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Free PPC Proposal Template

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As a marketing consultant, it can be tempting to fall into the trap of preparing lengthy PPC proposal PDFs to bring in more business. However, the evolving business landscape which is increasingly digital and very competitive requires every consultant to make the most of every opportunity to achieve results. Despite the millions of online businesses (which are potential clients), getting clients to believe in you lies in more than just preparing fancy, lengthy documents.

Remember, your client is interested in knowing how well you can do the job based on your skills and experience. So, that’s essentially what the PPC proposal PDF should talk about. However, some freelancers tend to make their proposals lengthy thinking that it will convince their clients to hire them. Well, it might still work for you, but the truth is, your client doesn’t have all the time to flip through the endless pages of your PPC proposal PDF. However, if you must write a lengthy PPC proposal PDF, make sure everything every word adds value to the document.

So, how should an effective PPC proposal for client be structured? If you’re writing a PPC proposal PDF for the first time, it can be challenging to get all the points together. However, you shouldn’t get worried about that. We’ve got lots of free PPC proposal template PDFs that will guide you on this. Most of these templates are professionally structured and are easy to complete. All you’re required to do is to fill in the required details wherever necessary.

In most cases, there’s a section to fill in your details, relevant skills and experience, and any other information that your client may want to know. However, you shouldn’t wholly rely on the template. You need to give the template a few tweaks to customize it to your clients' needs. Keep in mind that when writing a PPC proposal for a client, you need to address their specific needs. That’s the only way they can know whether you’re the right pick for the job or not.

Therefore, even if you’re using a free PPC proposal template you’ve downloaded online, you need to know what entails a good PPC proposal PDF. In that way, you’ll write a PPC proposal for client that matches their specific needs. This article outlines key clauses that should not miss from the document and helps you create a free PPC proposal template.

It also defines the kind of information that should not feature unless you want the document trashed in the bin alongside many others.

PPC Proposal Template
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1. Making the PPC proposal template stand out

It's important to focus on the critical value concepts and strengths your company has while focusing on how these strengths will benefit the client. The PPC proposal isn't meant to advertise your business – it should be tailored to the client's brand and goals. It’s not time to do sales and marketing for your brand. Your client is only interested in knowing what you can do for them. The truth is, while most freelancers have all the good things to talk about their brand, some of them end up not meeting the set standards.

As such, marketing your brand may not win the client. It’s very simple. Just talk about relevant skills and experiences that will help achieve your client’s goals. If you aren’t sure how to go about this, you can read through the PPC proposal samples available online before writing a PPC proposal for client.

You are advised to start the PPC proposal for clients with a humble and kind introduction, while pointing out the strengths and value of a good PPC campaign for the client. You know what your business excels at; thus the advantages should be reflected in the objectives.

Here, let the client know how much you understand the project. Your client can only hire you if they’re sure you’ve understood the job requirements. Freelancers who don’t demonstrate an understanding of the project may end up losing the project altogether. Why? The client may think you’re not up to the task, which may not be the case. Remember, they’re meeting you for the first time, and, therefore, you must win their trust from the word go. So, when writing a PPC proposal for client, make sure you highlight your skills and how relevant they are to your client’s needs.

2. Define goals and objectives in your PPC proposal sample

All free PPC proposal template always have a clause that states the goals and objectives concerning the project at hand. The PPC proposal is no different. Please bear in mind that when defining the goals and objectives, they should be about the client's business goals, and how you plan to meet them. Thus, when setting the project goals, be sure to outline your strengths and how they come into play where the client's business goals are concerned.

Besides defining goals and objectives, you will also need to determine the metrics that will be used to measure success. Simply put, you will outline the essential elements that the client will use to evaluate if the project is successful or not. For example, if you choose to use increased traffic as a metric of success, your client should be able to notice a significant increase in traffic, and by what percentage. If the parameter is a response to a particular call-to-action (for example, successful subscriptions), then they should notice a significant increase in answer to the call-to-action by a specific percentage.

When writing the goals and objectives for the project, always keep your client’s needs in mind. Remember it’s all about the client and not you. So, what matters most to them is how you can help them achieve their business goals in the long run. To make sure your goals and objectives project are in line with your client’s needs, take time to go through the project details. Try to find out why your client hiring you to do the job. Is it to increase sales for his business or is it to improve his marketing strategy? Once you’ve established this, you can now design goals and objectives around this.

