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UX Proposal

As a freelance UX designer, visualizing ideas on the screen is one of your greatest strengths. Besides, selling yourself is another skill that is worth developing as a UX designer. Forbes recorded that the business has an average return investment of 9,900%, which is thousands of dollars return for every dollar invested. So, there's much to gain by freelance designers, but you have to sell yourself to clients.

First, selling yourself starts from creating a winning UX proposal that will define the scope of your work and your deliverables. The user experience design business is quite lucrative to freelancers and organizations.   Your proposal should correctly spell out what you are willing to offer a client and the approach you’d adopt to meet a set goal. 

User experience designers often based their decision on in-depth research and investigation because they have to deliver consistently excellent user experiences to their clients. Hence, the need for a professional UX proposal that would bolster the chances of user experience designers and give their clients an understanding of what to expect. 

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The need for a UX proposal 

At first glance, a UX proposal may seem like any other formal document or a daunting undertaking.  It is vital in any user experience design project to ensure all parties involved in the project are on the same page in terms of understanding the problem to be addressed. The UX proposal addresses the problem at hand, intending to improve or enhance the user's ultimate experience. 

The proposal sets expectations before the commencement of a UX, app, or webs design project. It clearly defines what happens next in the design process of the project. UX design projects have high ROI, but designers may still need to highlight the benefits of their projects to their clients in a UX proposal to get the green light.

Some benefits of the proposal include: 

  • Streamlined workflow
  • Insight into a project
  • Less risk
  • Better products
  • Guarantee quality
  • Work process tracking

Before getting stuck in that UX proposal writing, take time to whet the appetite of your prospect and identify the problem that needs to be solved. Ask questions, send a questionnaire if need be, and provide a practical solution to meet the goals of your client. 

1. Problem definition

Your problem statement should result from an understanding of the design objective, the context of design use, and the goal of the user. Complete knowledge of the problem helps you strategize a plan of business value.

Gathering information in this section for your UX proposal may be done through interviews, research, experiments, or observation of events.

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2. Structure your UX proposal

Once you have gathered information about the project, next is adopting a structure that would make the document clear and easy to understand. You want to give a background of the project and break down the material into labeled sections.

UX proposals can include different sections depending on the nature and complexity of the project it has to cover. Ensure that the document covers the problem, goal, scope, materials needed, and the terms, among other details.

A regular UX proposal would involve the following sections:

  • Personal information of parties involved
  • Introduction
  • Problem definition & goals
  • Scope of the project
  • History of elements that need changes
  • The mapped plan/solutions
  • Process
  • Final project
  • Deadlines
  • Budget
  • Terms and conditions
  • Notes

Final words

UX proposal gives a clear guide in user experience projects and what to expect from designers. A winning UX proposal is a well thought out document that can give a UX designer the approval, control, and influence to deliver a successful UX project.

Create your own
UX Proposal

Create your own

UX Proposal

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