's Pain Points

Clients aren't going to work with you unless you can demonstrate that you understand their needs and can solve their problems. Address the client's pain points in your proposal, explaining how you specifically plan to address them with your services.

Keep It Simple

No one wants to read a whole wall of text – so keep your proposal clear and concise. Use bullet points wherever you can, and structure everything into easily-digestible sections. Stick to the main points; avoid superfluous information.

Use Data and Visual Aids

You should always support your claims with clear and concise data. Include facts and figures to back up your points, as well as visuals such as graphs or charts that make your proposal easier to interpret.

Cover letters are the most time-consuming part of the process, but keep in mind that they're also template-able to some extent. For instance, the first part, where you pitch your company and services, can be templated – just add a field for [CLIENT NAME] and slightly tweak the value proposition based on the prospect's needs.

Common Mistakes To Avoid When Using a QuickBooks Proposal Template

When you're using a template, be aware of the following common mistakes and do your best to avoid them:

  • Lack of personalization. Clients can instantly tell when you've taken a shortcut (and they don't appreciate it!) Make it clear that you've tailored the proposal specifically to them.
  • Poor design. Unprofessional aesthetics can lead to a lack of trust. Ensure your proposal looks the part with attractive fonts, colors, and graphics.
  • Too much jargon. Keep the language simple and understandable – avoid jargon and technical terms.
  • Including irrelevant information. Stick to the main points and avoid adding anything that doesn't directly relate to your value proposition or the client's pain points.

QuickBooks proposal templates work best when you take the time to customize and personalize your proposal. It's an effective way of streamlining the process – and when you've done it once, you can reuse the template for different clients.

Wrap Up

Don't waste time writing out templates from scratch when QuickBooks templates can do the job for you. Create a well-designed and professional proposal that outlines your services and speaks directly to your client's needs.

By following these guidelines, you can make sure your proposals are on point – and save time in the process!

Not a fan of QuickBooks? No worries. Here at Bonsai, we provide our users with a broad range of aesthetic custom templates across different business categories. Get started with a free trial today.


What are the advantages of using a proposal template in QuickBooks?

Using a proposal template in QuickBooks allows you to streamline the process and save time. It also ensures consistency across all of your proposals, which can help build trust with potential clients.

How do I create a custom proposal template in QuickBooks?

To create a custom proposal template in QuickBooks, log into your account and select +New on the left-hand side of the dashboard. Select Estimate > Formatting > Manage Templates. Customize and personalize your template as necessary, then use Additional Customization for further edits.

What should I include in a proposal template in QuickBooks?

Your proposal should include a cover page, an explanation of your services and how they will address the client's pain points, data, and visual aids to support your claims, and straightforward language that is easy to understand.

How can I ensure my QuickBooks proposal template looks professional?

Ensure your proposal looks professional by adding attractive fonts, colors, and graphics. Make sure the layout is clear and easy to read, and avoid too much jargon or irrelevant information.

What are the common mistakes to avoid when using a proposal template in QuickBooks?

Common mistakes to avoid when using a QuickBooks proposal template include lack of personalization, poor design, too much jargon, and including irrelevant information.

QuickBooks Proposal Template
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