Remodel Proposal Template

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Remodel Proposal Template

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Table of contents

To create a successful remodel proposal template, you should have a plan in place ahead of time that state both the general contractor's services and the client's needs.

From the start, you will refer to this remodel proposal for reference. Whether you are making changes to it or looking for similar projects, it will exist for reference purposes.

Remodeling proposals set the precedent for the project ahead. They set what the remodeling process will look like and set the project structure up.

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Is it similar to other projects?

Like any construction proposal, we will detail key elements that should be included and our own advice on what our template looks like.

What is a remodel proposal?

A remodeling proposal is different in that it is a bit more condensed. Most of the time, remodel proposals refer to projects in the client's home.

The services that you provide to your client are an example of the work that you do. As a business, you'll want to ensure that the home remodeling, renovation, and contract with it reflect that.

There are key elements that should be included to ensure a well-written modeling proposal.

What are remodel proposal templates?

Remodel proposal templates are a pitch a general contractor's services to renovate or remodel a client's home. They are essentially making a bid for a job or project. A template allows the contractor to quickly customize and send proposals to new prospects.

Below, we will describe the best renovation proposal template to guarantee a smooth remodeling proposal.

So what exactly should be included in a remodel proposal template?

The structure of a contract is everything. This is what the renovations are based on.

Key elements to include in this contractor proposal template is:

Below are 6 top key elements that should be included in a remodeling proposal, much like other examples of a construction proposal template:

Information about the remodel

It is crucial to be on the same page about the process being completed and the project's scope.

This is a short brief on what the project is all about. Make sure that you explain what it is and what is involved.

Is it confirmed once I sign off on it?

The bid is signed dependent on that. Once the clients and contractor agree to that, there has to be changes made to the contract to continue forward.

Contact information

To make sure this is extremely clear. Make sure that the company name and the client's name are clearly stated on the contract.

When an issue is encountered, it will be much simpler to deal with it when contact information is included.

This includes client address, company address, phone numbers, and names.

Timeline of the project.

To make sure that everyone is staying on track and that work is complete, there should be a timeline that is set up before the start of the project.

This can help to guarantee that services are completed on time and are complete on the date listed.

Can the timeline be altered?

If there are any alterations, then the opposite party should be informed.

Payment schedule of the project.

You'll want to make sure that the costs are apparent right from the start. It should be an agreed upon amount that both parties have signed up for.

Pricing can be very finicky. It can start a lot of issues.

To avoid that, you can set up a payment schedule for the job. It will state the cost and when the payment of each is due.

That will help to save a lot of headaches further down the road.

Clauses to the project.

This part revolves around if any changes are made to the remodel contract template.

If a contractor or a client wants to make changes to the contract, this is where they would need to be stated in writing where each party agrees to it.


Just like any construction proposal or contract, you want to make sure that there is signatures.

Signatures mean that the remodeling proposal is legit, valid and legally binding. It means that the remodeling project should be operated according to the contract.

It should not deviate unless changed and that would be stated in the contract.

Is there different ways to create a remodeling proposal?

Of course! There are always ways that you can make this construction proposal different.

This is just one of the remodeling proposal template that exists. It is up to you and your client to decide how your construction proposal will look.

What do I do from here?

Take this information to form your remodeling proposal template. You know what will work best for you.

You can also adjust it according to the project you are performing for the client. No matter what kind of remodel they perform, there will be different needs depending on what they want to be done.

Take our free advice and do some research on your own to ensure you have everything you need.

Decide what should be changed or added.

Remodel Proposal Template
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