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Table of content

What is a makeup artist contract?

A makeup artist contract is an agreement signed by a freelance makeup artist and their client that details what services will be provided and what fee needs to be paid.

For a freelance makeup artist, a signed contract puts into writing what fee they require, how long  client sessions will last, and what materials they'll provide. It'll also protect the artist if something goes wrong, like losses or damages due to a cancelled appointment.

For the client, a makeup artist contract locks in the artist for a service at a set time and place. There are specific details that outline what service is going to be provided and what needs to be disclosed by the client (i.e., skin conditions) as well as what the makeup artist must do if they fail to meet the expectations of the client.

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Why you need a makeup artist contract

A makeup contract outlines the terms and conditions of any service provided by the artist to a client.

The reason an agreement is extremely important for freelance makeup artists is that it's legally binding, so it acts as a safeguard for both parties. The document outlines exactly what the makeup artist will provide, how long the service will last, how payment should be made, and how to deal with any disputes or misunderstandings.

So, what are the most important elements for a makeup artist contract to keep both parties (legally) safe?

What should be included in a legal makeup artist contract?

Detailed descriptions of the work

A clear, detailed outline of the service the makeup artist will provide is necessary.

This section will describe the work that the makeup artist will do (i.e., full face makeup with lashes), how much it will cost, and whether it's a one-off event or an ongoing service.

Project and schedule description

Schedule and appointments

The makeup contract will outline exactly when and where the appointment between the makeup artist and client will take place.

Because the timeframe for makeup appointments differs from client to client, some makeup artists may prefer to give a rough timeline for how long they think the appointment will last (i.e., 1 hour) and then expand on whether they will charge a set fee or require to be paid hourly.

Payment details

This section of the makeup contract outlines how the makeup artist will be paid, either as a set fee or by the hour.

It's important for the makeup artist to be clear about their pricing strategy to avoid confusion. If a makeup artist decides to charge a set fee for an appointment with their client, and it takes longer than they anticipated, the client is not obligated to pay anymore than the fee stated on the contract.

If the makeup artist requires the client to pay a deposit for their appointment(s), this should also be written into this section of the contract.

payment details clause

Booking and travel expenses

If the makeup artist needs to travel outside of their normal catchment area, they need to stipulate whether or not they expect to be reimbursed for booking and travel expenses.

The makeup artist contract should clearly state whether or not expenses are included in the original fee. If they are not, the agreement needs to make it clear whether or not the makeup artist needs to have booking or travel expenses pre-approved by the client.

expenses clause

Requirement and delays

What does each party need to do to prepare for the appointment?

If the makeup artist needs to travel and arrive early to prepare their station, this should be written into the contract so the client is aware. On the contrary, if the client is late to an appointment and leaves the makeup artist waiting, the agreement should outline whether or not they are liable to reimburse the artist for the wait.

Liabilities and social media rights

This section will include the steps the makeup artist needs to take to gain the client's permission to post any material of them. If the makeup artist takes a photograph of the client's makeup and intends to use it for self-promotion on their social media channel—the client must agree.

Any liabilities should be detailed here as well. If a client has a skin condition or allergens, they must inform the makeup artist prior to the appointment so they can adjust the materials they use or exit the contract if necessary. This releases the makeup artist from legal action for any allergic reactions or skim complications that may occur as a result of the appointment with the client.

Cancellation clause

A cancellation clause is important because it covers both parties if someone backs out of the appointment(s).

The clause outlines how far ahead either party can cancel and when they are obligated to pay a cancellation fee. If either the makeup artist or client wishes to terminate the contract entirely, the clause will outline how to exit legally.

Other factors

Other important elements of a makeup artist contract include clauses like indemnity and confidentiality agreements.

These elements also act as a safety net for both the makeup artist and client to protect them against losses and damaged as well as how sensitive information should be handled once the contract expires.

Sample printable makeup artist contract (PDF)

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The best thing about Bonsai's makeup artist contract isn't that it's legally watertight (thanks to a thorough screening by lawyers), but it's fully customizable to your individual needs.

As a makeup artist, you can quickly edit the template and change important details, like pricing, services, tax obligations, and deposit requirements. Instead of spending hours writing a contract yourself (of thousands of dollars on a law firm drawing one up for you), Bonsai's template has everything you need.

How to create a makeup artist contract agreement with Bonsai?

Bonsai gives makeup artists two options to create a legally binding contract agreement—by either downloading our simple PDF template or using our contract generator to customize and create your own.

Using Bonsai's contract generator, makeup artists can tweak important parts of an agreement like invoice dates, liabilities, and confidentiality clauses.

Once you're happy with it, decide how you want to get paid, click "create contract", and Bonsai will do the rest!

creating a makeup artist contract using Bonsai

Freelance makeup artist contract FAQs

How much should a makeup artist charge?

A makeup artist's rate will depend on whether they're charging per appointment or per hour. In the United States, makeup artists charge (on average) $31/hour, but the rate can be as high as $94.45/hour depending on where they're located.

Makeup artists charging set rates can demand between $90 and $475 per session, with add-ons like lashes and airbrushing costing extra.

How much should a deposit be for a makeup appointment?

The typical deposit required by a makeup artist to secure an appointment ranges from  20%-50% of the overall price of the service. This will usually need to be paid when the appointment is made or within a certain timeframe (i..e., 7 days) before the appointment takes place.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about this template.

How much should a freelance makeup artist charge?

Just like any other services, acquiring the service of a makeup artist would vary in cost. This takes into account the products being used, complexity, time and ranges from $90 to $475.

Are make-up artists in-demand?

Sign up at Bonsai for free. They have lawyer-vetted make up artist contract templates available for you to download and edit. Our templates look professional so you can impress your clients.

Where to find a makeup artist contract template?

Sign up at Bonsai for free. They have lawyer-vetted make up artist contract templates available for you to download and edit. Our templates look professional so you can impress your clients.