If you’re using a free PPC proposal template, go straight to the goals and objectives section and list down the goals you’ve created for the project. It may not be easy to come up with project goals, especially if you’re doing it for the first time. However, don’t get worried about this. You can check online for a PPC proposal PDF sample and see how fellow freelancers have done it before. Even so, most of the free PPC proposal template PDFs will guide you on what to do here.

PPC Proposal Template Sample
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3. Campaign audit and program roll-out in the PPC proposal template

In PPC management, the consultant takes custody of several essential advertising channels from the client. Therefore, the proposal will outline the activities and steps that will be made to ensure a seamless transition. Your PPC proposal will need to reflect a clear understanding of the client's target audience. You need to define the channels that will be used to reach this target audience, and the strategies that will be used to get the desired action from the audience. A deep understanding of the client's target audience is essential; otherwise, your PPC proposal for client will sound very general, like a mass-produced template.

As a freelancer, you know how competitive the freelance world is. Therefore, failing to capture such important details will only increase your chances of losing the project. And you don’t want that, right?

So, swing into action by showing your client how you’ll help them reach their target audience. Keep in mind that your client is receiving several other proposals for the same role, and so, make sure everything you include here stands out. In most cases, fellow freelancers will highlight the similar channels that the client can use to reach their target audience. However, you can outshine them when it comes to the strategies.

Actually, PPC marketing strategies matter when it comes to getting the desired action from the target audience. So, avoid the cliches when writing putting down your PPC marketing strategies. Think outside the box and come up with something unique and different from what other freelancers have.

Your free PPC proposal template will guide you on this, but even then, try and be a little creative. If you’re a newbie in the freelance business, you may have to borrow ideas from the gurus. They’ve done it before, and so they know how to go about it.

4. Know the client's business environment in the PPC proposal

As stated earlier, you need to understand the client's business goals. This means that you need to research profoundly and know everything about the client's business environment concerning the proposed PPC marketing campaign. Thus, this is the opportunity to demonstrate your marketing strengths. Outline the strategies that will work well in that particular business environment (not just any marketing trick!). Industry-specific data has the potential to influence decision making, and therefore it's the information that will determine the strategies you employ.

While it’s not easy to understand the business environment of your client, it pays to do the research and get hold of information relevant to their marketing goals. How else will you stand out if you don’t have an idea about your client’s business environment?

So, go the extra mile by knowing more about your client’s business. Who is likely to buy their products? Who are their competitors and what are they doing differently? You need to have this information at your finger tips to design PPC marketing strategies that are relevant to your client’s marketing campaign.

If your PPC proposal for client doesn’t answer these questions, then there’s a problem, and chances are high, they may not award you the project. Researching about your client’s business environment may take time, but in the long run, you’re the one to benefit from it.

As you highlight your PPC marketing strategies, keep in mind that you’re the one to implement them in case the client hires you. Therefore, make sure your strategies are realistic and achievable. The client wants results in the end and not empty promises.


Get the format right. If you are unsure about how you should structure the PPC proposal, you are advised to download a template from a trusted site. You will then modify the contents to reflect your client's needs and goals, as well as your solutions. You should not present a document that is haphazardly done; otherwise, you will end up losing out on potential business. Your client doesn't have the time to try to figure out if you presented a PPC proposal PDF or a general document. This document is the tool to get you through the door; thus you must make it flawless and put in the necessary work as you would when preparing a business proposal.

It takes more than just words to convince your client to hire you. Remember that how you present your proposal matters a lot. If you use the wrong format or poor structure for that matter, your client may doubt your professionalism. First impression matters in the freelance world, and so, don’t miss out on this.

Free PPC Proposal Template
Frequently Asked Questions
Questions about this template.

How do you write a PPC proposal?

Edit the Bonsai proposal template first. Make the introduction unique by highlighting your advantages and the importance of a successful PPC campaign. While you shouldn't go into great detail about your prior work, you should let your clients know that you have experience.

How do you write a PPC campaign?

Introduce yourself, identify the issue the customer is trying to resolve, explain why they should engage you, provide examples of your prior work or successful PPC projects, and provide an estimate of the cost of the project.

What is an example of PPC?

The major search engines, including Google and Bing, use an auction-based Pay Per Click model to advertise through the search engines. PPC enables you to show people advertising depending on the search terms they type in the search bar.