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Types of quote templates

Besides a standard quote template that simply covers costs for certain items of work, there are a few specific kinds of quotation templates:

Price Quote Template

Whenever you need to showcase your services to a client, use a price quote template. It strikes the perfect balance between providing useful information and being concise.

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Downloadable Quote Template

A downloadable quote template is great for whenever you need a ready to use document to add your service and quotation details for your client.

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Online Quote Template

An online quote template is a good choice for those always on the go. You can find the online quote template whenever you need it, ready to send to your potential customer.

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Blank Quote Template

A blank quote template can be easily and quickly adjusted to the needs of any new project. Create your own template and use it whenever required.

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Formal Quote Template

Whenever you need to send a formal price quote to the client, you can rely on a formal quote template which can be easily filled in and sent.

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Creative Quote Template

If you're looking to impress your potential client by sending a creative quote template, simply add your details and services then just send it for approval.

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Editable Quote Template

Editable quote templates are perfect for quick adjustments and quick quotation of the client. Add the required information and send it right away.

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Simple Quote Template

A simple quote template serves the most basic purposes when it comes to pricing. Add the essential details and you're ready to go.

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HTML Quote Template

If you're looking to quickly integrate your quotation with any email, use a HTML quote template and configure it to your needs, then just send it for approval.

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Work Quote Template

For any new project, sending a work quote template is a great way of showing your client that you have the skills and pricing he is looking for.

View Work Quote Template

Official Quote Template

For new work that you're interested in starting, send an official quote template to share your pricing and work details with the client.

View Official Quote Template

Professional Quote Template

If you're looking to show your professionalism while quoting your new client, the best way to go is using a professional quote template.

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Quote templates vary by industry

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