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As a construction business owner, I imagine you want to keep your time and focus on building rather than designing invoices, right? However, whether you are freelance, independent, or corporate, you must use a well-organized, clear, and professional invoice template for your business.

You can create your construction invoices using Google Sheets, PDF, Google docs, Excel, and Word. However, this can be very time-consuming as, very often - you have to start from the beginning.

You can also use other professional platforms, Bonsai for example. Bonsai offers invoice templates to suit your specific business, enabling you to get payment information across easily, quickly, and modernly!

This article will provide you with all you need to create the perfect invoice template to suit your construction business.

What is a Construction invoice template?

As a contractor, you will typically use a construction invoice template when you have completed any work for an individual client or company. Your invoice should reflect any outstanding payments your client needs to make.

From purchasing materials to hiring labor, you must be compensated with the total amount due upon completion of any construction project so you want to get the right invoice template to suit your business.

When should I use a Free construction invoice template?

Free construction invoice templates can be issued to your client when you finish construction jobs. Whether you use a free invoice template will primarily depend on how much time you are willing to spend on your invoice.

You might want to check out other professional platforms, Bonsai for example. Bonsai offers custom-built templates to suit your business, can help you set up recurring payments and automate the whole process. This allows you to send professional invoices to your clients promptly and stress-free.

What should you add to a construction invoice form?

First, you want a detailed template so you can provide your client with all the information they need.

Below are some of the main things you don't want too forget to add to your invoice template!

  • Your construction company details (business name, contact details, logo)
  • The client's information
  • The job site and summary of the work performed
  • A unique invoice number
  • Labor description and labor costs (hourly fee, flat rate etc)
  • Materials used and costs of all materials
  • The payment process and payment instructions
  • The total amount owed, including taxes
  • The payment due date for the total costs
  • Thank you note box for the customer

How to write a construction invoice

Start with the basics. To start, ensure you add the essential information like your business name and contact information.

It is also a good idea to add the clients' information, making it easier for you to keep track of your invoices and previous jobs.

Include all services provided

Make sure you provide your client with a detailed summary - in the correct order - of all the work completed in your invoice.

You might want to include an itemized bill for any materials purchased, a full labor breakdown, labor hours, and any other hidden costs. This way, your client knows exactly what they are paying for.

Payment details

Finalize the total cost, including the tax rate and the flat rate. It would help if you also informed your clients of the different types of payments you accept - for example, PayPal, bank transfers or any other alternative.

You can also add any fees charged for overdue payments in this section.

Submit the invoice to your client

Once you have finalized your invoice, submit the document to your client in a convenient way for them. Some choose to present it in person, while others may prefer to receive it via email or in a way that they can download it to their device.

It's worth asking their preference because the sooner your client receives the invoice, the sooner you can collect payment.

Tips for writing a remodeling invoice template

When creating your construction invoice, you might want to take note of the following tips.

Add as many details as possible.

It is so important you are specific about the completed work performed. This will allow your clients to understand exactly what they are paying for. For example, in the 'materials' section you might want to include how much is being charged for other services, such as the extra costs of council approval, etc.

The more detail you provide, the less chance of your client raising a dispute or discussing the total cost, making the payment process smooth and fast.

Make sure to add any miscellaneous costs.

In construction work, there are a lot of miscellaneous costs that add up. For example, from hiring labor to buying materials, so ensure you add all the services and costs included in the project so you are compensated correctly. The last thing you want is these extra costs out of your pocket!

Double-check the invoice

Before submitting anything to your client, it is a good idea to ensure the details you have listed are accurate. You don't want to make any unnecessary mistakes that could risk your company's important reputation or compromise your relationship with the client. So take the time to read it all over before submitting it.

Don't forget the essential contact details!

Make sure you add all the essential information to your template, the invoice number and your contact information for example.

The more details you can provide, the better as it ensures a simple and fast process for you and the client.

Personal touch

If appropriate, you might want to add a thank you section. Invoices are often the last interaction that a company has with their client so you want to leave a professional and positive impression so customers return and spread a good word about your company.

Try Bonsai's template today.

For construction companies and small business owners, you must find a reliable and easy-to-use platform so you can send your invoices fast and stress-free. And as a contractor, you may have three or four jobs on the go at once, so it is essential you can get the document speedily issued to your client, to allow you to be paid quickly on the excellent job and services you have provided!

Remodeling Invoice Template
Frequently Asked Questions
Questions about this template.

Why do you need a remodeling invoice?

As a professional, writing an invoice for you client to to pay you is important. It ensures you get paid for all of your work and materials that the project required. Try Bonsai's free invoice templates to bill clients. Simply edit our template and send it off.

Where can I get a free remodeling invoice template?

Use Bonsai to automate the process of invoicing your clients. Not only is it specifically drafted for remodeling, our templates are easy to edit and download. What's best of all--its absolutely free.

Is there an invoice template in Google Docs?

Google docs has a standard invoice template that you can use. But with Bonsai, you are sure to have an invoice template specifically for construction. Sign up, download and edit now.