Home Improvement Proposal Template

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Home Improvement Proposal Template

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This home improvement proposal template helps both parties of a remodel decide what will be done, what can be changed, payments, and any other elements that should be addressed.

We'll go over what exactly a bid proposal template is, what should be included in one, and how to quickly set up and send one with Bonsai.

What is a home improvement construction proposal?

A home improvement proposal is used when a contractor is hired to perform home improvement jobs for a client. This is given to the potential client to list out the home remodeling project that is being proposed and list the general contractor's services that are being provided.

This is similar to any other construction or services proposal between the client and the contractor but is specific to home remodeling. Other proposals may involve work done in correlation with businesses or a company.

What exactly is a home improvement project?

A home remodeling project can range in size and requirements depending on client's request. This can involve any services requiring renovations, additions, or other home property adjustments.

It can be easy to confuse these with other construction services and remodels, but they are very different because of what is done to the property.

Where do home improvement projects take place?

A client's home is sacred, so you want to ensure that they are getting the best out of you. Customers are essential and will ultimately decide whether you get more customers.

Depending on the home improvement project that is being performed will determine the exact layout of the contract. In a construction proposal, key elements are laid out to help you during your project.

What is a construction proposal template?

A template can be helpful when putting together a project proposal to lead you in the right direction to present to a client. This is a structure of sorts for the contract. This can be helpful when you deal with another party.

Projects of this type can be hard to put onto paper is why templates exist for contracts like home improvement.

Feel free to edit this bid proposal template as needed because it is ultimately up to you and the other party about what is needed for a job.

You can use this when determining what to put in a home renovation contract template to make sure that you have all the right components.

What should I include in the construction proposal template?

A renovation proposal template requires key elements to make sure that the message is conveyed correctly and that all elements are included. Below is one of the many free proposal templates. More templates exist, so if you feel this one isn't the right fit, many more exist.

Here are the top six parts that should be included in a contractor proposal template:

The overall scope of the project

When hiring a contractor, make sure both parties understand and agree to the work being performed to avoid discrepancies in the future.

This includes the entire process from start to finish. The large scope of the project should be apparent during the entire process. Typically, this information is given during the sales process.

The process if changes are made

As someone writing up a home improvement contract, note that you should include information regarding if changes are needed to be made.

This information can include: info about cost changes and what situations could potentially arise during the contract.

Having this part of the contract ensures that both parties are entirely aware of the situation and have a plan in place to address the issue if it were to arise.

Information about the costs, payment, and budget

To avoid any future discrepancies, include information regarding how payments will be set up and how the contracts will spend money on products for the remodel.

Money can be a tricky subject, so you'll want to ensure that the costs are established before starting any project to ensure everyone is on the same page. A budget should be established along with any other funding required. The approval from both sides should be received before moving forward.

This is often referred to as a payment schedule. Depending on the parties that are involved will determine how the schedule is made up. This can be on a weekly process until the project is completed, can be fifty percent upfront and fifty percent at the end, or it can be some other arrangement.

Talk it over with the other party involved in determining the best route for your contract.

Timeline of the project

In order to avoid inconsistency down the road, the project's timeline must be listed in the construction proposal template. This section should reflect an outline of the entire project and list the project and the dates in detail.

This way, both sides will be able to follow along, to know the project's timeline and what part will be worked on and when.

When this information is included, you are helping yourself become successful.

This section can also include a clause describing what would happen if the timeline was thrown off if the supply chain or some other unexpected error came up along the way.

A way out of the project

If either party decides they do not want to continue with the project, there should be a description of the repercussions in that scenario.

If that were to happen, the contract should protect the other party against financial and time loss.


Like in any contract, the signatures instantly create a legally binding document. You will want to make sure that these documents are signed before any work begins.

As a party involved, you want this contract to be a legally binding document to prevent any financial loss later.

It is not valid until the document is signed. You'll want to ensure those are included at the end to signify that both parties agree to every part of the contract.

The importance of a home improvement contract.

The renovation proposal template is only the start of the contract and is open to ideas as you have the potential to customize it. And it is vital to building some sort of base for it.

In any project that requires hiring a contractor, you can expect to sign a contract of some sorts. A remodeling proposal sets the tone for a project.

The whole point of the contract is to protect both groups to make sure that there are no discrepancies and that everything is laid out for them.

Why is a construction proposal so important?

It should be made clear, from start to finish, what is involved, what the clauses include, and the tiny details about the changes.

The idea of the construction proposal is so that both parties are aware of everything going on in the contract. This helps avoid future hiccups and allows them to customize it to their preference.

A construction proposal, especially renovations, helps keep things on track when timelines can be thrown off.


As important as it is to have a home improvement contract for a project that you are starting, it can also be equally as confusing on how to write the contract up.

Make sure that these key elements are included in your contract as they will help protect you if anything were to go wrong during the project's duration.

Follow these simple steps and add anything you feel is needed. Each project is different! If you want instant access to a contractor proposal template you can customize for your business, try Bonsai. With our software, you can send a bid proposal for a project easily. Claim your 14-day free trial here.

Home Improvement Proposal Template
Frequently Asked Questions
Questions about this template.

How do you write a renovation proposal?

On a document, simply include the details: address the problem, scope of work, deliverables, timeline, cost for materials and service. You could also customize Bonsai's pre-made template to quickly send bid proposals to potential new clients.

What is the format of a proposal?

A proposal should include a succinct summary of the issue, the fix, the price or cost, and the potential gains. Also put the description of the issue, including its focus, purpose, main defense, setting, and importance.

How do you write a simple project proposal?

Customize one of Bonsai's pre-made templates. This allows you to easily customize and send off a bid for a new project. Add your business logo, edit the details, and you'll send professional bids in no time.