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Website Redesign Proposal TemplateWebsite Redesign Proposal TemplateWebsite Redesign Proposal Template

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The time to write a website redesign proposal for your freelance business has come. So where do you start?

The most successful design projects often start with a successful business foundation. As a freelancer that is trying to get more clients, using the appropriate website redesign proposal is essential. A reliable template can help you win clients and set expectations for work. Most times, the clients already have an existing website page that needs overhauling and redesigning.

In this article, we tell you everything you need to know about creating a proposal for a website redesign that will help in the landing of new clients. We will also discuss what a website redesign proposal entails, how you can write one, and share one or two templates to get you started fast.

What is a website redesign proposal?

This proposal is a document that will help you sell yourself and the work you are involved in your clients. It is a summary of what you can do for a client which consists of a breakdown of the problem they are trying to solve and the solutions you are willing to provide.

A proposal is a request that is common from companies and individuals looking for website redesign services. Companies would often send down a request for proposals before starting a project. Your answer is in the form of a website redesign proposal, so we would like to make sure yours stands out.

A default or template website is made by most designers which are starting points for each project request new or old. A freelancer would like to make a solid first impression, so your design proposal is your first introduction to your clients.

Website Redesign Proposal Template
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What should be included in the website redesign proposal template?

The proposal needs to be long enough to help the client understand what services you can offer, but not so long that the required information is not gotten. The proposal should be broken down into various sections to make it more understandable. They include:

1. Cover page in the website redesign proposal sample

This pure letter should be addressed to the clients, and the project name should be noted - this is important if you are responding to RFP. There should be an introduction to your visual style with brand elements. This space can also be used to include a short (one to three-paragraph) overview of the proposal.

2. Confidentiality statement in the website redesign proposal sample

A confidentiality statement asks that the information in the plan not be given out publicly.

3. Problem statement in the website redesign proposal sample

The problem the client is trying to solve should be stated in the website redesign proposal, such as ‘A company by the name Y needs a website redesign and needs the revised copy to reflect search engine optimization best practices’. A good understanding of the clients’ goals and needs should be had for this particular section.

4. Solutions recommended and services in your website redesign proposal sample

Now with your freelancing, provide the answers. How do you think you can help the clients meet their needs? This part is most likely the bulkiest part of the redesign proposal.

Website Redesign Proposal Template Sample
Image Credits:

5. Approach and processes in your website redesign proposal template

A brief outline of your work and how long it would take should be provided.

6. References in your website redesign proposal template

You should provide examples or case studies of some of your previous actions. Your portfolio will be showcased, and it will also provide recommendations. Don't forget to expand your personal branding into your portfolio or any websites you use.

7. Fees and pricing in your website redesign proposal template

The breakdown of costs in association with the project

8. Company information in your website redesign proposal template

You can include a section in the website redesign proposal with a piece of brief information about your company. The accreditation gotten can also be added along with your team member's bios. This section can be optional. It isn’t necessary.


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